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At the moment, the dry yuan continent is surging, but the city of Gulichuan is a small town in Tianyuezhou, a southern region. Those storms can’t blow the city of Gulichuan for the time being.

Yun Fan has enough time to wait for Xun Yiheng’s alchemy.
The news of Yun Fan’s Gechuan Xun family soon returned to the Xuanluo state, and the other six schools were sent from the Luoluo state
Xuanyuezong insisted that Yun Fan was the murderer who killed all the disciples in the mysterious realm of medicine, and this announced the news that Lu Xiang, a genius brother, died in Yunfan’s hand.
In order to investigate this matter, each of the seven factions dispatched a true Dan border gate elder to find Yun Fan in Tianyuezhou Gulichuan City to get a white.
Seven elders sent to move the door, each of whom is a powerful person in the late stage of True Dan’s territory. Seven people joined hands to be as powerful as the first-class True Dan’s peak strength.
Cao Tianling, the first elder of the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China, still felt that it was inappropriate to leave for Tianyuecheng and Gulichuan City in person.
It’s the second day that the seven factions got the news that the strong men from Zhendan went to Tianyuezhou Gulichuan City.
Yun Fan came to Xun’s home and Xun Yiheng handed ten’ condensate true Dan’ to Yun Fan.
Coagulation true Dan Yun Fan heart excited if there is a breakthrough true Dan condition achievement method he can immediately close the breakthrough true Dan condition.
For the test of Xun’s family, Yun Fan got a perfect score by taking out three’ condensate true pills’ and saying, "Xun’s three condensate true pills are enough for me to break through the true pill. Without Xun’s wonderful alchemy, the condensate true fruit is in my hands, and Xun’s family is worthy of this reward."
Xun Yiheng didn’t accept, "Yun Gong agreed yesterday that this time it was Xun’s family who thanked him. If Yun Gong still needs three elixirs and the old man is willing to help him, it’s not too late to charge again."
See Xun Yiheng’s firm attitude. Yun Fan knows that the other party is a person who values the promise more than life. He will put away all ten condensed fruits.
Yun Fan said, "There are still some three-pronged drugs in Yunmou’s hand. I wonder how much can Xunzhu refine Shenyuan Dan at one time?"
Xun Yi-heng moved God Yuan Dan in his heart, but the strong in the true Dan realm cultivated treasure medicine at a very fast speed.
Xun Yi-heng said, "Shenyuandan is the practice of pills. Ten Shenyuancao can be refined into one Shenyuandan, which is a little less difficult to refine. It takes half a day to refine one hundred pills at a time."
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Chapter 127 Seven Zhen Dan Xun’s home (the fourth is more for a monthly ticket! )
Yun Fan took out 5,000 plants of Shenyuan grass and said, "Master Xun is a trustworthy person. After you slowly refined these 5,000 plants of Shenyuan grass into Dan, I got 70% and 30% as rewards for Master Xun."
Xun Yi Heng’s eyes revealed a sharp shock. "Yun Gong has so many gods and grasses? Here can be refined into five hundred gods Yuan Dan. Gee … Even if you get thirty percent reward, you will be able to practice the true Dan’s peak. "
After a pause, Xun Yiheng continued, "I just finished refining a batch of condensate pills. I need to take a rest for half a day. I will refine Shenyuan Dan Yun this afternoon. Come and get the pills early tomorrow!"
Yun Fan fuels, "Say goodbye!"
One day passes by in a hurry.
Yun Fan came to Xun’s house early the next morning.
Xun Yiheng was refined into a furnace of Shen Yuan Dan last night and rested for a night in high spirits.
Xun Yiheng took out a Dan bottle and handed it to Yun Fan. "Yungong was refined into a furnace yesterday, with a total of one hundred gods. Here are seventy of you."
Yun Fan took the Dan bottle and took a look at it. It was intoxicating to see the fragrance of Dan.
Dan Yao’s sexual Yun Fan immediately agreed to "hard Xunzhu"
Xun Yi-heng said, "Such a rare elixir can not be met. It is a great harvest for me to charge 30% of the reward. How can I say hard work? It should be said that I am lucky to have a rest for one night. Now I am full of energy and I will refine another furnace of Shen Yuan Dan."
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Seven earthy smells swept through the sky.
Seven true Dan strong people flew from the sky into the city of Gechuan and flew to Xunfu.
Xuanluo state seven schools really Dan condition strong driving a day and a night all the way finally arrived.
Xunfu for Dan medicine conference brought together a large number of practitioners in several nearby states, with thousands of people watching the sky flying and seven true Dan in the strong look surprised.
Yun Fan, outside Xunzhu’s house, just left the house and saw the seven true Danes in the sky. His eyes narrowed slightly.
Yun Fan said, "You did come, and you came at once. Seven true Dan strong men’s clothes and sects have different signs, and one of the seven factions has been dispatched?"
After meeting Yue Chenglong, Yun Fan knew that the news would soon be that there would be a strong man killed by the Luo Sect of Xuanluo State or the Xuan Yue Sect. It was not surprising that the strong man in the sky was really Dan.
The only surprise is that the strong people who came to Zhendan were not only the pick faction and the Xuan Yue faction, but also one from each of the seven major factions.
These seven true Dan strong men are all in the late stage of true Dan territory.
In the late stage of the seven true Dan’s territory, the surging momentum and coercion were heart-rending. All the fighters in Xunfu looked shocked and terrified, and they didn’t know what the seven true Dan’s strong men had done when they visited the Xun family in Luanchuan.
Nie Xing, the elder of the Luo Sect, glanced at many fighters in Xunfu and shouted, "Yun Fan, the rebel brother of the Luo Sect, get out quickly!"
Because Yun Fan is wanted by the Da Luo Sect, the rebellious younger brother, the true Dan, the strong Da Luo Sect, Nie Xingshou, the elder of the Da Luo Sect, and Nie Xing, the seven people in the forefront.
Nie Xingli’s rich voice contains power that makes the whole Xunfu people numb.