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Three Empresses Xuanyuan Huangdi, the first emperor of the adult race.

The yellow emperor unified all clans and tribes and revised the law to become a generation of kings, but he did not cultivate the soul and left the soul alive.
When I returned to the East, the First World War of the Yellow Emperor Chiyou was over, and my wives told me all about it.
Changxi Tribe, xi he Tribe has merged with Riyue Tribe, a family who cultivates the soul of heaven and earth.
The Yellow Emperor naturally won’t let me go, Sun and Moon Tribe. I asked the Yellow Emperor to tell him that the soul of heaven and earth can be cultivated twice, and the soul cultivation method will eventually be improved. Moreover, it is the soul cultivation method that our ancestors asked us to study specially. We can’t kill all the soul cultivation people.
When the Yellow Emperor heard this, he was furious and saw that I was unarmed, so he also fought with my bare hands.
Huang Diqiang has stepped on the virtual peak, and we are neck and neck.
After the war failed, I returned to the Sun and Moon Tribe, but I also knew that the Yellow Emperor would not let us go.
I led the Riyue tribe all the way east to the end of the mainland, built a boat in the sea, and finally found a place to live not far from the east.
In 966, I heard that the Yellow Emperor soared. When Pangu’s legacy hit, people should not soar to heaven.
My sacrificial family has never practiced the soaring method again, nor has it been taught by Terran, but I don’t know that the Yellow Emperor is like soaring.
I’m worried that the Yellow Emperor’s celestial world will be discovered by the Qingmeng, and that history will repeat itself. If the Yellow Emperor is controlled by the Qingmeng, the broken star position will be exposed, and then it will be a terran disaster.
I began to teach the knowledge of martial arts in this residence to establish literati who are good at learning Japanese Tao but not moon Tao. The moon Tao is still not perfect. Occasionally, there are cases of computer addiction, but some students are proficient in the two terran talents of the sun and the moon, which really makes me admire.
Fragmented ephemeris’s 1065-year-old residence was finally discovered in the east, and descendants of the Yellow Emperor sent two families of fire and water across the sea to crusade against our Sun and Moon tribe.
Leading general Gonggong clan descendant "Rain falls" Shennong descendant "Cheang Cheng"
These two are no match for my husband and wife, but they brought Lapras.
Cheang Cheng wants to destroy me with Lapras, but Lapras has changed. It is divided into two hilts and turned into a slate with the national policy of governance in mind, and the other slate is painted with the sun, moon, stars, mountains and trees.
I told Raindrop Cheang Cheng that my ancestors in Longli didn’t want to kill me, so I took two.
These two are also the feelings of the Yellow Emperor before he ascended. Just look at the map of the sun, the moon and the stars, and you will know that the Yellow Emperor has been at ease. He believes that those who cultivate the soul of heaven should cultivate the soul of the earth.
Rain falls, listens to me, grabs the moon, the sun and the stars, and prepares to follow me.
And Cheang Cheng didn’t believe what I said. He returned to the East with the national policy of governance.
Rain tells me that Dongtu will send troops here sooner or later. It is better to build a city with the sea so that Dongtu will never find us again.
I think this method is feasible. The rain led the aquarium army to find another floating island soon, and I led the Riyue tribe to move there.
Since then, we have drifted back and forth along the coastline, and people will never find us again.
The broken ephemeris is 2,750 years. This is my last chronicle.
My two wives have entered their twilight years, and the "Xingfu Island" where we live has more than doubled.
The islanders all set foot on the road of dual cultivation of heaven and earth, but few succeeded.
Rain falls with awe-inspiring talent, and he is in the blood of the Shui people. He has learned the double cultivation method of the ocean, and even I can’t beat him.
This year, I felt that a student called me from the East Island where I used to live.
The rain advised me not to return to the East Island. He thought it might be a trap, but I knew it must be my student who needed help.
I secretly returned to the East Island with my two wives, calling us to a man named Susano, a double cultivator of heaven and earth.
He said that he met a monster, saying that this monster might bring disaster to people.
Let’s go with him and have a look. It’s not a monster. It’s a Qingmeng animal, and it’s an animal that’s about to soar.
This animal already has a head. If one more animal is born, it will soar to heaven. I must kill it quickly.
I told xi he Chang Xi that it is difficult for the three of us to slay it quickly. If we let it run away, it will be hard to find it again.
I want to make my sacrifice into a sword so that they can hold it and slay animals.
But xi he Chang Xi said that when I die, they won’t want to live any more. It’s better to sacrifice together and let Sasuke kill animals.
I didn’t hesitate to be afraid that the animals would run away, and I also knew that if I died, my wives would go with me.
I told Susuo that my two wives would change into three weapons and let him use them to kill animals.