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At this time, Meng Fei realized that when the skeletons torn by the corpse demon were scattered on the ground, they didn’t move except for occasional convulsions.

Those skeleton spirits are sucked by the corpse demon.
It’s a bloody world.
The thought of being devoured by Meng Fei seems to be a sudden struggle with chicken blood, although I don’t know what horror will happen when I am devoured by people.
But Meng Fei vaguely felt that he must never wait for the dark red resin demon to start work, and he must climb up and get up independently
This skeleton is really fragile, but even it is very difficult to climb the soil. The phalanx, metacarpal and arm bones are in pain, and the waist and spine limbs buried in the soil seem to be broken.
And Meng Fei did hear the fracture Kaka, but he couldn’t tell whether the fracture came from his body or his companions.
You are born with rotten bones. Do you still know what pain is? If you are attacked by the enemy, will you scream for mercy? The dark red corpse demon is getting closer and closer, and Meng Fei’s sense of crisis is getting stronger and stronger.
This feeling forced him to keep struggling, and even several fingers and bones were broken, and he didn’t notice it at all.
Although I tried my best, Meng Fei didn’t come to crawl. The dark red corpse demon was already in front of him in front of his calf bones.
Meng Fei felt that death was so cold that he would drown himself. He was thin and his skeleton could tremble.
But the dark red resin demon didn’t start work in front of Meng Fei. Two holes silently watched Meng Fei move.
It is not necessary to show this fear to a corpse demon when Meng Fei suddenly calms down.
Once again, he broke out his amazing will to survive, struggled as hard as he could, and pulled his last leg out of the mud. He endured the pain of new life and trembled and stared coldly at the dark red corpse demon in front of him.
Lucky for you, I was just busy digesting the old saying that I just lost my mind and didn’t come to suck you. The dark red corpse demon finished watching Meng Fei and showed that his jaw cracked to form a similar smiling face, but the undead who are not afraid of the strong are a good undead. You can’t go wrong. Work hard, cannon fodder.
Dark red resin demon said and turned and strode away, swearing again to destroy the work. Meng Fei noticed that this unusual resin demon boss didn’t tear every skeleton, and he would consciously let go of some. It seems that he is destroying those skeletons that can be left behind.
Meng Fei is not interested in the battle of the necromancer and has no time to take care of it. He carefully hides from those grumpy undead and climbs a mountain dozens of meters away. Chapter 172 The battlefield of the undead.
Before watching the war here in the distance, Meng Fei didn’t feel anything, but being here at the moment was not completely shocked
Looking at the marginal army of undead, there is no end in sight. No matter which direction you look, it is a sea of undead.
Everywhere fire and smoke rise, and a large number of undead will flock there
A new round of war has made Meng Fei realize that he possessed himself and the skeleton was caught in a huge war, so he couldn’t help but speed up his movement.
Are the skeletons ready? The dark red tall corpse demon roared desperately and waved a stone sledgehammer from somewhere to break every skeleton that didn’t notice him.
Meng Fei hurriedly moved his leg bones, which were still very inflexible, and climbed over from the slope to join the corpse demon camp
Good. It seems that you are not so stupid to be cannon fodder. It’s really unfair to you. Yes, you heard me right. It’s cannon fodder. You are Lord Karen’s hand cannon fodder. Don’t treat yourself as a person. When you charge, you should remember not to block other companions’ roads. That’s all.
Meng Fei heard next to high scold seems to be in the organization skeleton lined up and not only in the sight of this a dark red resin demon.
You are all the lowest undead. Of course, you can get away with it and then get lucky and evolve into a spirit. Then you may be like a corpse demon like me who wants to be advanced into a dark spirit like Lord Karen. You can fantasize once in a while, but don’t take it seriously
Humble skeletons like you want to evolve into dark spirits, and I’m fucking responsible for telling you that this is impossible for Nima.
Skeleton corpse demon dark spirit Meng Fei remembered these three levels of undead.
The lowest among the undead is the skeleton.
And a resin demon can lead about ten thousand skeletons.
And that Lord Karen, who was honored by a dark red corpse demon, should have been an undead aristocrat at night.
All right, no matter how much you talk, you brainless skeletons can’t remember to wait for attention and charge with me, although cannon fodder charge is a doubtful thing.
The dark red corpse demon suddenly cracked its mouth, but whoever dares to get cold feet will soon be blown to pieces. You have to choose whether to die dead or lying down.
The dark red resin demon finished and walked in the direction of the distant mountains. Meng Fei was very cautious and moved forward among nearly 10,000 skeletons. At the same time, he repeatedly tried to figure out the evolution of the strange word that the dark red resin demon spit out.
Walking through a lot of skeletons that haven’t been lined up yet, a lot of skeletons can’t be shot. Meng Fei directly trampled to death in the team. The top corpse demon boss will wave a stone hammer and smash every undead who dares to stand in its way.
In a short time, more and more teams have finished, and now Meng Fei has seen more dark red resin monsters, each with different stone weapons and about 10 thousand skeletons moving forward.
After the formation, the two undead teams will not intentionally collide with each other. The leader corpse demon will gently nod and then restrain his skeleton from colliding with each other.
Meng Fei noticed that the corpse demon didn’t choose the players at random. The animal demon corpse usually chose the animal skeleton, and most of the people around Meng Fei walked on two legs. The leader of the corpse demon was an orc.
Thought of here, Meng Fei didn’t want to keep pace with the orcs.
Feet are like marginal black soil. Meng Fei has been trotting for nearly half an hour under the leadership of orcs. His feet and bones are worn and cracked, and his body is full of severe pain and fracture. Kaka seems to be falling apart at any time.