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The hand is extremely attractive, but the empty hand in people’s hearts is to make a determined effort to destroy Cang Lan and smile coldly. Shen Dantian launched a force to connect the right hand with the right hand. magic eye’s spot felt a cold and hot air rushing to the blood, and the right arm immediately swelled up a piece of blue veins and flesh.

This is the moon, with eyes wide open in the light of a shining sword. It seems that I have perceived an evil and different style. I immediately read the tactics and increase the violent force of the white sword in my hand to push the thunder and black light head-on to destroy Cang Lan all the time.
Suddenly, I heard a hiss, and Feng Xiao started up a scattered whirlwind like the roar of the same deep forest beast. From the opposite side of the sword light, he held high a huge claw, which was illuminated by the sword light and made a fuzzy shadow, but the turquoise rough skin was still visible, and it was as hot as armor.
Destroying Cang Lan’s instant beast-shaped claws, although still in the state of his first swallowing the secret treasure of Violet Sect, has been able to control the eye spot hole of the demons in his right hand, but it’s already Famen Qing’s hard armor of beast-shaped claws is more indestructible than cold and sharp thorns, but it can be directly thundered.
When I saw this scene, I couldn’t help but be horrified and pale. Cang Lan’s right arm turned into a claw, and the green and hard skin extended to the shoulder. The animal-shaped appearance suddenly showed the power of the evil god in that statement. Listen to the collapse of the sky and destroy Cang Lan, leaping high, waving his claws fiercely and directly scratching off a piece of chaos from the black Lei Guangfang. Lei Guang cracked on both sides and was destroyed by Cang Lan.
No, it’s impossible that the carefree evil spirit’s face is finally gone, and it’s broken and horrified, and it’s angry again and again. The white sword keeps running, and the pieces of the white sword are whirling against the wind to protect the body. However, it’s already coming, and it’s broken and broken, and the black Lei Guang is rushing in the opposite direction, sweeping the air, and the white sword is flying in the opposite direction, and the layers of the white sword are rushing, which attracts the twin and twin black swords.
Oh, I screamed when I raised my head high. I almost felt my jaw smash, and the blood rainbow suddenly splashed and flew away on my back. The thunder and sword light destroyed all the momentum, and the surging billows were unexpectedly mutated, and the claws did not know how to plant an animal shape. A limb was already afraid to look straight at the edge of the bully.
Pull the moon to control the body shape against the strong wind and barely fold up to reverse the body shape. Just when I looked up, I saw a red Fei Ying sweeping my eyes. At the moment, my eyes were full of lotus flower. When I didn’t feel it, all the cold corrosion suddenly ran through my left eye.
At the same time, the surging billows were destroyed with high hands and sharp thorns flying from the side of the moon, and the hands raised a fiery blood rain. The two people’s shapes were wrongly raised and the bloody flying figure seemed to be condensed in the maple red fog, and the eagle’s instantaneous claws pierced the prey’s life.
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Half-moon tilted and hung in half absence, staring at the sight of a bloody hot air filled with rising fog, and the shadow was completely cold. After it dispersed from the left eye, it was tearing pain. I could feel the claws of Cang Lan crossing the cold wind and passing through the eye socket.
A thick piece of black blood splashed from the left eye of Lanyue, and a long scar was bloody, while the black eyes collapsed high in a rotating gas and were quickly attracted by the wind that destroyed Cang Lan’s body shape.
Destroy Cang Lan’s red hair and burn the hell’s fire. Suddenly, I cut my body and meet him as cold as death. I raised my left hand and grabbed the fallen black eye. At the same time, my feet flew a piece of blood red fog and rotated to put his figure on the ground.
A surprised thunder half in the black sword array completely collapsed. The blade cracked, the black sword whooshed and fell with the moon, and the body fell to the ground. The moon stood up desperately, hunched its back, shouldered its shoulders and covered its black blood. The white sword in the left eye crashed to the ground with a clash.
The strong wind that has not yet subsided will scatter the maple red fog, which will cover people’s eyes like rotten blood. The hands sent by the Shenzhou Alliance are not dedicated to fighting, and one person dares to touch the giant sword. Jiang Jingtao looks at the red-haired boy behind the moon in disbelief.
In the wind, there is a pungent and bloody smell of acid and rancidity, and a little bit of black gas is dispersed in the air. Cang Lan gently wrinkles his nose and slowly opens his hand to look at the palm of his hand, and the sour gas in the half of his black eyes is constantly hissing.
Your toxins are all in your eyes. Cang Lan smiled and talked about business. I was so afraid that I would be poisoned again when I held it like this.
The moon was shaking like a zombie and slowly turned to destroy Cang Lan, clutching his left face. The fingers were already covered with black blood, and the black blood beads kept dripping from his bar. When he saw that his body was poisoned, Cang Lan was gently placed in the palm of his hand as if he were looking at himself from a distance.
Destroying Cang Lan’s micro-feeling of qi and luck, but there is no sign of poisoning. I think it is necessary for him to be motivated by qi to inject toxins into his opponent’s body in order to be successful in poisoning. Of course, this requires him to mobilize toxins.
Ah, that’s a pity. When you throw your black eyes down and roll a few times, they are covered with cold gray dust. Since the poison source is gone, there is no poison trick.
Destroy Cang Lan Lan Yue and cover your left face tightly, almost biting your teeth to pieces. I won’t let you go.
A tear roared through the fog like a whirlwind, but the red hair suddenly flew back and my face was still cold. If you can’t let me go, I won’t let you go.
The moon is wide open and the left right eye is stretched, which seems to feel something terrible.
What I’m saying now is that when I turn my right arm with a huge claw and five fingers, it looks like a short animal roar, and then it gives off a rare green light. Immediately, it shrinks back to expose the blue bones and muscles, and a slender bamboo arm still stirs up high blood pressure and dark blood vessels.
I’ve been blamed for picking out Cang Lan’s activities. I raised my right arm and lifted some chaotic red hair to my shoulder and looked around. I’m here to watch a crowd. Who else wants to come?
People move, the fog is endless, and the blood smell in the forest is getting thicker and thicker, making people breathe. Seeing Qingluo patting her hands and coming, she said, Brother, I suddenly don’t feel very worried. It’s all guys who eat rice. There are so many people here, but few of them are doing it.
Destroy the surging billow cold so smile hand is gently hold the green rose head I’m not in the mood for you to waste if you want to fight again, then I’ll see you in China.
Destroy the surging billows and turn around and see that the whole body is brave but brave. Jiang Jingtao is still behind him. He seems determined to stand in his way. He then says with a straight face that he wants to fight now and hides if he doesn’t want to talk.
Without practicing, Jiang Jingtao mumbled something, and his lips were very pale. Nothing can be done without an established trick.
Why don’t you just ask me what I got the skill, not how are you? I’ll give it to you if you can stand the double tempering of extreme cold and heat.
You Jiang Jingtao suddenly surprised and couldn’t help but take a step back without words.
The alliance of China destroyed Cang Lan and took a step. I took a look at the group of people and never looked back. I remembered to go back and tell you that I have destroyed Cang Lan and have entered China. I am always waiting.
Although I’m successful, I dare to be so arrogant now. Jiang Jingtao let me turn my back to see the destruction of Cang Lan, but I walked proudly step by step, but behind the teenager’s back, there was a sharp light in my eyes. In the end, the teenager’s spirit was a big loss sooner or later.
After a pause, Jiang Jingtao turned to look at the crowd and saw that the figure at the top of the tree around him was retreating in disorder, and the figures everywhere were divided into groups, each of which was hidden in the Woods. A group of more than a dozen people slowly moved to the moon and suddenly knelt down in a panic.
We really didn’t have a chance to protect the moon. We just flew too fast. You flew in the high school again and panicked. Explain that you are trembling with fear. It seems that you want to make it clear why you didn’t know how to do it just now.
Yes, when the protector of the moon launched the thunder and sword light, which one of us dared to go forward? Jiang Jingtao stood as coldly as watching the afterlife drama after the war. Seeing the moon staring at the ground, his face was covered with holes, and his hands were a little frozen. It seemed that he had not listened to those people’s hard explanation.
Suddenly, I saw the moon turned around and picked up the black and white double swords, and I kept clutching my left face. My hand turned around and now half of the eye socket was torn with flesh and blood. The black face looked like a carrion. It was terrible. Jiang Jingtao suddenly tightened his eyebrows and saw the moon clasped his black and white double swords with his hands, and knelt down silently with those elegant men.
Ah, those people who protect the moon screamed at once and knelt down without consideration. They rolled and crawled and stood up desperately. If they hit each other, they would run away.
The wind rushed to thunder and drank the moon, and suddenly he recited the formula. Listening to his strange sound of half yin and half yang, he became hoarse and even more deadly. His hands suddenly turned and turned, and the black and white whirlwind of two swords swooshed into a fork and crashed into the helper who fled the road.
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