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The registrar said an astronomical figure, which made people around him feel an uproar, and then said, "If you complete the two projects, the parliament will refund your deposit."

"I see."
"Do you accept’ sunflower cards’?" Tianyang said quietly
But the people around you heard the word’ Sunflower Card’ and started to shout again. They all knew that the guys with’ Sunflower Card’ were rich and noble.
There are several men who look at Tianyang’s pocket.
The registrar was all smiles. "No problem, you can make the’ Sunflower Card’ pay the deposit."
It seems that the scavenger city is not necessarily isolated from the world. Otherwise, the’ Sunflower Card’ can’t be used here with the joint guarantee of the Gold Court and several super fortresses.
So there is a golden court figure behind the scavenger city? Or which super fortress secretly supports it?
With doubt, Tianyang took out the’ Sunflower Card’ and handed it to the registrar.
The registrar took a slight breath and looked at Tianyang with a few more things in his eyes.
She quickly went through the formalities in Tianyang, and finally the registration of the’ pass’ stopped. "Who are you?"
After the communication card filled in Tianyang’s name, the registrar pushed the pass to Tianyang, a data board with’ Ashes Town’. "Mr. Tianyang has already gone through the formalities."
"When you make an appointment to enter the reverse world, it is ten o’clock in the morning. Please don’t miss it. If you miss it, you need to make another appointment."
Tianyang took something and turned away. Only on the first floor did he find that there was still a small piece of paper attached to the pass, which had the name and address of the registrar and indicated that she was late.
For this hint, Tianyang smiled and threw away the note with a star from the registration building.
After he left, he just looked at Tianyang’s pocket and several men came out. They exchanged glances and left from different directions.
Lanqiu hotel
Listen to the old man who suggested that Tianyang find this hotel, which is said to be the’ Blue Fortress’.
A moment later, Yang and Xing Luo came to the hotel room, which was small, with a reception hall and a bedroom.
Take off your cloak. Tianyang took out the board and looked up the information of’ Ashes Town’.
The town is about 70 kilometers away from Kraft Gate. The Thunder Council gives a detailed route to ensure that the explorer will not find the wrong place.
According to the data, the "Thunder Parliament" also discovered this place by accident. They had an exploration team mistakenly entered this town, and the whole team disappeared and never came back.
However, the team has returned some information, through which the Thunder Council has a preliminary understanding of this town.
Thick ashes can be seen everywhere in this town, and black traces of human figures can be seen on the outer walls of buildings.
There are many kinds of black people in the town, but they seem to be wandering around the town. The Thunder Council exploration team was not attacked when it was outside the town.
But soon after entering the town, something happened
There are also several video clips of the exploration team entering Ashes Town. In the video, you can see buildings with strange styles, and you can see ash flocs floating everywhere in the air like volcanic ash.
And in the last video, the picture shakes violently, and the screams keep looking, and the team is being slaughtered.
After reading these materials, Yang put away the board the day after tomorrow and said lightly, "This town might be a good stage …"
Chapter 172 Politeness
At the window, Tianyang watched the garbage-collecting city gradually set to the west at dusk, and the sun dyed this messy city golden, making all the buildings pull out deep and long shadows.
With the wind blowing in the sand, the sun squints slightly and gently knocks on the window frame. "The knights of the church will definitely follow us and set traps and specious clues along the way, which will probably slow them down a little …"
"I have to find out what they’re after me, what they’re after, and I have to put them in the wrong world."
"I have an advantage in the inverse world. I can divide them with the help of the stage of’ Ashes Town’ …"
"I deliberately registered my real name so that they would know that I would come after me when I entered the inverse world …"
"Ashes Town is there to find out all the reasons!"
Tianyang turned around and looked at Xingluo, who took off his cloak to reveal an extreme curve. "Besides kurotsuchi nemu and peace, you also saw its two knights. Who are they? What is your ability? Do you know their character? "
From the window, the sun shines and the stars fall, and her sunset is even more beautiful. "The other two people, who are peaceful and inseparable, are called Chen Yan. He is a fortress, and his personality is quite impulsive and irritable, just like a powder keg."
"He is reckless, especially after being promoted to rank 6, he is too confident in his nursing ability and has reached a blind level."
"Of course, his strength is not bad. He has an axe-shaped weapon named’ Flame Devourer’, which can release explosion and transform it into a flame shield by devouring the surrounding flames, and has excellent defense ability."
Tianyang nodded and guided her, "Where’s the other one?"
"That’s Ye Xiao. He is the rank of God of War. He always looks cheerful, but in fact, he is not determined enough. He gives up easily and takes care of himself very much."
"In several operations, he was too worried about being injured and dying, so various ways to deal with orders led to many delays and failures."
"However, it was only because he was a beacon student that he was able to go to Donglu Cardinal College. Otherwise, it would have been deployed to other parishes for idle."
"The other weapon is thunder. That long sword can stimulate high-pressure current. If it will attack in thunderstorm, it will lead a flash to attack your opponent."
"This weapon is very dependent on the environment."
Tianyang nodded so that he could know more about pursuers and make plans for them conveniently.
It was already late when I saw it. Tianyang took the cloak and said, "Let’s go eat."
"Yes, master" Xing Luo got up and put on a cloak to cover her good figure that made her heart beat faster.
I haven’t made up my mind where to eat since I came out of the gate of’ Blue Hill Hotel’. Tianyang suddenly heard a cry and saw a woman running out in a panic in the front lane.
She accidentally fell to the ground and quickly got up, looking left and right, and suddenly she saw Tianyang running straight over.
"Help, please help me."