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What Xu put her pen in her hand and stared at the stock master opposite?

People are afraid that if these two kinds of mentality can pass this, they will know that stocks are actually a good thing.
Xiao Xu shook her head, and she didn’t understand why. She said, I think our company speculates a lot in stocks, and many people in my neighborhood speculate in stocks, but I don’t speculate, hehe.
The salary level of our company can actually be, although it can’t be rich and expensive, it’s still no problem to eat. I also think it’s not wrong to be rich and safe.
I don’t want to take risks. I’ve long heard that people speculate in stocks and jump off buildings to scare people. After Xu finished, she bowed her head and was busy with her little business. She soon finished it. For Wang Jun, the Lord heard that you were the top stock player in our company, and some people said that you made tens of millions.
Wang Junlai smiled neither positively nor negatively.
At this time, the table words rang. Xu’s novel must be manager Jiao.
Wang Junlai took the words, but it was always Jiao who called and asked him to go to the office to find him immediately. Wang Junlai dared not neglect him and quickly walked towards Jiao’s office.
When I pushed the door, I saw manager Jiao smiling and waiting for him. Haha Jun came.
Manager Jiao, you asked me for Wang Jun to say politely.
Manager Jiao’s face was full of laughter. He reached out to let Wang Junlai sit down and said, Come on, thanks to your short message that day, I made a lot of profits in securities stocks.
It should be hehe. Wang Junlai said softly that he secretly scolded this lecherous, rich and lecherous guy in his heart, but his mouth didn’t show it. He said that it was also a happy thing for our family to make money.
Ha ha, good talk, good talk, good talk. Manager Jiao’s face is already happy at this time. He took off his glasses and wiped off the lens mist before he brought it back. Do you know that Jun came recently and the company wanted to pull some young people to take leadership positions?
Wang Junlai shook his head and said, I haven’t heard of it yet, Chief Jiao.
I think you are so absorbed in your work that you don’t even know such a big thing. It’s rare for Jiao Zong to sit on the sofa and praise him constantly. Wang Junlai’s heart is in vain at this time, but he has been fooling around for many years and has to pretend not to know anything about it.
Recently is a little busy Wang Junlai smiled and said
Manager Jiao got up and went to the back of his boss’s desk to open a drawer and took a file bag from it. He conveniently took out a page of letter from it and handed it to Wang Junlai. Wang Junlai took a look and met. It was written that Comrade Wang Junlai of our company graduated from Liaoning Institute of Finance and Economics. He has been working in the company for 15 years. This comrade has been diligent and hard-working, can actively unite with comrades, and can actively lead the development of the company. It is a very good example that this comrade is young and a rare candidate for backup leadership.
Wang Jun came to read the simple words twice, and he got excited.
Sit down quickly, sit in focus, always press him on the sofa again with a smile, then put this card back in the file bag, and then say whether Junlai should disclose this matter to you or not, you should keep it strictly confidential.
It must be Wang Jun.
Manager Jiao sat down on the sofa again. He leaned close to Wang Junlai and said that the head office would make some work arrangements, and our branch would also make some mobilization accordingly. The members of the class unanimously recognized that you were young but very capable, so you were promoted to the head office and I think your report will be approved soon.
He slowed down and went on to say, God, I’ll take this certificate to the head office to make a detailed statement. Jun, come and see if you have anything to add.
I didn’t thank the leader for cultivating Wang Jun.
Please don’t hang up by texting everything while I’m away, Chief Jiao said.
Bai Junlai said that he was tired and got up and said that if there was nothing else, I would go back.
When Wang Jun came back to his office, it was a lot easier. Seeing that Xiao Xu had finished his work, he was dressing up in front of the mirror. When he came in, he smiled and said, Lord, it seems that you have a guest.
Keke just doesn’t know what the reason is at any time, Wang Jun said calmly
Xiao Xu smiled and continued to dress up. Wang Junlai sat in a chair and looked at her and said, Xiao Xu, I find you look good now, too, hehe
I think you are in a good mood and everything is pleasing to the eye, said Xiao Xu
Hehe, Wang Junlai smiled gently and then sat in a chair thinking about his own thoughts. He carefully calculated the implication in the words of General Jiao just now. He carefully calculated that there were four people in the leadership class of a company. General Jiao, three other vice presidents, two vice presidents, and one vice president, Wang Junlai, focused on logistics support. With his eyes closed, he thought about it and felt that he should take the place of Vice President Bai, because Vice President Bai was focusing on logistics workers, and his department workers were also well equipped with logistics. He thought about it for a while and felt that it should be the case.
What does the Lord think? Xiao Xu has finished grooming at this time. She is sitting on the opposite table for Wang Jun.
Didn’t think anything.
It’s almost noon. I’m not going to the stock market today. Xiao Xu asked
Let’s say what food Wang Jun has at noon.