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In the struggle, the masters all looked back and saw a man wearing a red gold robe and a crown. His majestic body blocked the wind and rain and blocked all the chaos

"Leave a chance for the emperor to take it."
A moment’s majestic voice rang directly, shaking everyone’s heart, and the ocean trembled all souls.
In that divine voice, the palm of your hand appeared in the sky covering the past and present, covering the nearby figure, making them as small as dust
And this palm of your hand does not know when to reach out and emit the concept sound. The ripples are deafening, and the harsh light tears the eternity. There is a heavy cycle, and the vortex falls all the way across the sea of time, flattening all the obstacles and capping the world.
This terrible trajectory is discontinuous in ancient and modern history and completely collapses!
"Yu Huang!"
The strong drink low insight into the identity of the bearer was shocked and angry.
How could he be so overbearing that his strength increased greatly after he succeeded to the Emperor’s Road?
The vibration of a catalogue in the solidification node is dragged by special fluctuations, which makes everyone change color as if they want to sink into the huge palm together.
"Hum, it’s too greedy for you Terran to occupy the ancestral realm and have a mark. Why do you argue with us for this mark?"
The master of the ghost clan is being covered with a cold hum in his palm. A little bit of the eyebrows suddenly flew out of a coffin, and a dozen incense sticks stood upright without burning, but there was still smoke around them.
The coffin was smashed, not like what was buried, but like a terrible war fortress. Twelve strands of smoke rose and fell, and everything in the world was born, destroyed and born again, always forming a stable form.
"You do"
Li Yu responded indifferently, and suddenly picked up his fingers and looked at the smashed coffin and crushed Unicom together as if to hold it into dust.
Boom! The light of the robbery is accompanied by a whirl of reincarnation, which makes the smoke faint and uncertain. Everything is born and died, such as reincarnation, which has no meaning, and it has been wrapped up in the excessive state of robbery.
"It’s not good to be the only one."
At this time, in the future, there are also alien masters who suddenly disturb this piece of history, and the chaos is exhausted, while the chaos is solidified. Because it has reached its peak, chaos is static and eternal silence.
For a moment, three dominant fluctuations in generate turned the world into a peerless place, and the big bang ravaged the eternal unknown.
The future direction has been distorted and collapsed, and thousands of miles of heavens and worlds have collapsed and been beaten to dust.
On the other side, heaven and hell also noticed that someone had come to interfere with the previous hostilities.
Behind Mu Gong’s volatile sun and Shen Xi, a golden corona rose to disperse all kinds of chaos.
The Louvre ghost emperor also stepped on the ancient ghost mountain, and his eyes were cold. Emperor Yu has become the biggest enemy in hades from ancient times to modern times.
And the big hand at the center of the competition suddenly collapsed into a storm of change, and the old decadent was banned, and the new red flag collapsed. There was nothing to resist in the time and sea.
Li Yu grabbed the picture with one hand and shook the banner of Dragon Han with the other, and directly hit the fallen ghost. The body stabilized and enlarged the coffin, and even the twelve incense sticks burned up, showing a multiplier effect.
However, bang, the horrible and heavy coffin was directly broken by the flag of robbery, and the coffin flew up on the spot, then burst into pieces, and then twelve incense sticks were rolled back and inserted into the body dominated by the ghost family, and black blood splashed and the vast expanse of chaos was destroyed.
Hey! When the flag shakes and raises its strength, it becomes more and more vigorous. The tip continues to move forward like a spear, and the alternating ups and downs have disappeared into the body of the ghost.
"The fourth step should not have such a different force!"
The Lord of the underworld was shocked and angry, and his death intention was broken up. He grabbed the banner with one hand and smoked like burning smoke. His feet kept going backwards for several generations, and his powerful underworld buried the earth, and many brilliant people were born in the body.
Although it didn’t reach the fourth step, it was very close, but now it was easy for Yu Huang to smash the weapon and smash the coffin. Everyone was injured!
This strength seems to have grown to an alarming degree.
At the same time, Mu Gong’s fist light condenses the sun be the spirit of all things, taking advantage of this chaotic war and nullifying it at the same time, and rolling back the time Haidu earthquake to the broken part and absorbing it into the history of burning in the extreme sun point.
A series of beings robbed the light from the sky and were overbearing. It was as if all the worlds were shattered. They directly hit the pure Yang fist print in front of the extension and smashed it inch by inch!
"I almost forgot you hooked Chen Ziwei handle!"
The wooden princess moves away, boxing light, arms crossed, explosion quantity, pure sunlight, ancient handle concept boiling, resisting the constant surge of slapping and robbing light.
"They want to stop me from thinking too highly of myself."
Li Yu lightly approached the flag in his hand with the ghost Lord, but with the other hand, he pulled out the sword of the heavens, feathered and soared, shining all over the world. Poof, a wooden man resisted two arms, and was chopped down and flew out directly.
"So strength to approach the second ancestor?"
He repeatedly went backwards and smashed the tributaries. For the first time since his return, he was so hard to show his shock.
The flag covers the sun, and Li Yu takes advantage of the situation to rob the light, spray the hook, rob the momentum and smash the ghost’s main body, so that he can directly blow it up and collapse it all the time!
There is blood all over the sky, and there are bones everywhere, full of dead strength, and the harsh light cuts the ancient and modern future into sections. The source of ancient history spreads like a ring ripple from the foundation of the contemporary world, and it is like a catastrophe.
The Louvre ghost emperor retreated and his eyes flashed, but he didn’t feel inexplicable palpitations before, and his arms were chopped off.
"I’m afraid I need to get the central ghost emperor to be difficult for someone to check and balance.
But it is precisely because of this that it is difficult for him to get anything, and the clan department will be reluctant to see that a dominant clan is ill, which is what they want to see. "
He is faint and hidden in the whole body, and the expansion of the underworld is shrouded in another part of the catalogue, and other creatures compete together
"wouldn’t it be too pleasant to let you have it?"
Far away, the immortal emperor of Antarctica pointed to a stroke, and the god Leiqi moved the handle to manipulate the violent side and blasted through the ages.
There are more things in Lei Guang, and the scenes of the cardinal’s fortunes are very mysterious.
"You can’t stop it if you succeed."
Li Yu grabbed the scattered catalogue with one hand and showed a faint smile. When he lifted his foot, he saw that the fission of the ages and centuries was rushing around, and the colorful and dazzling thunder pair was blasted together.
Boom! Cried the stretching of the heavens and the world, and the robbery of the sea surged up, as if it had been mobilized, rolled up and covered it with dark purple tide.
Seeing that poor Weili is boiling, the fourth step is to dominate Weili, where everything will be restored to its original place, and then it will flourish and then go to great destruction. It seems that it has gone through countless eras.
Up to now, the alternating rotation of digital masters has not stopped the big hand grasping the catalogue from occupying a share of the many divisions.
The eyes of the demon world master are flashing, and I am secretly surprised that the strength of the Emperor Yu has become so powerful that it has even hit all the powerful forces, causing the ghost master Mu Gong to be both injured, raising his hand and shaking the Antarctic immortal emperor hard. His master has taken a photo album.
Others are also afraid and unwilling to entangle too much. Since the other party has already started, it is not easy to disturb. If it continues to compete, it is probably not possible to have a bloody battle.
"Let’s fight, let’s fight, let’s make a mess, and wait until you meet the Hui people happily. That’s the curtain."
Li Yu grabbed the catalogue and smiled more and more deeply.
This thing can indeed resist robbery, but it will lead to something even more terrible, not awakening and divine baptism
Watching these people fight fiercely for the war, even the lotus flower splashed, and his heart became more and more happy and enjoyable.
I wonder how they will feel when they learn the truth behind them?
Inexplicable evil inferno dominates a quiver and chills like feeling something and can’t help but look around.
Somehow, it seems that there is a scene that is more chaotic than him, showing his fangs and sneering and admiring the blood in the dark.
"Will this happen?"
He couldn’t help asking himself, but he felt that the chill cover didn’t touch again, but tried to grab a nearby catalogue
Li Yu’s eyes glanced in the cold faint field and didn’t like to stop. Everyone lingered and finally stayed in the underworld.