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Xiaoqing, in particular, has previously shown that she believes in Wulin water and feels that even ordinary double-cultivation couples are rare.

"You didn’t choose to escape?"
Looking at the nearby to rise up "two" evil dumpling PeiWenDe so surprised asked 1.
"It seems that the lesson I gave you this time has not gone deep into the bone marrow!"
"I just don’t know how many times I have to kill you this time to disappear completely?"
The seemingly calm voice reveals undisguised murder. Pei Wende won’t forget where the Wulin water is.
Don’t say don’t just say that the other party wants to rob Xiaoqing Dragon Ball, which is enough to make Pei Wende, who doesn’t like violence to solve problems, a pain killer.
"Hum! Just a mere mortal. Don’t talk big! "
Heart alert instantly pulled to the highest, but the arrogant Wulin water mouth still retorted mercilessly
"Even if you become a king? I am now a’ combination of Shinto and Taoism’ deity! "
It’s like responding to Wulin’s water talk. When he said this, he was located in the corner of the Seven Stars in the East where the light shone again, and then Mujiao also appeared as an incarnation.
The dragon-shaped dragon has once again become a true dragon, and it is indeed ashamed of the reputation of "black dragon Cape"
Just a roar, the original and some decadent Wulin water once again returned to the peak state, showing the mystery of divine power.
Not only that, Wulin Water was smashed into a paste by Pei Wende, but also quickly reorganized and recovered in this process, and soon changed back to its original appearance.
"The unity of God and Taoism?"
Seems to be surprised, and seems to be pure disdain …
Pei Wende looked at the corner wooden dumpling behind the Wulin water, and behind it, a statue of human anticlimactic appeared impressively.
"If you are a’ combination of Shinto and Taoism’, what is this for me?"
Instead of manifesting the three phases of the snake god at the same time, Pei Wende just symbolizes the snake god behind him
However, Pei Wende, the snake god behind the corner of Wulin water, is not only clear in face, but also has both physical and even disdainful face.
"God? !”
See the clue at a glance Wulin water face puffed up this moment turned into consternation.
If I can get the response of Jiaomu Jiao because I swallowed the old dragon ball of the West Lake, I can barely be regarded as the incarnation of Jiaomu Jiao people.
So now Pei Wende’s snake god has been combined into two one.
Or rather, the snake god is Pei Wende himself, and he himself is a living god.
Ordinary people can exercise spiritual benefits when they are in the ranks of the gods and in the flesh, which is much more exaggerated than the so-called "integration of God and Taoism" in Wulin Water.
"There are still many places worthy of your surprise. It’s too early to be shocked."
After saying his word, Pei Wende has taken a step forward, and he is now out of shape and rushed to Wulin Water at a high speed.
Chapter 35 Foot-belly-line God
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Still carefully controlling his own strength, Pei Wende’s movement not only did not appear slow, but showed an amazing flexibility
In the blink of an eye, Pei Wende came to the Wulin Water Square, then suddenly jumped and grabbed the dragon tail.
"You are a reckless man!"
Caught off guard, I didn’t expect Pei Wende to make such a decisive move. Wulin Water shouted angrily.
In a second, I saw the horn wooden dumpling behind me take the initiative to join the Wulin water body.
With the blessing of Jiao Mujiao’s strength, Wulin Water abruptly dragged Pei Wende, who weighs 10,000 tons, to take off slowly, which has a tendency to shift the battlefield to China.
"You can’t!"
Nai Wulin’s surface is the same battle-hardened Pei Wende, who naturally knows his own disadvantages very well.
In fact, Pei Wende has never practiced flying and escaping from the ground.
Previously, being able to fly freely against the wind was just another kind of luck to the airflow after he was promoted to the innate.
This kind of flying charge is worthy of being called "floating" compared with those magical spells of flying and escaping from the ground.
Not only is the speed far less than that of the real avatar, but even the weight of lifting and floating is limited.
At this moment, the avatar Pei Wende’s theory of body shape or quality obviously exceeds the limit of relying on virtual wind.
Besides, taking ten thousand steps back, Pei Wende, even if he can really let his ten thousand-ton body fly, is certainly better than not being born to walk around.
Pei Wendegen doesn’t intend to let Wulin water take off, let alone let the other side transfer the battlefield to China.
Holding the water tail of Wulin tightly with both hands, Pei Wende fell to the ground like Mount Tai, and directly stepped out of a huge pit several meters deep in the street.
And the surrounding buildings collapsed directly into a mess in this violent vibration.
"Ang!" three
Similarly, there is not too much nonsense. Three heads of Wulin Water reflexively bite Pei Wende at the same time.
At the same time, Wulin water also wrapped Pei Wende’s body like a python, trying to strangle him in the most primitive and rude way.
This is the most powerful attack means of all snakes, and it is also the main way of fighting before Wulin Water officially became a big demon.
Strong body strangling opponents, three heads biting prey …
Wulin water, a unique way of fighting, used to be unfavorable, and almost no one could stop him from this simple but effective three-plank axe.
Considering that Pei Wende still has a body protector of King Kong, it is almost indestructible.
Wulin Water also intends to strengthen his teeth with the help of hornwood dumplings, which is bound to tear Pei Wende’s flesh and blood.
However, it’s a pity that Wulin Water’s opponent this time is not his past prey, but a "human god" who inherits the divine power of the boa constrictor.
The python god behind the flint Pei Wende opened his eyes and then quickly formed a vase seal with his hands. Just hold it high, and really hold a vase.
That is, this moment was originally a sudden expansion of the King Kong boundary covering Pei Wende’s body surface, which missed the huge body of Wulin Water.
-Bodhisattva Buddha Light Samadhi Yehui!