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Booming the soles of your feet and stomping on the ground again, listening to a crisp rumbling sound, Yuan Ye turned into a pale blue shadow, carrying quarrelling all over the sky and rushing straight at Wei Ying.
Looking at the speed faster and faster, Yuan Yewei’s face is also dignified. Suddenly Wei Ying is also a step on the ground. The personalized red ghosting Yuan Ye has put together the speed. Suddenly, two ghosting images, one green and one red, are constantly passing by, and the roar and sonic boom are heard. Every second, two people are hands hundreds of times. This is the real war. Only in this way can the war look enjoyable.
However, it’s a pity that this kind of fun didn’t last long before it was interrupted by a very dull sound. Yuan Ye won the second round and the fourth round of the left platform. Five days later, You Honggang competed for the final line and was eliminated by Weiying.
What? Zhong Weiying, who is still fighting, was suddenly hit, and she froze straight. Although the fighting was fierce, both of them moved at a great speed and distance, but she was stronger and could not stop pressing her opponent, which made her more and more seriously injured. At the same time, Wei Yingji was always paying attention to her position, ensuring that she would not be out of bounds.
At this time, Wei Ying accepted the expression and looked at the referee Shao Wenjun even forgot to dodge Yuan Ye’s attack, but Yuan Ye’s busy attack also stopped in the middle of the road, and Yuan Ye’s fierce fighting suddenly stopped.
You really crossed the line at this moment, but a familiar cold sound that made Wei Ying’s face instantly ice sounded above his head.
Wei Ying snapped up and didn’t see anyone at first, but for a moment she saw Yuan Ye, who was already scarred, and her opponent, Yuan Ye, gradually dissipated and pointed to the virtual reality. However, the defender Ying felt a blur in front of her eyes, and when it was clear again, the surrounding scene was changed, but she was actually outside the stage.
My array is an illusion. Everything you saw just now was actually false. You saw that the battle platform was also false or that the scope of the battle platform was false. In fact, I have been deliberately leading you away, but you don’t know it at all, so you can’t guard against it more than just now. Actually, don’t say that it was my avatar. Even if I respected you, I didn’t fight at that time. Yuan Yewei smiled and looked at Wei Ying. Did you feel wronged? In fact, I’m afraid those who were defeated by you were all wronged one by one. It’s a humanitarian treatment.
Wei Ying felt angry when Yuan Ye said that she was dumb, so those who were defeated by her were angry. Did they lose? Really lost.
The top 21 left-hand platform finally decided that the last two masters, Yuan Ye, would travel to Hong Gang, and the only line on the left-hand platform would be chosen from the two.
Yuan Ye, I don’t think your hands are too busy to dissipate immediately. I think we should stop inking. It’s a big deal now. How about I don’t compensate you for the loss of being busy with weapons? I can’t help but ask you to fight. At this moment, You Honggang lost his temper and shouted.
Smell speech Yuan Ye is shook his head.
Why don’t you want to wait five days? You Honggang looked at Yuan Ye with a depressed face.
No, I’ve seen your other people’s hands. You’re much stronger than me. Even if I’m in two places at once, it’s not your opponent’s. It’s all the same if you want to fight me now, but don’t give up your weapon. Chapter 1414 Decisive battle
Smell speech that you Honggang is also one leng, and then be careful to see that you believe so much. You won’t want to mess with me, too. Even you Honggang feels hairy at the thought of Yuan Ye’s terrible array method.
What do you say? Yuan Yewei smiled at You Honggang and didn’t directly answer or deny it.
Ha, ha, ha, you Honggang smiled awkwardly. To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me whether I can compete this time, regardless of my strength. Even if I can win the top five, how can I win the title of the Fifth Emperor? After a thousand years or when I become a great statue, the title of the Emperor will be returned. After all, it’s not my own thing. I came to compete this time because both teachers came to watch and wanted to show it in front of them.
Smell speech Yuan Ye also agreed to nod. It is true that quite a few people came to take part in the Five Emperors’ Competition this time, not really to win the Five Emperors, but to show themselves in front of the two great Buddha statues. After all, the two great Buddha statues are much less at the same time, which is better than the test of the seven great gods. It is normal for them to come here, and half of them are good. Many people like You Honggang think that even though Yuan Ye must win the title of Five Emperors, it is not the title or a powerful emperor. If he wants to get into the Wanzunxing, he will not be allowed to come back
Seeing Yuan Ye nodded and you Honggang continued, I hope you won’t fight this battle as soon as you come. I admit that even if I bring my card, I’m not as bad as Pang Chi’s blood. I’m afraid it’s not your opponent. I hope you can kill me first. I’m very interested in you. It’s not that you have multiple attributes, but I vaguely think that your skill still hides great power, which is not even your skill.
Really such a power achievement method, I used it. Yuan Ye narrowed his eyes and looked at You Honggang. I don’t want this guy’s eyes to be so diabolical. Today, he has seven souls in the sun and the moon, and the strongest trick of seven souls is the unity of seven souls. Of course, Yuan Ye is still using the method now, but it is similar to the fact that he had no strength to use three souls in one but forced to use it, but even if he was afraid, he would die in that way.
Seeing the strongest power, I am afraid of death. You Honggang is also heroic and looks at Yuan Ye.
Ok, but I’m telling you, you don’t care about the five emperors fighting for me, but you have to get it. You’re going to lose this battle. Yuan Ye said that Crimson Lotus Sword has now suddenly lost its battle.
Ha, ha, ha, even if you beat me, it will be a great test. Since you believe so much, I have to take a good look at everything you do. It’s not easy to beat me. I won’t let go and talk. You Honggang also left the platform.
Seeing that both of them are ready, the referee Shao Wenjun is also the final battle on the left platform with a wave of his hand.
Yuan Ye nodded gravely and then gave you Honggang a hand.
You Honggang also nodded slightly and made a gesture to Yuan Ye. Let me see your achievement method first.
There are hundreds of thousands of spectators around the stands, and none of them are the ground. None of them are created by the imposing manner of two super masters, which has otherwise affected the presence of people.
My skill alone is no match for you, but since I want to see it, I’d like to watch the strength of drinking all over the place and go to the depths of Yuan Ye’s throat. A little bit of strength broke out around Yuan Ye as soon as I came.
You Honggang’s strength has been proved again and again, and Yuan Ye didn’t dare to be careless in the face of you Honggang.
Yuan Ye watched You Honggang’s fighting will be pushed to the limit.
Bang, suddenly, Yuan Ye’s short body suddenly stepped on the ground, and his figure turned into a light. The speed of terror made the gas shock immediately, and Yuan Ye’s figure suddenly became looming.
But you Honggang took a slight step back from his right leg and didn’t move again.
Yuan Yechi practiced his sword with terror, cut his breath and hit you Honggang hard on the head.
Peng Yuan Yechi’s sword practice instantly hit an inch on the left side of You Honggang. He actually missed the attack with a stick. Yu Weigen couldn’t hurt You Honggang, but it’s impossible. Just now, you Honggang has been searched by himself. How can you miss?
At this moment, you Honggang’s right leg disappeared instantly, and now it is in Yuan Ye’s chest again. He almost kicked his right leg sideways when Yuan Yechi practiced sword to attack him, and at the same time, his figure changed to the right. Yuan Ye just missed with a stick.
Boom Yuan Ye’s chest was kicked by You Honggang with one leg, and Yuan Ye’s defense was extremely strong. However, in the face of You Honggang’s foot, a stream of blood immediately rushed to Yuan Ye’s throat. Yuan Ye’s body was suddenly shocked, but Yuan Ye’s eyes were full of unyielding light. He even slammed Crimson Lotus’s sword at You Honggang’s head regardless of the injury.
Pengpeng pengpeng
Although the strength is much stronger than that of Yuan Ye, in the face of Yuan Ye’s tough attack, You Honggang dare not hold a sword in his hand to block dozens of blows. Yuan Yechi’s sword practice can actually fall on You Honggang.
I don’t know how Yuan Ye attacks you Honggang’s body, but I’m afraid it’s a special ability of you Honggang. Almost everyone who can get this far is a genius, and everyone has his own ability.
Call Yuan Ye togeher Crimson Lotus sword direction change directly to swim Honggang abdomen swim Honggang face is still indifferent smile.
Drinking the sword in You Honggang’s hand suddenly became twice as long, and at the same time, his figure was horizontal and his right hand was sword-shaped, and his sword shadow was ruthlessly cut to Yuan Ye.
Yuan Ye was caught off guard, and his left hand resisted you Honggang’s strength, which was stronger than that, and he was ready, but Yuan Ye resisted in a hurry.
Boom a sword directly split in the arm no armor immediately that no armor sag to Yuan A Ye left arm lost his intuition at the same time, the size of the flame repeatedly retreated several DiYiSiYiWu line promotion.
Peng has just shaken off Yuan Yeyou with a sword. Hong Gang’s right leg stepped on the battlefield. Suddenly, there was a huge pit, while You Honggang took advantage of it to turn into a flash and chased it hard.
Peng Peng Peng Peng Peng Peng