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In this way, women are not canaries at home, but mature women who have experienced all kinds of hardships and hardships.

This is the first time that a woman has encountered strange things everywhere, especially Qiaozui Zhang’s glib words and meanings can be said to people’s hearts.
I don’t know if they will return to their homes in the future. I thought about it and said to the two women, "I have said before that if you treat me like I treat you, it is absolutely unrewarding if you don’t pay the same feelings."
"I am in a strong position and your sisters are in a weak position, so we need to find a balance point to slowly narrow the distance. This balance point is emotional, such as eliminating barriers, which requires our efforts."
"If you were men, I would never say such words to you. If you are forced by a sword to do business, he won’t resist, no matter what he thinks or complains, but it’s easy to grab someone casually with my ability. Xiaoqin, Xiaoqi, do you want this?"
"I don’t want to" Wen Xiaoqin and Wen Xiaoqi are sincere and sincere, and they are a little warm in their hearts. At the same time, they are glad that they are not men. This is his attitude towards the genus. In the future, he will know whether it is true or not when he meets several people.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and ninety Ping Shan out of the beast.
Yi then sternly said to the two women, "Although I am cruel to some people … especially women, I will never mistreat her, but if I dare to betray me once, I will never let her go without a second time."
"Think about the consequences before you do something, and don’t take any chances, because you don’t know what the other side has, and it is very likely that that card will turn the tables."
Wen Xiaoqin suppressed Yi Yi’s release of coercion and said that it was a little heavy, so he changed the subject with a smile and said, "Eldest brother tried to kill us because my sister pretended to be an ordinary woman instead of a perfect body. Later, he repeatedly said that he had a special liking for women. I wonder what kind of affection eldest brother meant?"
Easy to ease emotions, mysterious smile and say to the two women, "Don’t have your sister’s hand talent. I’m not bad. My talent is that it’s hard for women to talk about it until we get there."
Two women smell speech can be confused and talented in women? Have a special liking for women? WenXiaoQin looked at easy to think for half a day and saw that a face of ambiguous expression suddenly way "I am white …"
"What is elder sister? Tell me quickly." Wen Xiaoqi couldn’t help pulling her to ask.
Wen Xiaoqin put her hands over her mouth and whispered a few words to Wen Xiaoqi’s small white ears. The two sisters turned their heads and took a look at her body and felt a little hot.
"Ahem ….." WenXiaoQin dodging easy jokingly eyes heart worry "will know that there is no good thing, he suddenly and suddenly about this can’t say for certain that he has that meaning …"
She fake cough two low head way "eldest brother won’t have any idea about my sister? Little sister knows that it’s hard to get into the eyes of eldest brother, and it’s hard to make people laugh when eldest brother meets a very beautiful woman in the future. Then my sister and eldest brother will be surrounded by green leaves, which will make people feel more … "
"Ha ha!" It’s easy to see that she couldn’t help but be happy when she said this. "So sophisticated Xiaoqin will be confused about this kind of thing. I just explained one thing. You think there are still four confidantes, and they are all perfect. Do you think I will have any thoughts about your sisters in this case?"
WenXiaoQin this just relieved WenXiaoQi listen straight music for a while and two women this flattering words from small mouth fresh out easily walked over to listen when adjust the mood.
Two women stayed here for a afternoon, and after they came out easily, they gave Gu Ming an appointment to the mansion. They sat in the bedroom, sitting in the living room, playing kissy-poo and loving each other together.
Yi’s lips left Gu Ming’s small mouth and big hands, but her chest slowly grasped and pinched. "Tell me about the progress of the flag?"
Gu Ming’s face is glowing with faint red eyes, and the spring scenery is rippling lazily against the elbow. "Now let my mother blow the pillow breeze to my father. After a stage, this cracked yellow flag is what I have in my pocket … Can’t you see that my father can put an egg in his mouth when he hears the cracked yellow flag recognizing my main expression? Don’t stop … It’s so comfortable … I really want you to suck hard every day … It’s very kind of you to giggle. I can crack the yellow flag against the enemy now, but I can’t be deployed. I still need to devote myself to offering sacrifices to crack the yellow flag. Its power is not as strong as that of the green king. Maybe I can’t fix it, but I will soon cultivate the Yuan God, and I will definitely be able to send out the greatest power. It feels great to think about it. "
"Shout …" Yi Guming left a piece of water stain on her white breasts, looked up and exhaled for a long time, holding her face and smiled. "Are you satisfied? You this Ni will enjoy it more and more. I will bite you these two steamed buns one day … It’s good that the yellow flag can send out power. It’s not good that the wind blows so hard that people can fly and want to get close. "
Gu Ming feels very comfortable now, and the cultivation is progressing rapidly and there is a powerful magic weapon. The yellow flag is still lying in the lover’s arms, and he is stroking the softer male skin with his right hand. This feeling can’t be exchanged for anything.
Guming smiled sweetly. "When my dad agreed to give me the cracked yellow flag, I’ll live here and stop giggling …"
Yi stroked her face and smiled. "I can’t let you go if you want to.
Then they kissed the dry wood and couldn’t hold the fire. The ancient tea became a little white sheep. Two cherries were kissed easily and a peach garden was sucked and sucked easily.
Gu Ming couldn’t bear the passive attack, tore off some easy clothes, threw him on the sofa and twisted his hair. Sakura mouth opened and bowed slowly into the male body.
Blink of an eye. When Gu Ming came home in all colors, she was met by Guo Menglan. Looking at her daughter’s sweet smile on her lips and her beautiful buttocks twisted and twisted when she walked in spring, I don’t know what happened!
Meng-lan guo a little blame for GuMing way "with him again? Look at your little face. Even your eyes are covered with fog. Say nothing about you! Haven’t married yet, just like this … "
Gu Ming took Guo Menglan’s arm and smiled "Niang … I haven’t seen him for a long time …"
Since ancient times, it’s easy to bathe in cold water, calm down your desire and walk out clean.
It’s easy to call thirteen guards and tell them not to transport their true qi and secretly resist them just a little.
Then his right hand reached out and the blood snake twisted out and swallowed them one by one.
After a while, thirteen guards lay down with rosy skin and slept peacefully, and the blood sign entered their bodies like this.
It’s easy to wake them up and say, "It’s a breath to get something a few days ago, so people can enjoy it when they are in a coma and automatically enter the body with their breath. You have worked hard these days, so I left you some that I don’t think I have yet, but it will gradually show up in the future. It’s amazing."
Thirteen guards looked at each other a few times and found their skin ruddy and shining with a healthy and rare luster, but they didn’t feel anything to thank Yi respectfully, but they were skeptical.
It’s easy to say that Wen Xiaoqin and Wen Xiaoqi found the blood charm wonderful. When they met two women before, they felt that the blood charm had grown a lot, and the mental state of the two women was very strong. The blood charm had an incredible magical effect on human blood, and it would secrete a form element to nourish the flesh.
Yi has carefully looked at the appearance of two women before, but now the skin of two women is smooth and delicate. Although the change is not so obvious compared with that of a month ago, it is really better to look at many of the blood symbols analyzed, which are nourishing to human flesh.
Yi mu has reached the goal, so he sent them away and came to the innermost huge cave hall of Houshan Cave House. The gray walls around here have already depicted the runes, and there is no clutter. Looking around, people feel particularly small in this cave hall, making a little noise and having a great echo.
The glittering floating pagoda is standing here, emitting a solemn and mysterious atmosphere, strolling along the steps like gold, touching the hazy light door and entering the inside.
Yi came in and found that Jiang Pingshan was cleaning up the room in the tower. A joy finally came out. She couldn’t say that she had gone to Wushan for sex.
Jiang Pingshan’s black and supple hair is simply tied with a white rope and wet behind her brain. She has just bathed.
Her bright and beautiful eyes rolled up her eyelashes slightly with joy, fanned her face, delicate skin, pink, pink, red lips and small jaws became more and more charming.