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"Yo-ho, if it isn’t the elder brother of Wei Qiang Qiang, it’s such a coincidence that you come here to eat seafood, but you can afford it. Do you want me to treat you?"

The young man is dressed casually, from dressing up as a gentleman. A limited edition Rolex watch is a bit eye-catching. It seems that this man and Xiaoqiang know each other.
Xiaojie and Ge Wanting know each other. Ge Wanting hasn’t noticed that she just passed them by. It’s her ex-boyfriend who saw Xiaojie at the moment and suddenly turned white. She smiled at Xiaojie awkwardly and then even seemed like nothing had happened. She didn’t hear the sarcastic remarks about Xiaoqiang from the men around her.
Xiaoqiang has stopped at the door to Jianghan to see that his whole body is trembling gently, but to his surprise, Xiaoqiang has tried his best to restrain himself!
"Is it true that you have no money to pay the bill after eating? No one charged me to that table! "
The man waved his hand at the clerk with a sneer.
Xiaoqiang didn’t look back after all, and Qi Bu had disappeared at the door again.
"Shut up!" Xiaojie couldn’t watch it. He just wanted to go, but Jianghan pulled him.
"No need!" After that, Jianghan took Xiaojie and left!
"Sorry, gentlemen, you haven’t paid the bill yet!"
The lobby manager at the door stopped Xiaojie and Jianghan. "Sorry, gentlemen, you haven’t paid the bill yet. Please go to the cashier to pay the bill before you leave!"
"Didn’t you hear that someone just said they would pay for us? Go find him!" Jianghan looks calm. Since someone wants to be a sucker and cheap, it’s stupid to force Jianghan. It’s not Xiaoqiang’s rectum!
The lobby manager looked hard at Jianghan’s professionalism, but he also heard that the man over there was purely looking for trouble. In that case, he would do countless things. How could a man with a little self-esteem accept such an insulting treat?
"If you keep your word, please ask the manager to let them go. Their meal is on me!"
Then the so-called young man waved his hand and gave him an explosive road gesture. Jianghan gave him a look, and the words thank you certainly wouldn’t jump out and bypass the manager and went out directly.
Both sides can’t see where Jianghan and the young man smile at the same time!
"Stupid and forced!"
Evening snack stall
Chen Yanguan, Xiaojie, Jianghan and Xiaoqiang are all four.
Chen Yanguan was called back from Star City by Jianghan in the afternoon, while Xiaoqiang has been lying in bed since he came back from eating seafood at noon and didn’t get up until eleven o’clock in the evening.
Three people silently rolled a string of Xiaoqiang, and one person shoveled beer and soon a box of Yanjing bottomed out.
"Xiaoqiang, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you and that … that’s what happened!" Xiaojie let go of the kebab and solemnly apologized to Xiaoqiang. At noon today, the situation could be seen at a glance that something was fishy, but Xiaojie really didn’t know what it would be like. He has said a lot to Xiaoqiang these days, maybe he didn’t think so at the time, but now he thinks about it, but it’s hard to obey, which makes him very sorry.
"Hip ~ ~!"
I had a hiccup, and Xiaoqiang’s six-point drunkenness squinted at Xiaojie’s so-called smile.
"It was here three years ago, do you remember? ….. Hiccup …! "
"Boss, another box of Yanjing!" Xiaoqiang burped with a wave of his hand and grabbed a handful of kebabs.
"Jianghan, do you know that the old man saw that you were particularly unpleasant to the eye, and you were so thin that you didn’t pull a few times, and you were so damn high that you wanted to punch you in the face at first sight!"
Jianghan touched his nose with a wry smile. "Was I so arrogant at that time?"
"And you, Chen Yanguan, have been wearing a pair of pants with Jianghan since the first day I met you. Don’t be old enough to secretly report my news to him that night!"
Chen Yanguan opened a bottle of beer and took a sip. "Fuck you!"
"And you, Liao Tingjie, at that time, the terrapin who came from a fucking little corner looked rustic and talked rustic, and the things you did were really fucking poor ~ ~ hic ~ ~"
It’s funny to shake your head and burp Xiaoqiang.
"But from that night on, after the battle with basketball against those animals, we were closely United!"
"Jianghan, you are really so big as those animals. You say you will put down the old you!"
"Chen Yan’s view of you is not a coward!"
"The little hero to tell you the truth when I knew you his mama ran old fart? My eyes are burning. I wonder how I can meet a roommate like you, but when I finally saw you come back and you helped me block that bottle, I knew I was wrong. You are more ruthless than us, and I really appreciate you! "
Listening to Xiaoqiang’s bullying, Jianghan Xiaojie and Chen Yanguan were silent.
The word "brothers" in this age of loss of faith is not so true! But I really treat you as brothers, not to say that we are brothers when we are blowing and drinking together. Just like Bao Gong said that the battlefield can only be handed over to each other before we can be brothers. In the past three years, we have not really got along with each other, but I really feel that our brothers are brothers like that! "
Volume 4 or YueYuan Chapter 24 Half past three in the morning!
It’s almost three years since the four brothers met, and it’s the first time to see Xiaoqiang so melodramatic.
Xiaojie embarrassedly scratched his head and said, "I didn’t think so much when I stopped the bottle for you, and I never thought about what would happen if I helped you."