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After a pause, I looked at Sun Hao’s white demon and immediately understood the reason why Sun Hao could get away.

Now Corleone is actually turned upside down and turned into a ghost.
White Demon Night Yin Yang Gan Kun Mirror Reverses Yin Yang’s Immortal Body Sun Hao is also clever incarnate as a ghost. The occult technique of Yin Yang Gan Kun Mirror is naturally defeated.
Although it is hostile, White Demon Night also sincerely gives Sun Hao a thumbs up. "Sun Hao is good. It’s a good means."
This Sun Hao can not only incarnate a virtual ghost, but also light flint and think of this trick to get rid of difficulties. The fighting wisdom has to be applauded by the White Demon Night.
Sun Hao gradually formed in the flesh and smiled indifferently and said, "Demon night real talent is a good player. Duan Sun Hao almost won’t be able to come over and be indecent, and demon night real people will pick me up …"
In the speech, three spiritual swords flew out of the agarwood sword in the middle, and three spiritual swords took over the array, and three talents circled and danced to the demon night and rushed away.
White demon laughed at night. "It’s good to have three flying swords, but the native tile dog borrowed Yin and Yang to do the reverse …"
In the laughter, the mirror of Yin Yang Gan Kun suddenly turned his head black and aimed at Sun Hao. The black mirror released a mysterious light and shot directly at Sun Hao to attack three spiritual swords.
Three spiritual swords are connected to the array, and three talents hover around and fly before the emergency attack.
Sun Hao suddenly felt a shock in his heart when he took a long look at the mysterious light. In addition to the agarwood sword, he still controlled himself. More than two spiritual swords at home and abroad were out of control.
Not only that, these two spiritual swords actually turned around and dominated by the mysterious light, and they quickly attacked Sun Hao.
According to reason, Lingjian creatures will not attack their masters.
However, it is very strange that the mirror of Yin and Yang in White Demon Night can reflect Sun Haoling’s sword and make Sun Haoling’s sword counterattack.
Good agarwood sword is Sun Hao’s sword, and grandma sparrow is sitting in it, but Sun Hao still feels that his platform agarwood sword is not very smooth, and it feels a little stuck in the quagmire, and it is also disturbed by Yin and Yang.
That ugly sword was not reflected back by itself!
The White Demon is surprised again at night. Today’s World War I is really a situation. Is it a magic weapon for the monks in the early days of then? It is very rare that an ugly sword can resist their own reflection.
Sun Hao suddenly and violently drank his body, his silver light flashed, his arms vibrated, his hands stretched forward, his crimson horse practiced selling, and he twisted two flying swords at himself.
The two flying swords were stopped by the five-inch god Gang, but the speed dropped slightly, but they still rushed forward without mercy. During the impact, the two flying swords actually died, and the pieces of the five-inch god Gang entangled with each other fell.
Two flying swords that accompanied him for a long time actually broke Sun Hao’s heart and felt faint.
Look at the cross legs and sit on the top of your head. Sun Hao sincerely said that "the demon night is really a good way for Sun Hao to learn."
The White Demon also showed an ugly smile at night. "It’s the same to each other. The agarwood reality actually has a magic weapon that can resist my dead mirror reflection."
There was a brief calm in a round of fighting
Sun Hao is floating in the body, ready to go, thinking about what to do to win?
It’s very difficult for the demon night real person to master a strange secret method. For the first time, Sun Hao, the demon night real person, feels that he must step up refining his magic weapon, otherwise he will suffer a lot from the hostile monks who have the magic weapon.
White demon cross legs at night and sitting in the heart is also horrified. Yin and Yang dry Kun mirror, two of the most powerful tricks, can’t resist Sun Hao.
At this moment, White Demon Night has a feeling that he is at his wits’ end, as if he really doesn’t have too many ways and too good ways to get the opposite monk in the early days of then.
Once upon a time, the pawn who was chased by his own Wan Li has grown to the height of his own rival?
How many years? Aren’t you growing up too fast? White demon night feels that if she misses today, she is afraid that she will eventually lose the opportunity to kill life and death. I don’t know who will cut who when I meet you next time.
The demon’s eyes are cold and shining, and the night is dark. He is determined to keep Sun Hao at some cost today ~ ~
Chapter five hundred and ninety-six Guild Wars Then
Sun Hao always turns his body slowly with a faint smile on his face. His heart is firmer than today’s theory. He also wants to sacrifice the enemy to two teachers and spirits.
Sun Hao left home when he was young and entered Aoki Sect to practice. Aoki Sect was almost his second home, and Qinglao was almost his father.
Although the young old man has always been dull and not false to Sun Hao, the young old man loves and silently paves the way for Sun Hao to guide Sun Hao to practice kindness rooted in his heart.
Yu Chang’s collection of Sun Hao is also not selfish and distracting. After receiving Sun Hao, it is also a piece of love.
Qing Lao and Yu Chang are Sun Hao’s two most respected elders.
But these two elders who are important to Sun Hao actually fell into the hands of the white demon night.
Sun Hao has a cool smile on his face, but at this time, his heart is full of hatred.
It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years. Sun Hao, if you can’t hold back for a moment, it’s easier to take a white demon party after you’ve completed it. But at this moment, Sun Hao doesn’t want to endure it for a moment.
Today, either Sun Hao was killed by the White Demon in the middle of his falling monasticism, or Sun Hao took the enemy’s head to pay homage to two teachers.
The White Demon’s night tactics are weird. The Yin and Yang Gankun mirror can actually reflect the attack of the spirit sword, and it is extremely destructive to the spirit sword. The small three talents’ sword array is broken.
Sun Hao’s mind moved his wrist and his right hand vibrated, and a huge hammer appeared.
Hammer with filar silk golden light circulation 100 thousand jins hammer Sun Hao body sank slightly, the whole people suddenly look dignified than momentum.
It’s a magic weapon to destroy the hammer body in all directions, and the level is not low. Sun Haoyuan planned to forge his own magic weapon.
However, the formula of promoting the five elements of the elixir gives a magic weapon, the refining method of Sumeru condensate tower, but the refining conditions of this tower are very harsh, and Sun Hao has been suffering from a cloud of purple smoke, so the magic weapon has been delayed
Without refining, the ten-square hammer of drum bang has been used as a weapon by Sun Hao.
"Drink" one-handed hammer tip to a finger Sun Haoshen faint murderous look straight at the white demon night impact.
This murderous look attracts people’s attention, but the white demon can feel a little surprised at night, like a palpitation, as if he had been pegged by an ancient demon, and he was shivering.
At the same time, the white demon seems to have a decadent feeling. It seems that he is not interested in fighting Sun Hao, and he is more afraid that he will not fight. At the moment, the white demon has a strange idea in his heart.
At this moment, Sun Haoshuang’s eyes flashed with one hand, a hammer and a pointed finger, and the body rushed forward and brought up a roaring cold section of 36 hammers.
Stop killing first, seize the enemy’s soul, confuse the enemy’s fighting spirit, and then storm with a huge hammer, and Sun Hao took the initiative to launch a wave of storm.
Although the White Demon Night is full of mysterious skills, it is also taken away by Sun Hao’s murderous look and will to stop killing.
White demon night the whole person was in a trance for a while, but when he suddenly came to his senses, he found that the huge hammer body suddenly smashed.
The powerful hammer broke out in front of it, as if there were dragons flying around with virtual shadow hammers.
Heart andao a bad white demon night can no longer cross your legs safely and sit suddenly stand up and stand up with a slight low hands on your chest and a pious mouth binge drinking "Yin and Yang dry Kun move two doors in one, Yin and Yang doors are unbreakable, Monty does not move, India prevents …"
Yin and yang dry Kun mirror white demon rapidly hangs overhead at night, and the black and white mirrors radiate dark light. A light gate is formed in front of him, blocking the way to destroy the hammer in all directions.
The white demon’s night movement is a little slower because of the stop-killing technique. The light door has just formed, and the hammer of Sun Hao’s drum roll has been smashed.
"Bang" a loud noise, huge friends’ strength hit the light door head-on, and the light just formed, and the light went out and flickered a few times, and the white demon broke in front of the night.
The bang of the drum continued to attack the white demon night body with the power of breaking the door with the hammer in all directions.
At this time, the white demon night just finished a "monty motionless seal" with his hands folded. His eyes slightly drooped and his eyes closed. It seemed that a giant hammer struck his hands folded and a grim-faced monty virtual shadow appeared on his head. A mountain should be a huge hammer to Sun Hao.
Don’t print?
Seeing the white demon night at this time, Sun Hao moved a little in his heart. At this time, the state of the white demon night was slightly similar to that when he practiced the three-type furnace.
Sun Hao’s heart flashed a trace of doubt. Can Linlu Sanshi also be used against the enemy?
My mind turned to my hands, and I kept forging 36 hammers and poured them into the white demon’s body without stopping.
"Bang" a huge hammer hits the white demon night. Monty’s virtual shadow flashes slightly. The white demon night body seems to be thrown up by great power and is generally hit away at a distance.
People half white demon night mouth is a clear drink "don’t move like a mountain, he is strong, he is strong, the breeze blows over the hills". People don’t move, so they finish picking up Corleone’s fierce hammer strength.
Sun Hao rubbed his body while the hammer wheel was violently drinking, and another hammer struck him. "Burn the kettle, burn the boat, hit the whip, hammer the stirrup … Look at the hammer."
As soon as the fighting spirit broke out, a huge shadow fell down and rushed to the white demon night.
Thirty-six hammers in cold section are not only forging hammer method, but also have many wonderful points in actual combat, especially when the white demon night was taken away by Sun Hao’s killing technique and it was a little abnormal. When Sun Hao’s fierce hammer method came out, he suddenly hammered one after another, which made the white demon night very uncomfortable.
Every hammer has a powerful force, even if the white demon night is a great success in the later period of then, it is quite uncomfortable
What makes the white demon feel uncomfortable at night is that Sun Hao’s hammer method seems to have some kind of regular force once it is put into use, just like his own mirror of Yin and Yang, which also has a unique regular effect. It is a little difficult to hide.
Not only that, Sun Hao’s body seems to be shrouded in a layer of guidance but not hair, which makes the white demon feel scared at night but can’t fight, and once again makes the white demon’s night fighting power greatly reduced.
White demon night is a successful practice. Then the old demon has hammered for a long time and has already judged Sun Hao’s attack mode.
Sun Hao’s imposing manner should be condensed into some kind of killing imposing manner, but it is more powerful than killing imposing manner. This should be a kind of occult art of Sun Hao, which is very high and difficult.
If there is no such secret technique, the white demon will not be covered by Sun Hao’s hammer at night and will not be forced to deal with this endless hammer method head on.
The hammer doesn’t have much tricks, but it’s very uncomfortable to recruit vigorously and hard.
White demon sighs at night that this little boy has been refined into a body of the earth from somewhere, which is actually the peak strength of the silver war body, and it is beyond imagination that he was suppressed in the later period of then.