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Liu Yuan nodded his head.

"Well … two knives flow"
Chapter 13 Erdaoliu Juhe Purgatory Rhino Back
Qi Ling looked at Liu Yuan and took out the second knife.
Because a man’s fighting power is not based on how many weapons he has.
Compared with the one-knife stream, the two-knife stream can be regarded as another fighting genre, but it has more variables and means.
If two knives are really worse than one knife, the world would have been full of swordsmen with two knives.
And this is Qi Ling’s view on Liu Yuan’s Erdaoliu.
She looked at Liu Yuan, who took out double knives, and walked slowly towards him.
Two dark balls of energy appeared while walking with Qi Ling’s claws.
These two dark energy balls are constantly circulating in the hands of Qi Ling, and there is thunder from time to time.
The two light balls contain pure dark psychic force and thunder psychic force, and even though they are separated by more than ten meters, Liu Yuan can perceive the horror of these two light balls.
"A chef can practice his own knife skills to this extent, and if I remember correctly, you didn’t practice it like this a month ago."
"Just practice for a month …"
"Your talent is really enviable …"
Looking at the continuous approach to Qi Ling, Liu Yuan put his left hand long knife across his chest and his right hand long knife up to pose as a classic two-knife fighting posture.
"Envy? I’ll change it. "
"Open hang change? This is really a strange description. "
Speak qi ling has reached a distance of ten meters from Liu yuan.
The tone of voice before them is just like two good friends meet each other normally.
But both of them know that the real battle between them has already started.
This can be seen from the continuous thunderbolt in the air around Qi Ling and Lu Yuan.
Momentum collision is part of the battle.
If the momentum collision is crushed, the land source may fall into the same situation as the former No.9.
In that embarrassing situation where the legal person is being slaughtered.
What Qi Ling said to Liu Yuan was to benefit her casual tone and show her confidence in the battle.
So as to facilitate the speech momentum to crush the land source
Because if she’s so relaxed, Liu Yuan still looks nervous.
That is to say, Liu Yuan didn’t beat her in her heart, and her attitude and momentum naturally fell into the wind.
We can also study the imposing manner. Where is Lu Yuan unclear about the dirty psychological tactics of Qi Ling?
I’m playing psychological tactics with my buddies. Are you afraid that I don’t know that my ex-brother was a vicious person who had a hard experience and kept his family tree?
The psychological quality of Lu Yuan, who can keep his family tree from the’ Zuan big family’, can be seen in general.
Only then will Liu Yuan respond in a relaxed tone, that is, show his confidence before Qi Ling.
And Qi Ling saw that Liu Yuan was not disturbed by her own psychological warfare, and her mood immediately became cautious.
Steady mind, amazing fencing, outstanding momentum
I have to admit that Lu Yuan is the one with the highest talent and fighting power among her peers.
There is a feeling that if the real level of Luyuan reaches the silver level.
Even if he opens the blood of God, he is not an opponent of Liu Yuan.
This speculation is terrible.
You know, just a month ago, Lu Yuan was still a rookie with outstanding perception but no combat skills.
It was only a month ago that such terrible changes took place in Luyuan.
This makes Qi Ling can’t help but think that if Liu Yuan grows up again, he will grow to what degree of terror.
Maybe at that time, he could really kill the gods with mortal bodies …
But unfortunately, there are not so many ifs in this world.
Lu Yuan didn’t develop at that time, and she wouldn’t give Lu Yuan a chance to leave here alive.
Such a genius must die here today
Otherwise, this is a complete menace to the utopia!
Think of this rev spirit more determined to kill Liu Yuanxin.
She looked at Liu Yuan and slowly raised her hands.
Two highly concentrated black energy balls, her palm suspended and gave off a terrible black light, which made people shudder.
"Liu Yuan this farce … it’s time to end"
Liu Yuan didn’t respond again.
Instead, he silently raised his weapon in his hand and assumed a standard two-knife flow posture.
Who can’t play with his mouth depends on whether his hands are alive or not!
See Liu Yuan’s arm suddenly covered with strange purple, and then two purple flames spread from the arm along the handle to two long knives.
The purple fire shines on the land source, and you can’t see the waves.
At the same time, Qi Ling is no longer polite.