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"I swear I already like this guy Selim, guys. It’s time for the great Avos to exercise its muscles and beat those bastards in France and England! The first reconnaissance fleet is heading south! "

In front of the command tower of the Soloqinya Voss, Heidi Selim had the orders of "harassment" and "slowness" and shouted "War!"
With Soloqin’s murderous command, the first reconnaissance fleet, the Yavos, and four Helgolan-class light cruisers, tyrrhenian sea, turned full rudder and screamed and rushed to the chaotic battlefield
At the southern end of the battlefield, the Mediterranean fleet, which was delayed, managed to gradually narrow the distance of the main fleet. From the watchtower of the main mast of the British battleship Triumph at the forefront of the battle line of the British and French master ships, you can see two tyrrhenian sea’s tactical maneuvers to seize the favorable position.
"The Allies seem to have given up the only chance to escape by turning eastward, and turned westward in an ingenious way, giving us a perfect horizontal head for the second and third teams in vain."
The lookout of battleship Triumph, which was temporarily divided outside the main battle field, cleared his throat and broadcast the tense sea situation to the commander tower. The situation seems to have completely fallen to the side of the Allies. The British lookout jumped in the narrow armored lookout tower.
"The Allies opened fire on the third team. The Italians really overreached themselves. They didn’t touch the third team at all. Aha, the 12-inch gun of the third team began to fight back. Although it was almost aimed at the target, a round of SH-strike was sure to get a hit!"
The vast sea, steel to steel, gunpowder to gunpowder, soldiers to soldiers, blood to blood, is the most magnificent drama in the early 20th century.
As the naval battle continued, the optimism of the British lookout gradually disappeared. The third and second detachments of the tyrrhenian sea Mediterranean Fleet, seven capital ships, were fifty 12-inch main guns, and the first detachment of the joint fleet, which puzzled the British lookout, seemed to be dominated by twenty main guns, the third detachment and the first detachment of the joint fleet.
The commander-in-chief of Britain, the former commander-in-chief of the fleet, distinguished the bad signs from the sound of the lookout. He was experienced and looked up at the battlefield, and soon found out the reason why the Mediterranean fleet was still in the wind before it gained the upper hand.
The hit rate of the main guns of the joint fleet of the Mediterranean Fleet is about the same. France’s large-caliber main guns are not as good as those of Austria-Hungary and Germany, nor are they as good as those of the Italians. However, the gap has not widened to the extent that the British suffered from the German capital ship. Because all the capital ships of the Mediterranean powers are equipped with 12-inch 12-inch main guns, they can ensure mutual sinking and make the Mediterranean fleet occupy a horizontal position lose face. The source is still from the third team.
After all, the Spanish-class battleships are not real battleships. When three Spanish-class battleships got a few brushes and missed bullets, everything was as low as the battleship Triumph’s lookout saw. The third team unconsciously had a negative idea of protecting the ship and avoiding the war. The Italian capital ship played all kinds of desperate artillery in the barrage, and the number advantage of the Mediterranean fleet was greatly offset.
"The commander tower is sixteen thousand yards away!" After a long silence, the lookout finally sounded.
In order to ensure the hit rate, the two main fleets have reduced their speed by about 13 knots, and the two fleets have staggered to move the allies, so that they have a chance to catch up with the main fleet
The commander of the battleship Toukaixuan was afraid of the fleet in front of the porthole in the front section of the tower. The British commander-in-chief could clearly see the flames spewing from the main gun port of the tyrrhenian sea’s more than 20,000-ton ship. Behind the turret, the sky was covered with black Se smoke, and the clouds of filariasis were invisible to the naked eye. The speed hit the other side of the sea, and the air trembled faintly, screaming and screaming tore my heart until the sea was not calm.
Tens of meters high water column leaps. Occasionally, some lucky people get close to the steel ship and set off waves to beat it. Just now, they were pretentious and afraid of ship ash. Se painting was cut open. Terrible scars and fragments splashed several sparks, leveled the deck or rampaged the stern deck. tyrrhenian sea just boiled and burned.
"The Italian was shot! It was Leonardo da Vinci!"
The British commander-in-chief turned his head and told the gunner to open the fire channel of the Ministry to prepare for the battle. At this time, the watchtower was connected and the watchmen were rekindled in the loudspeaker, and their passion was about to die.
"Ha-ha, the No.3 ship of the first detachment of the command tower joint fleet, Leonardo da Vinci, was hit by a 12-inch armor-piercing projectile at the position of two main masts in the midsection. This poor and fearful ship was shrouded in fire and smoke, and it was almost finished!"
The commander tower of the battleship Triumph becomes an ocean of joy in an instant. If you know the Italian Gafuer-class battleship, all the officers and men know that Leonardo da Vinci was shot in the triple main gun tower of the gunwale. That 12-inch armor-piercing bullet is likely to penetrate the turret of the main ship and the weak top armor will destroy it.
Otherwise, in less than fifteen seconds, the smoke billowed and the Leonardo da Vinci exploded violently again. The steel hull of Leonardo da Vinci twisted strangely and then broke, and the sea surged and swallowed up the new battleship completed in May 17rì, 1914.
In the face of the joint fleet, it was the first to open up the situation and win the results. The morale of the Mediterranean fleet was greatly boosted. On whether the French officers and men of the former fleet or the British officers and men were relieved, they expected them to have a happy ending.
"We can’t let the main fleet specialize in the former fear fleet. Although the French fight against the fear ship, it can still bring a certain degree of damage to the allied joint fleet!"
In the chaotic battlefield, the British and French masters were abnormally irrational and involved in the game of ship fear.
At the southern end of the battlefield, there are some old cruisers. It is more difficult for the Second Reconnaissance Fleet to adopt boiler forced ventilation than to complete the approaching reconnaissance. After some tossing, the power system of the four old cruisers has more or less some problems.
The second reconnaissance fleet with insufficient stamina is embarrassing. They can’t catch up with this naval battle. The imaginary enemy Mediterranean fleet, the second light patrol fleet, the allies are afraid of the fleet. It’s a pity that the old ships can catch up, but they can’t beat the second reconnaissance fleet awarded by Wang Haidi. They picked them up righteously. The logistics support fleet of the Mediterranean fleet was ravaged.
The Mediterranean Fleet’s transport ships and supply ships should not have appeared in the line of sight of the Second Reconnaissance Fleet. Due to the extreme lack of misjudgment of battlefield information by the allies and allies, plus sixty or seventy warships gathered in tyrrhenian sea at the same time near the narrow sea area on the west side of ustica Island, the so-called fronts and formations of the two fleets were naturally out of order.
The Mediterranean Fleet logistics support fleet failed to stay away from the battlefield. At this time, there are only two auxiliary cruisers and an armed merchant ship near the support fleet, so it is not the opponent of the second reconnaissance fleet
The second reconnaissance fleet is killing with great reserve, while the battlefield is being fought in the Mediterranean Fleet of zhōng yāng Joint Fleet. Ten thousand officers and men of the Allies and Allies have pulled out all the stops. The first team of the joint fleet, three Gafur-class battleships, and the third team of the Mediterranean Fleet, three Spanish-class battleships, are engaged in a battle of wits.
Turning south and trying to rejoin the battlefield, three Brittany-class battleships of the first French detachment were challenged by the Solochin Yavos. The French wanted to see the lone wolf from the north, but Solochin used the Yavos patrol to make a cold shot and chase the flagship Brittany of the Mediterranean Fleet to create tension.
It is necessary for the French first detachment to be more serious about the patrol of the Avos. If you can’t touch three Brittany-class battleships, Alexis of vice admiral, France, dare not and don’t want to be more serious. The excitement brought by the news that the first detachment of the joint fleet, the battleship Leonardo da Vinci, was shot, exploded and sank has not dissipated. The commander of the French marine navy is full of confidence and satisfaction. He plans to win more results with the South First Detachment.
According to the trajectory of the two fleets, the first unit of the Mediterranean Fleet will turn around and drive south. The first unit of the joint fleet will flee to the west. At the end of the battle line, four Austrian joint-power battleships will once again form a horizontal head. Although the line is short, the dismal ending of the reference to the battleship Leonardo da Vinci does not rule out that the first unit of the three Brittany-class battleships will once again achieve great results. If Alexis is is bent on dealing with the speed exceeding 25 knots, the first unit of the Yavos patrol is likely to be played like a monkey by that guy Solochen!
The mood changed from great sorrow to great joy. Lieutenant General El Alexis, his commander, strolled up and down and asked his assistant to prepare a strong cup of coffee, but the news came soon.
"Commander, the battleship Marseille, the third detachment, sank!"
The second gun Chapter 19 Naval Peace Plan (9)
"Commander, the battleship Marseille, the third detachment, sank!"
At dawn, El Alexis ustica Island has experienced ups and downs from great sorrow to great joy and then to great sorrow. He can finally appreciate what is called a tragedy of life.
The water and ammunition depot of the Italian battleship Leonardo da Vinci exploded and sank in less than ten minutes, and was finally overwhelmed by the French Third Team of the Joint Fleet.
The fact proves once again that the probability of accurately hitting the main turret of a capital ship at a distance of 10,000 meters seems to be small. The law of "shell magnet" seems to be repeated in an incredible way depending on the hidden rules of this planet. The bow main turret of the Spanish-class battleship No.2, the Toulon, was hit by a 12-inch armor-piercing projectile. The 400-kilogram armor-piercing projectile hit the Toulon’s main gun at a very strange angle. The right gun tube of the main gun collapsed slightly like mud, and the rear end of the heavy turret also bulged. This technology originated from Britain.
The battleship Toulon was in a worrying situation, and the Spanish-class pocket battleship Gombe was also shot. The bow of the main battleship was hit by a 12-inch armor-piercing projectile near the main armor belt, and a shocking hole was instantly cut. The armor-piercing projectile was like a bamboo, and it was drilled into the boiler room of the battleship Gombe. A fast-running Arroyo coal-fired water-tube boiler and starboard unit were instantly destroyed and shut down.
After the starboard unit was destroyed, all pumps on the starboard side of battleship Gombe stopped working. The main armor of Spanish-class battleship British Empire capital ship waterline mainly reflected that the paper was cut out by armor-piercing bullets. The hole was less than one meter away from the waterline, and seawater poured in from the hole, while battleship Gombe did not pump seawater because the pumps stopped working.
Constrained by tonnage and hull, the engineers of Armstrong Shipyard of British Empire didn’t have a luxury water cabin watertight door on Battleship Compiè ne. The seawater spread everywhere along the communication channel of this battleship’s water cabin. Soon, the seawater overflowed and polluted several neighboring Arrowhead boilers, which led to the boiler’s combustion efficiency decline. At the height of the battle, the flagship battleship Compiè ne of the third division of the Mediterranean Fleet lost its important speed.
The officers and men of the battleship Compiè ne lost their lives. I didn’t expect that the battleship Marseille, the tail of the battle line, was the first to sink the capital ship.
At the beginning of 1916, the main turret of the Spanish-class battleship No.3, Marseille, which was arranged diagonally across the stern on the starboard side, was hit by a 12-inch armor-piercing projectile, which penetrated all the way into the water ammunition depot, so there were not many accidents. The ammunition depot of the battleship Marseille was detonated and dragged into the Mediterranean Sea with hundreds of meters of smoke.
After the sinking of Marseille, the battleship Toulon played the slogan of "The battleship was seriously damaged and withdrew from the battle line" and retreated westward. This pocket battleship had only been hit by two armor-piercing bullets and a main turret was destroyed in the previous battle. The stern deck structure was slightly damaged, but it was far from bone-breaking. However, the fierce attack and desperate play of the joint fleet frightened the elegant French.
The battleship Toulon was heading north at a high speed, so the battleship Gombe was alone and struggling to support the commander of the third team. At the same time, it was strange that the dominant Mediterranean fleet would be defeated in the naval battle of ustica Island
"Still not white? This naval battle took the lead in sinking the first detachment, the battleship Leonardo da Vinci, the Mediterranean Fleet. It seems that the scenery is limited, but the failure foreshadowing was buried long ago … "Wang Haidi carefully stroked the bottle that popped out of his pocket and pointed to the last battleship Compiè ne, which can be called the enemy, thirteen thousand yards away.
The German Admiralty’s prohibition on alcohol in West Lyme is equally effective in the Mediterranean. The head of the Mediterranean naval powers learned about the headache of the famous naval officer during his visit to West Lyme, so the paper of the effective prohibition on alcohol in Port William appeared in public in taranto Port. Wang Haidi could smell the finger wine J Ο ng and hūn, and her meaning declined.
"The reason is not that the soldiers are greedy!"