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"What is the funding gap?"

"I think it’s worth about $700 million to pay by adding some shares in cash."
Lao Liu’s idea is right. It involves large-scale acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions, and it is impossible to pay cash unless a big local tyrant with abundant cash flow like Microsoft can’t finish it. Normal enterprises will finance through banks, investment banks, corporate bonds and other forms, while most city companies will choose to pay in the form of shares and cash.
But in this way, Chen Bo’s idea will not be lost, and all the shares will be thrown to Americans. Lenovo’s value will be less than tens of billions in the future.
"I’ll find a way to solve the funding gap, but I want Legend Holdings to vote, even if I don’t have it." Chen Bo couldn’t resist the price.
Lenovo adopts the corporate governance structure of the parent company, and Lenovo Group, the company of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, holds the parent company Legend Holdings, while the major shareholder of Legend Holdings is the Asset Management Company of the National Academy of Sciences, which is called the National Science Group in the future.
It all started when the Academy of Sciences of Laoliuyuan invested 20,000 yuan in them four years ago. Ten years later, Lenovo Group, which has a market value of over 100 million Hong Kong dollars, and Digital China, Lenovo Investment and Lenovo Group are all controlled by Legend Holdings.
This is similar to Chen Bo’s investment in Suning, where one share is Suning Appliance and the other is Suning Group, which are two different business entities.
Now, although Lenovo Group Hong Kong Island has a market value of HK$ 500 million, its debt ratio is high and its net assets are not high, so it is not difficult to bite a piece of meat from Legend Holdings.
B≈ ap; It’s reasonable to invest the funds raised by P Fund in Legend Holdings. The profit rate is still guaranteed, and the risk is not high.
"Do you want to convert debt into equity or directly inject capital?" Liuchuanzhi then asked
Debt-to-equity swap is to take over bonds of equal value from banks or other companies, which can convert the company’s shares into private placements, but it is much simpler to understand that there are dividends and resale restrictions and there is no management to directly inject capital, but it will change the original total shares and dilute the original shareholders’ shares.
If it is a way of acquisition, then it is impossible to buy money directly from the original shareholder, the National Science Corporation, and it is given to the National Science Corporation instead of being credited to the company.
"Debt-to-equity swap is what I said. I’m not interested in voting. It’s cheaper for the Americans. Why don’t you let me have some soup? !” Chen Bo threw this question back to Liu Chuanzhi.
"Well, I’ll carefully consider your financial resources, but I’m not worried. Anyway, where you come from, there are many entertainment companies and cultural companies, and billions of dollars are thrown in without blinking an eye."
"You have to spend money to make money. Lenovo lacks money to engage in private placement."
"Nonsense, the investors must not hate me." Liu Chuanzhi laughed.
Chen Bo also knows that this matter is urgent. The whole transaction is triggered by linkage. Although Legend Holdings is not a city company, it is not so troublesome, but there are many shareholders. How can Lao Liu easily nod on the spot when their personal interests are involved here?
The branch is located in the high-rise and has a bird’s-eye view of the whole Kuala Lumpur. Chen Bo has given Feng Chengbu, that is, to speed up the efforts of small languages and to do more data analysis and mining.
Malaysia’s official language is Malay, but the common language is Chinese and English, and Malay is radiated to Indonesia and other countries. Various dialects are bound to be different. If they can search faster and want to accelerate their integration into the local circle, it will become their top priority.
After a day’s rest, Chen Bo and Liu Chuanzhi walked hand in hand in the scorching sun near the equator to the AFC headquarters in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur.
What you see is a small white building. If it weren’t for the conspicuous AFC Lg, no one would be here. This is the administrative center of the Asian Football Division.
Responsible for the reception, of course, is the vice chairman Zhang Jilong. They just came here to give him a table and also to promote their respective cards
Zhang Jilong first took them on some simple tours, not the historical materials of the AFC, but also some photos of the winning record of the Asian Cup. It was very embarrassing that Singapore won a runner-up in four years, and even the finals were not entered. After two years, Lebanon held the World Cup and lost to its old rival, South Korea, and got a runner-up.
Then they were introduced into the lounge. The Malaysian velappan, the president of the AFC, arrived late. This style is a bit of a leader.
"Hello, friends from beautiful China really envy you for living in such a beautiful country. You don’t know that Malaysia is really too hot." velappan has been in politics for many years, and he is so thick-skinned that he is full of praise.
"Are you? Then why not move the AFC to China? I can donate a building. "
Although velappan wanted to find a sense of humor from the Malay, Chen Bo didn’t accept this feeling, but he teased.
"Haha, Mr. Chen, you are so humorous. I have seen you play football with professional standards." Obviously, velappan did his homework
"But Mr. President, I don’t understand why AFC official website has two sides: English and Arabic. If the technicians are too busy to take care of it, I can still do it for them. This is my business! "
"This is mainly due to the audience. As you know, the number of Chinese fans doesn’t seem to be many." velappan didn’t expect Chen Bo to give him an embarrassment, but there was no embarrassment. "This official website seems to have no Japanese."
Gee, I have to say that this politician is really thick-skinned
Chapter 10 Smith
"No, no, no, I don’t agree with you, Mr. President. China has a population of 1.3 billion, and the fans alone are about 200 million. In 1991, China’s men’s soccer team broke into the World Cup. How crazy were our fans? At that time, there were newspapers in official website. I’m sure you saw it. Now you told me that the audience of fans was small. And there is another data that there are more netizens in China than the total population of Malaysia! "
Chen Bo will take the initiative to visit an AFC president who is about to go to Taiwan, but he does not want to tell him that he is always a bully. Don’t treat me as a moderate Chinese. Although he is rich, I am not stupid!
"Ah, Mr. Chen, be calm. We’re here to talk about the chairman. It’s also a matter of urgency. How can we care about these little things?" Zhang Jilong saw that the gas became a little deadlocked and came out moderately with a handful of mud and then turned his head to velappan. "Mr. Chen is young and energetic, but Chinese fans are eager for the center of the earth and need to consider one thing. East and West countries should be balanced."
The subtext of this remark is that the Arab people have taken care of too much. Isn’t it humiliating that the Saudi World Cup was beaten by the German team? Anyway, Haman, the representative of West Asia, doesn’t even have to say it face to face at the moment. After all, the struggle between the two people has gradually entered a fever.
"Yes, yes, there are so many fans in China who really should have a Chinese official website, but you also know that we have to take care of the whole of Asia here. The development of football is really too tense." velappan, an old fox, did not say that he came directly to Zhang Jilong. This passage is not just for Chen Bo and Liu Chuanzhi.
"Mr. Chairman is not a problem. My Lenovo Group can sponsor all office equipment, including computers, printers, photocopiers, etc." Liu Chuanzhi also never forgets to promote his own products at all times
What are you waiting for? There seems to be nothing for him except these products. Chen Bo’s heart andao
"It’s not a problem to be able to solve things with money, but I still suggest that you, Mr. President, can hand over AFC official website to me to run my major in this field!" At this time, Chen Bo throws out a local tyrant face to hit a stick, and he has to give a sweet jujube to eat. This will definitely save you money.
"Well, I’ll think about it." velappan was almost fooled by this three-person routine. He was also alert in his heart
Just then Chen Bo’s words rang, and he didn’t shy away from picking them up in front of them.
"Brother Rong, you’re here … what? The security guard stopped you from entering? ….. I’ll tell you to wait … "After hanging up, I went to velappan and said," Mr. Chairman, your security guard stopped my friend. Please inform me. "
"Oh, I wonder what friend Mr. Chen is?" Velappan didn’t act immediately, but asked something that seemed to say that AFC is not a place where everyone can come in.
"Li Rong may not be familiar to you, but his father, you must know Li Jianxi of South Korea!" Chen Bo light way