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Guo Xiaosi left the "law" sound and let Liu Jian be more hopeful. For most of this day, the "law" sound has been followed by Guo Xiaosi. Two people kept talking, and he never got a decent chance to talk to the "law" sound.

No department is now one of the devil, and I can’t tell whether it’s Chu Wenwei or his twin brother. They look so much alike, and I don’t know which parents gave birth to such two big devils all their lives. Liu Mei said grumpily
That’s strange. Where is a person? Brother Chuwenwei is called Chuwenyi. He is more insidious than Chuwenwei. We must pay special attention to him. He can’t say for sure that he is hiding now. Guo Xiaosi introduced the name of Chuwenyi or he didn’t know it at all before Johnson told him.
How do you know arch eyebrows asked with a smile?
By asking casually, she stumped Guo Xiaosi and made up a story. Yesterday, my classmate told me that the two devils of Chu brothers had a relatively high status among the demons, so my younger brother needed to know their names.
Liu Mei didn’t doubt it too much. She said anxiously, Anyway, the two demons are now connected with the three demons, and our situation is even worse. Otherwise, I’ll lead them to escape with Guo Dage and my brother. Remember that I will take revenge after that.
Guo Xiaosi frowned and laughed. This can’t be done. If you are caught by the Chu brothers, they will turn you into a puppet killer. Do you think we will kill you or wait for you to kill us?
If I’m really turned into a puppet by them, then you don’t have to show mercy and kill me directly, because by that time, I’ll have already lost my wits, and there’s no need for me to pity this body, and it won’t make much difference.
No, no, Guo Xiaosi shook his head again and again. Isn’t it difficult for us to do this? Although we also know that the puppet has lost its soul and left a body, in our eyes, you are still the only body left in this world for us to bear.
The arch eyebrows bit their lips and stamped their feet. Aren’t you going to die? Puppets will never show mercy when they kill you.
Guo Xiaosi burst out laughing to tease you. How can you really die? If one of us really needs to lead these demons, then it should be me. My Ling Cuiyu can be fast or slow. They may not chase you, so you can live without stopping all the way.
How can our brother and sister make Brother Guo frown like a rattle when you are in danger?
Guo Xiaosi comforted her and said, Don’t worry, I won’t die. After this, I will go to Nangong Zong to visit you. Brother Liu, Guo Xiaosi and I also cherish our lives. People won’t die. I am a magic weapon to protect themselves. Even if it destroys my magic weapon, it is worth living. It is in vain for you to lead them to die.
Brother Guo, you really escaped. Liu Mei started up. She has heard the hope of living from Guo Xiaosi’s words.
Guo Xiaosi ha ha a smile. Don’t worry. I promise I’ll visit you in Nangong Zong in a month.
The sun is setting, and many stall owners have picked up things. Liu Mei led Guo Xiaosi to Chu Wenwei’s other three demons’ brothers, but these four men still didn’t disperse at this time. Instead of dispersing Chu Wenyi, a few people there now have a relaxed face, which makes Guo Xiaosi’s heart happy. Chu’s two demons’ demons’ brothers now put this picture, but they don’t know that they will die.
Liu Jiamei, you go back first and I’ll find out about the situation. You tell Liu Xiong to get things ready to go back as soon as possible. This Wanbao Club is too expensive. It’s not that we ordinary brothers can come to Guo Xiaosi and ask.
Guo Dage arch eyebrows worried that the five of them should be careful when you go alone.
No problem. Guo Xiaosi said with confidence that this is a rule in the territory of the Yelv family. They won’t forget that they haven’t dared to challenge the Yelv family. Look around, but many Yelv family guards are patrolling, and they will never allow private fighting to happen in their territory.
Seeing off arch eyebrows, Guo Xiaosi marched proudly at the three brothers of the two devils of Chu family. When Chu Wenwei saw Guo Xiaosi, he was afraid that he could not help but fly into a rage. Little thieves, what are you proud of now? The Wanbao meeting will be over in a few days, and I’ll see where you are hiding.
Guo Xiaosi ignored him and continued to March towards the front. Chu Wenwei just wanted to drink and shout, but he was held by Chu Wenyi. Don’t follow the nonsense of the little thief and follow him. Don’t let him run in this valley. If you watch him wander around, you will lose a lot.
The Magic Sect of Five followed Guo Xiaosi, but Guo Xiaosi still showed no signs of stopping and continued to walk towards Taniguchi. The five people also continued to follow closely behind and did not do it, while Guo Xiaosi had already reached Taniguchi and took another step forward. Chuwenyi, the family territory of Yelv, was not good. Before he ran, he muttered a few words to the girl. He must have let her wait for an opportunity to escape. The three of you blocked the Taniguchi and I, Sir Zhong, chased it.
Is the big ye that three people together.
The words sound just fell and Guo Xiaosi has sacrificed Ling Cuiyu with one foot to ride up Ling Cuiyu and fly up rapidly towards the south. Brother Chu Wenwei said that he would quickly ride up all the aircraft and pursue the past in the direction of Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi Ling Cuiyu deliberately slowed down a little, so that the two brothers chased a black lightsaber in Chu Wenwei’s hand and prepared to shoot at Guo Xiaosi, but they heard Chu Wenyi drink his penis and stop. If you kill him like this, what can we do as puppets?
Chu Wenwei laughed and laughed. Boss, if you hadn’t woken me up, I would have forgotten this thing. I was angry, but didn’t you see how proud this little guy just passed in front of us? It’s really hateful that a little thief in the photo period didn’t take us seriously. It’s hard to understand my heart and hate if I don’t kill him.
Killing is sure to kill him, but it’s not necessary to capture him alive now before he can be refined into a puppet. Once he is refined into a puppet, it’s not as good as killing him. Wouldn’t it be better to watch this little victim go to kill people when we go, and then we can blame Changhuai Sect?
Or the boss, do you think this little flying speed is not fast? Let’s go after him and make him into a puppet. Chu Wenwei laughed and said, "It’s faster to fly."
Guo Xiaosi saw that the two devils of Chu family were chasing after him, but they were always flying forward, but they couldn’t chase them. If they really caught them before introducing them into the cave, it would be stealing chickens and costly to lose rice. Guo Xiaosi was determined not to be able to afford it, so he was more cautious.
At the end of the cave, Guo Xiaosi took a big turn, then turned around and stopped to drink loudly. Do you have to kill me today? I’m sorry for your past enmity, but you have to be so bitter.
Chu Wenwei laughed. The thief Huai Zong, the Taoist priest, broke my good deed that day and played with you. Your second grandfather was just a pair of arrogant things again. Now you know that you are afraid. Don’t worry, your second grandfather won’t let you die so soon, and he will let you taste the most painful poison in this world and kill you again. Hey hey, boss, don’t say that the top strength of this small body is enough for us to refine a more powerful puppet.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven With ghost Dao