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The sapphire sword resisted the claw attack of the mud beast and felt his hands shaking slightly. It seems that the attack power of the mud beast is not weak, and it seems that the intermediate strength of the knot Dan period.

While resisting the claws of the mud beast, Guo Xiaosi once again punched in the chest of the mud beast and made a ripple. The mud beast couldn’t help but send a scream and regressed several steps. The blood also saw this situation from his mouth. Guo Xiaosi also white mud beast could withstand the attack, probably in the intermediate level of the knot Dan period, and the attack power was not bad in the intermediate level of the knot Dan period.
Just as Guo Xiaosi was about to take the Shuanglong inkstone to lock the mud beast and put it into the royal beast’s banner, he found that there were waves of strong aura from the mud beast mixed with the smell of earth.
Yi Guo Xiaosi indecision looked at the mud beast and looked forward to the mud beast performance to see what surprise he could get.
Howling, I saw the mud beast suddenly hammered to the ground with his claws and fists, and then I saw the wave form of the earth pouring into Guo Xiaosi. Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi quickly rose and looked at the mud beast in its previous position, but there was no sign of the mud beast. Then Guo Xiaosi watched the foot land turn into a swamp and constantly braved bubbles to surprise Guo Xiaosi.
Just when Guo Xiaosi was looking for the sight of the mud beast, he suddenly saw a shadow coming from the soles of his feet in the direction. If you look carefully, the mud beast Guo Xiaosi quickly drifted a little, and his eyes became more and more surprised. He never expected that the mud beast would attack like this and could change the surrounding environment at any time to benefit himself. The environmental side is a good ability.
Haha, it’s good for you. Guo Xiaosi looked at the flying mud beast and laughed. He also wanted to try what ability this mud beast still hides. I’ll see what else you can do.
Say Guo Xiaosi quickly resisted the attack of mud beast, and at the same time, the running body mana kept attacking the mud beast. Unfortunately, the mud beast was constantly attacked by the sapphire sword, and the body gradually showed blood stains. However, there was nothing worthy of Guo Xiaosi’s surprise. Guo Xiaosi was too lazy to take Shuanglong inkstone to chase the mud beast and beat it to death. When he was dying, he took the mud beast directly and took it to the jade sword to become his own fighting spirit beast.
Guo Xiaosi, the mud beast, took Xiaobai Wupeng to the end of the passage and saw the stairs arranged at the end. Although it was strange, this time the passage was guarded by a Warcraft, Guo Xiaosi still walked along the stairs. He knew that he was about to reach a hall.
However, when Guo Xiaosi was now in the main hall, he suddenly found that people had already arrived here, and he was puzzled to find that these cultivate immortals were actually monsters.
When these monsters found Guo Xiaosi, they were all surprised. They didn’t expect people to break in here. Guo Xiaosi looked at them and was unlucky. He didn’t know what to do next. However, Guo Xiaosi looked at these monsters carefully and found that they were arranging some kind of array, but he didn’t have what the other party wanted to do. Guo Xiaosi was thinking about how to get to Lingshi and then entered the secret room with the help of Shuanglong inkstone.
Kill him. However, while Guo Xiaosi was thinking about it, a monster suddenly burst into murder and immediately came to Guo Xiaosi with two monsters. These monsters didn’t expect them to hit the iron plate. Maybe they didn’t even think about whether to hit the iron plate. The only purpose was to kill each other.
Although Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know what’s going on, he knows that the other party has played a role in killing the heart. The sapphire sword greets Wu Peng and Xiaobai, and Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to ask the other party what to kill him. He will directly run the body and mind method to pour mana into the sapphire sword and kill them towards these monsters.
At the same time, when Guo Xiaosi threw several spells to stop the monsters from attacking speed, it also disrupted the situation surrounded by them, and then waved the sapphire sword to kill them, only to see that the sapphire sword flashed and the white mans brought up a blood and a murderous look every time they waved it.
See the monsters advance wave upon wave running towards oneself. Guo Xiaosi’s face floated with a sneer. "Hum" is good. Then he raised his sapphire sword again and killed the monsters. It won’t be a winner if Guo Xiaosi wins in quantity and the equipment is mysterious.
Brothers, be careful with his sword. Many injured monsters also look at the sapphire sword in Guo Xiaosi’s hand. Not everyone has said that Guo Xiaosi is awake to the monsters killed together, but at the same time, most monsters have a greedy greed. They are even more fierce when they are completely crazy.
Guo Xiaosi cope with so many monster attacks in the mind also secretly complain, but still endure to fight, he also wants to exercise his own strength, blindly avoiding or blindly relying on magic weapons. I’m afraid this road to cultivate immortality will be killed by other immortals sooner or later.
Killing Guo Xiaosi every time you drink, you can send several swords from the sapphire sword. The shape of the sapphire sword is the same. This discovery surprised Guo Xiaosi. Unfortunately, every time you send it, you have to spend a lot of mana to make Guo Xiaosi depressed. You can’t kill continuously. You can stop and kill for a while.
From the outbreak of the sapphire sword, the sword mans suddenly rushed towards the monsters and got into the monsters’ bodies strangely. Before the monsters could react, their bodies came crashing and exploding.
Relying on this method, Guo Xiaosi also killed seven monsters. Unfortunately, a total of 20 monsters here made Guo Xiaosi unable to get rid of them in the first time, and many monsters reached the top level of the Dan period. Guo Xiaosi was almost at the same level. Unfortunately, there was no good weapon in his hand, which made Guo Xiaosi not stiff.
Hum, you give in and I’ll kill him. At this moment, a powerful voice broke out and killed so many brothers. I want your flesh and blood to comfort the dead brothers, but they saw this monster with five big and three thick beards, which is a bit of a Jianghu hero. In this monster, he is wearing a set of black armor and holding a curved sword.
Guo Xiaosi has been busy with the monster in the distance when he looks at the bearer. This monster didn’t want to come until now, too. He has been busy. Guo Xiaosi secretly wondered what this monster was up to.
Surround and kill the monsters around Guo Xiaosi. When they heard this, they were surprised in their eyes. They all hurried back, either surrounded Guo Xiaosi or surrounded Wupeng Xiaobai.
Kill a green sword and awn, and the sign flies towards Guo Xiaosi. At the same time, this monster also throws a spell at Guo Xiaosi after sending this sword and awn. In the process of attacking Guo Xiaosi, Lei Guang flashes faintly.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect this monster to spell and quickly wave a sapphire sword to resist the green sword. At the same time, he also threw a spell to meet this monster’s spell.
But I heard a loud noise. Guo Xiaosi sapphire sword scattered the white light and saw two spells collide and burst into dazzling light.
Guo Xiaosi picked up this monster sword mountain and immediately found that the power of this sword mountain was really terrible. If it wasn’t for Guo Xiaosi, he might have resisted this attack lightly, and he would have definitely been injured. Guo Xiaosi Bai Ji’s strength is quite that he can rely on winning at present, which is equipment.
Look around. The monsters are stirring. Guo Xiaosi andao seems to have to end this battle quickly, otherwise it will be me who will die.
And these five big three thick monsters seem to easily resist their own attacks when they see Guo Xiaosi, and they are also wary of Guo Xiaosi. But his family knows about the housework, but he has a curved sword in his hand, but it is also a fairy weapon left by ancient demon fairy. When the time comes, he can rely on this sword to drive the other hand into a hurry, but Guo Xiaosi has resisted his own attacks. It seems that the flying sword in the other hand is not everything.
Before the monster could continue to think about a sharp break coming towards him, the monster looked up and suddenly his eyes showed horror, but he saw seven white mans shooting at him, and these white mans gave off ShaQi, which made him stunned.
When the monster is white and not frightened, he must do a protective attack and shout "Hum Diao Bug Skill". This monster is only emboldened by himself and his side. After all, morale can’t be eliminated.
Chapter four hundred and two Blasting Mingsha Mountain
Chapter four hundred and two Blasting Mingsha Mountain
This monster’s fast-moving body constantly waved its curved sword and sent several dark green mans to meet Guo Xiaosi’s white mans.