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Roots have no ups and downs.

I don’t know if she went out to buy a bottle of soy sauce.
It’s been years since I worked hard to make a name for myself. Olga is a bit gloomy and frustrating.
Even holding my daughter can fill the sense of loss in my heart.
He thinks he may be able to retire.
It is better for young people to destroy the multiverse.
Damn it, am I going to support the elderly? "
But it seems ok …’
Eat my daughter’s soft rice and get a retirement pension …’
It’s a bit wonderful …’
A crumb, with a good attitude, cleared his mind instantly.
Don’t be afraid in the face of difficulties
If you can’t do it, just suck it up and accept the reality!
Olga has never been hard on himself in this respect.
Unless he has a habit of convulsions.
And feel some thoughts of Olga.
Judging what he thinks [Melorina] shows disgust directly.
"I don’t want to do that kind of talking."
"Father, let’s work hard by ourselves."
Say it.
She didn’t forget to tear up the invitation letter sent to her before returning to the parliament.
She is not interested in that kind of organization.
Have no interest in their plan either.
in this regard
I feel that it is the right way to put my bad ideas into Olga.
"Well …"
He’s already figured out what to do after it’s smashed.
"Then do you want to renovate your own room?"
"It may be a little unsuitable for you now."
"And your future each genus may also be a bit not good arrangement …"
Although I don’t care much about the situation after painting the simple deputy [Melorina], her past room is really a bit unsuitable for her.
The so-called genus refers to the guy who will automatically run from all over the multiverse to act as a running dog after promotion.
Thanks to the particularity of "eternal goodness", it must be a very large number and it must be a guy who keeps good and orderly in all kinds of behavior patterns.
to tell the truth
Those guys are really different from the famous scenic spot of Crimson Heaven, which is simple in folk customs.
Olga felt like laughing even after a rough thought.
Incidentally, I’m a little hesitant to create a new area for those defectors.
For example, build a new area on the back of crimson heaven?
Chapter 1719 Cultivation methods
Lying in Ortega’s arms and crawling around [Melorina] has no intention of asking Ortega.
In her eyes
It doesn’t matter what the room is.
The greatest significance is that there are many things given by parents in it.
In the genus?
What genus?
Single-handedly brushed all the enemies and brought things back conveniently. She didn’t care about that kind of thing and didn’t need it at all.
She said casually
"Just keep the house as it is."
"In that group of guys who may run over to defect … it’s up to my father."
"It’s also called eating food directly as a trap."
Indifference, indifference, surprise …
If Olga is a simple dandruff and a little crazy,
Then [Melorina] is the concept of good and evil.
However, I didn’t take it seriously.
It seems to her that it is very reasonable to give those guys who come to her as food to her father, or the greatest practical value of those guys.
Those guys came to the door.
There’s a great chance that she’ll slip away
It’s like cleaning up a little garbage with your hands.
In various senses,
Olga’s daughters left him many things.
Such as extremes
Is more extreme than he is.
Even before, I had a lot of communication.
Like [Yin Moku] stream
[Melorina] Their eyes are also a critical guy.
Not much different from strangers.
By contrast
For their own group of cattle and horses, Olga will at least look at it and give something occasionally.
And in the face of the return of their good sisters
Olga’s other five daughters said nothing.
Still the same attitude as if something had happened.
Root did not change his attitude because of the other party’s promotion.
Just like the other person really went out and bought a bottle of soy sauce.
On the contrary, their mother was slightly surprised at the situation.
"So soon?"