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And Liu Yuan also followed the stream of people towards the vortex of the land.

After Liu Yuan entered the shakotan coast, the female student of the famous night spirit in No.2 Middle School stared at Liu Yuan’s back and suddenly laughed.
Followed by entering the secret realm.
At the same time, teachers from three universities and investigators from various universities gathered in a huge conference hall at the moment.
And this conference hall is being filled with secret situations.
These teachers and investigators can see the students in detail.
And investigators still have a special list.
This list is a list of top students given by three schools to investigators.
It is also the key observation object of investigators.
And Liu Yuan’s name is impressively on this list.
When Lu Yuan stepped into the vortex of the secret land, the hazy and twisted feeling struck again.
And the sense of domineering in this vortex has also been suppressed to the extreme.
Finally, after a burst of dizziness, Liu Yuan felt that his feet were light and stepped on the ground again.
As soon as I landed in Luyuan, I tried to release my knowledge and domineering.
Dusty bluestone slabs and bricks, dark and deep environment
Liu Yuan found that he seemed to be in a room at this time, and there was a smell in the air that could not be waved away.
Obviously, no creature has lived in this room for a long time.
It was not a big room and was soon explored by Liu Yuan.
The whole room is very deserted, except for a treasure chest in the middle of the room, and there is nothing else for him.
Although the treasure chest is closed, Lu Yuan can directly perceive the situation of the treasure chest.
After confirming that the treasure chest is not dangerous, Lu Yuan opened it directly before leaving.
Torch 1, simple map 1, dry food 1, mineral water 1
It should be the basic materials distributed by the college.’
However, before coming in, the college specially indicated that the students must arrive at the central palace in the center of the maze in seven days.
At that time, Lu Yuan still wondered that if there were not enough materials for seven days, they would be sent out of the land for physical reasons even if they were not defeated by monsters.
It seems that the college has also considered this point.
Judging from the materials, even if you save some food, you can keep an adult alive for two to three days and still be weak on the third day.
In other words, if you can’t reach the central palace in three days, there are two situations that students will face with the shortage of materials.
One is that the assessment failed due to physical reasons such as hunger and thirst.
The only one left … is to rob his students.
Besides, it’s still early in this robbery, because sometime the object you want to rob has already drunk the only dry food and mineral water.
The school is really changing the way for us to kill each other.’
It is almost a’ sinister heart’ to come to school for nothing.
In such a bad situation, students can hardly hold a group and fight independently.
Considering that the purpose of the joint examination is to assess the potential of each student
This makes the design reasonable.
However, this material restriction has just been perfectly solved by Lu Yuan.
Lu Yuan, a gourmet animal tamer, put a lot of drinking water and ingredients in the animal tamer.
It’s not that Liu Yuan knew about the assessment before, but that preparing ingredients before is the most basic thing for a gourmet animal bender.
Thinking of this, Liu Yuan directly opened the dry food and began to eat it in the direction of the top of his head. After eating for a while, he also took a sip of water and was arrogant.
This scene was also seen by the teachers in the conference room.
"This little …"
Shen Yan looked at Liu Yuan’s arrogance in the picture and smiled
And the investigators next to it began to talk about it.
"According to the data, this middle school student seems to be a gourmet animal bender, so he should put a lot of food and water in the animal bender."
"It should be seen from the fact that he can be so careless about the school distributing materials."
"This gourmet animal bender does have a unique advantage. It is almost natural to assume that there is a shortage of materials to ensure that the animal bender has plenty of food."
"That he is a special case is not extra points?"
"Well … forget it. After all, no matter what his line is, it will definitely be brought to the post-professional animal life. Divide it or add it."
Lu Yuan didn’t expect that his habit of "preparing ingredients" had become a plus option in the eyes of teachers and investigators.
However, people who can prepare enough materials in advance must be cautious and have a certain sense of crisis.
And it’s not surprising that such people are dangerous, and suspects are more likely to live than ordinary people in the animal kingdom.
At the same time, after eating the dry food, Luyuan released the light mouse.
Lu Yuan didn’t let Tam out because Lu Yuan found that the spiritual force in the maze was very thin.
It’s not easy to supplement spiritual strength in this place.
If some students don’t take this into consideration, they will soon suffer …