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Zi Yuan asked, so what’s your plan?

Now go to eat breakfast first and then think about it afterwards. Shadow Wind laughs
This is it. The fence outside the pavilion was hit by the shadow wind. The man in black said, this is the dead corner of the monitor. The man jumped into the pavilion with a slight leap from the 3-meter-high fence.
A man walking in the big courtyard without saying a word is like walking in his back garden without worrying about being found.
Where will the documents be put? The man wanted to walk into the hotel, and suddenly the alarm bell rang. The guards in the hotel immediately looked around.
Illegal invasion, everyone carefully checked a man who looked like a captain and shouted to others, so the guards in the courtyard immediately increased a lot and looked around.
The man jumped from the fence and almost covered his eyes. Liu Hai thought to himself that I should not have touched the alarm bell. He left.
This is the captain of the commanding guard in the monitoring room who saw the fence from the rewind of the monitor. A figure was shaking because the male shadow appeared on the fence because of the position of the sun.
The captain immediately shouted to the other guards, it’s just dawn in the street, and not many people immediately took the guards to chase this man. From the rewind, we can see that he is heading for Bulan Street, and every man with a sea urchin head will bring it back to me.
It was a guard who left the monitoring room immediately and left the pavilion with ten powers.
The captain immediately said to others, but this invasion woke us up. We need to send more people to that place. Chapter 11 Goodbye Xiaomei.
Soon the man was chased by those powers.
Friend, let’s come to the metropolitan police station. One of the ten people said to the man before.
You’re not cops.
We are members of different departments. Just now, a man with sea urchin hair invaded the museum and wanted you to go back to assist in the investigation. The man said, of course, if you are guilty, we will apologize and let you leave the Metropolitan Police Department.
Here’s the thing. The man sneers and says I’m the intruder.
What is the present power? I didn’t expect the other party to suddenly say such a sentence, so I didn’t know how to react.
The man grabbed them, hesitated, pulled his sleeves and ran to them in the blink of an eye, and already shuttled back and forth between them. When the man stopped moving, those powers stayed motionless, and the men put their hands in their pants pockets and quietly left, but those powers were not pursued. Because of the breeze, ten power departments were cut into pieces like beef slices, and blood fell to the ground at this time.
It’s amazing that people watched everything happen on the roof of the store and were hit by the shadow wind. The beautiful girl smiled and praised leaving the man and then left in the opposite direction.
The girl looked around in an alley and stamped back and forth.
What’s going on? A silver-haired man wearing a black coat and a round wool hat blocked his eyes. Now, when he didn’t know it, he was next to the girl and asked about the situation in the big hall, his sister.
I observed around a large museum and found that many people had the same purpose as me, and one of them was a man who entered the museum. I was afraid that he would get the document before us, so I deliberately triggered the alarm bell. Those stupid guards or the man triggered the alarm bell, so I went to chase the man and the girl. Hehe, I believe that the man must be depressed. The boy then said cautiously, but those sent to chase the guards were killed by the man and cut into pieces like sashimi.
Fool, you deliberately touched the alarm bell to startle the silver-haired man and shook his head and said
Silver Fox doesn’t blame the white fox. There are two people in the alley. In front of them is a young man with a handsome face, a pair of goblin-like sharp ears, pale skin and long hair. His eyes are pink. Lei Shou, the former leader of the beast demon army, and the tall and mighty man behind him is carrying a huge sword, a tiger skin forehead and a king character, namely King Tiger.
White fox, I want to know how you said that man got into the heavily guarded museum. Lei Shou asked the girl and replied with a smile that she just jumped in but was not found.
Really? So we found that the dead corner of the fence must have been sealed after this battle, Lei Shou said, and the white fox said that it should be the killer Bai Ye who heard it.
Can you be sure that Silver Fox was surprised and asked, "White Night is famous for a long time. They often walk around the human world, so they have heard of it."
You can’t go wrong. You can cut people into pieces like meat. Except for him, no one else should return that kind of weapon. Lei Shou said that it was unexpected that so many people came to the document and even the killer who heard it came.
White Night is not the only one who said that there are seven thieves, evil feathers, beasts and demons, and many others also came. Silver Fox said that it seems that it may be necessary for us to get some documents in the future.
Lei Shou said with a murderous look on his face, "After King Tiger left, they are only five at most. They are my most trusted department, but now they are obstructing me. If the enemy really meets, they will be shot."
Don’t be so easy. The five of them are not easy to deal with.
What, Silver Fox, are you afraid of pulling?
Hum, your joke is not funny at all. Let’s take care of them. Let’s kill the silver fox and grin.