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What is all this?

Yu Chang knew that the fire frog also knew what the fire frog skin was, but he never thought that Sun Hao was actually taking this practice of seal script directly.
But here, Yu Chang understood that Sun Hao’s success rate in refining Fu Zhuan was so high and nodded, "I understand that Sun Hao is really good. How to control the speed of refining Bai Fu paper?"
"It takes about three breaths for a piece of fire frog skin." Corleone couldn’t help sighing that Yu Chang’s eyes were so good that he could judge some of his abilities according to his own information. It’s really worthy to be one of the top elders in the array hall.
Yu Chang is white, and his brother is confused. Today, this answer really makes them confused, but they have already learned from Yu Chang’s increasingly bright smile that they are afraid that Yu Chang will accept Sun Hao as his true brother.
Sure enough, at this time, sitting cross-legged on the futon, Yu Chang smiled and said to Sun Hao, "Sun Hao said that if you can reach the middle stage of gas refining, you will accept your brother regardless of your spiritual roots. Now I ask you if you are willing to be the fourth brother of Yu Chang?" ◎ Baidu search: ◎\ iao pen pavilion *//◎
Sun Haoxin said, "I just asked a question, but you haven’t answered me yet. I’m still waiting." But this is not the time to entangle this question. Yu Chang is also the purpose of Sun Hao’s visit. At this time, I will see Yu Chang asking questions and devoting himself to "my brother is willing."
Yu Chang laughed and waved his hand to his brother and said with a smile, "Today’s class is over. Let’s all disperse, Sun Hao. Come with me." Then he took Sun Hao’s arm and jumped to fly the sword. The sword broke through the rostrum door and disappeared with a whimper from my cousin’s sight.
Brother Zhen Fu Tang, look at me. I’ll look at your face. There are all kinds of complicated and difficult expressions. There are envious people, confused people and thoughtful people.
Among them, a few thoughtful brothers are deeply influenced. Although they have a little knowledge of the dialogue between Sun Hao and Yu Chang, they still find a lot of information. The first information is that the front and the pen must have a so-called degree, so we can pay attention to it. The second information is that the fire frog swamp fire frog skin can be used to refine white paper, which seems to be helpful to the success rate of refining symbol seal.
Just these two pieces of information made some younger brothers feel that it was an unexpected gain that this time was not in vain.
At this time, Sun Haowan didn’t think that his words would once again bring disaster to the fire frog swamp that had been hit hard. There were so many brothers in this group who made a special trip to the fire frog swamp afterwards and almost wiped out the whole fire frog swamp.
When Sun Hao arrived at the fire frog swamp in the future, there were only three frogs left, and it took Sun Hao some effort to make the fire frog swamp come back to life again.
Chapter 57 Six layers of refined gas
Sancai and Sixiang are both well-known array methods, and his named courtyard is also suitable for their status as brothers.
Sun Hao’s courtyard is also divided into five rooms, two of which are chores. Xiaozhu doesn’t need to live in it for the time being. Sun Hao thought about it and told Master Yu Chang, "Master, I need someone to take care of daily chores here. Lao Li, the housekeeper of the South Intermediate People’s Court, is very good. Master, do you think you can transfer him?"
Yu Changwen looked at Sun Hao with some surprise. For monks like Lao Li, the practice has come to an end. They don’t value whether the aura is strong or not. They value more the status of Zongmen. A small steward in the South Intermediate People’s Court has many handyman brothers, which is much more affordable than being a handyman here at Sun Hao.
Yu Chang naturally understands this truth.
Seeing Yu Chang looking at himself meaningfully, Sun Hao smiled. "Master, some people are close to the East Hospital. Only the East Hospital has brothers …"
Yu Chang suddenly realized and said brightly, "That’s a good second. You go to the deacon’s hall and transfer Lao Li to listen."
Peng Qingqiong laughed. "Good Master, I’ll do it."
When he arrived at the four elephants’ residence, Lao Li was cold. No one arranged things with him. No one asked him. He told him not to leave at will. Listen to Lao Li at any time. He knew that if he didn’t find a way to die of old age, these four elephants lived in it.
Sun Haoma put this matter aside after throwing Lao Li into the four elephant houses. This Lao Li is really not enough for him to hold a grudge.
Eye Sun Hao has touched the six-story threshold of refining gas, and it is time for him to upgrade.
There is no qualitative change in refining gas from the fifth floor to the sixth floor for monks. There is an increase in the total amount of true qi. According to the usual practice, Sun Hao refines the fire frog’s heart blood while practicing. The fire frog’s heart blood is rich in energy, and it can purify the true qi with the help of the five elements of the spirit. For Sun Hao, the fire frog’s heart blood is no less than an auxiliary panacea.
Sun Hao’s efforts in these fire frogs are of high quality. Most of them are in the late stage of refining gas. The efforts of fire frogs are naturally more prominent. Sun Hao just got married and refined two drops of fire frog’s efforts that night, and the breakthrough in refining gas was expected as scheduled.
Sun Hao’s training room has formed a big aura vortex, and the aura of heaven and earth, especially the aura of wood, has flocked to Sun Hao’s training room, and the aura concentration at the top of Nanshan Mountain is very high. This aura vortex is almost visible to the naked eye.
Sun Hao’s training room is so noisy, several other disciples naturally have obvious feelings. Grain Rain, Peng Qingqiong and Xiang Daewoo have come to the yard and looked at Sun Hao’s training room. Even Yu Chang felt the aura change of Sun Hao’s training room and appeared in the yard.
It’s normal for monks to be promoted. All the four elephants have experienced promotion. It’s reasonable for everyone to be accustomed to it. However, Sun Hao has just become a fourth younger brother. Everyone doesn’t know much about the degree of cultivation. If you have the opportunity to be promoted, you can see some of Sun Hao’s roots at close range.
See a few brothers of Ling Xuan, who cover an area of half an acre. Look at me. Let me see that you are a little confused. Even Yu Chang’s face looks suspicious.
At the top of Nanshan Mountain, the spiritual rotation is more than half an acre in size. What is this concept? It seems that it can only be achieved by the monks in the later stage of gas refining, but the fourth younger brother has four levels of gas refining. Is this a breakthrough to the fifth level of gas refining? Why is the hair so big?
Sun Haoti Mu Dan’s high-speed rotation is crazy, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, and it seems that it has grown a bit full of vitality. From Sun Haoti’s vigorous birth, Lingcao Lingzhi seems to feel this powerful vitality, swaying branches and leaves like a long drought, and many Lingzhi heads are actually growing slowly with the naked eye.
At this time, some spiritual plants that were originally in bad spirits actually got a big boost and re-emerged with great vitality.
Peng Qingqiong sighed in the courtyard, "The cultivation of the fourth teacher younger brother should be a wooden achievement method. This guy’s achievement method is very strange. It can actually benefit the whole courtyard. It is said that after the master’s fourth child, he may become a qualified fairy farmer. Haha"
He muttered "strange" to Daewoo and stopped talking. Of course, Grain Rain knew what was strange to Daewoo, and he was also very strange. "What is this, Master and Fourth Brother?"
Yu Chang wanted to have a look at the spirit that is still pouring into Sun Hao’s practice room. This just said lightly, "Your fourth brother’s practice should be a wooden achievement method, and this achievement method level should not be low. The accumulation of true qi is also quite solid. Look at your fourth brother’s solid foundation. Although he is now a five-story gas refining repair, the actual total amount of true qi will not be much worse than that of a nine-story brother …"
Say a sentence "no wonder" to Daewoo and then stop talking and look at Corleone’s practice room to think.
Total amount of nine layers of refined gas? Grain Rain heard a burst of silence, knowing that his master elder brother has only just repaired the peak of refining gas layer. Now it’s good for Master to accept a new old one, and then Master told him that the total amount of this old one was actually returned to him. This Sun Hao was just a younger brother of the South Intermediate People’s Court, that is to say, he recruited a younger brother in Zongmen for ten years, and he was able to cultivate to such a point in less than ten years. The younger brother really made him speak very much.
Peng Qingqiong was also quiet at this moment to whisper, "The second brother is really under great pressure."
The handyman room next to Sun Hao’s training room Lao Li looked at Sun Hao’s training room and heard Yu Chang’s mentoring dialogue. The mixed feelings in his heart are not the taste of himself. Does this have eyes? Lao Li couldn’t help laughing at himself.