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The strong wind snapped the doors and windows, and the golden light reflected on the windows.

The atmosphere is eerily disturbing.
There was a gap in the window, and the night wind poured in, carrying the astringent smell of rain, and the candle blew out the room and it was dark.
Xuanyuan night hold cold curved hand a tight inexplicable panic to climb my heart.
This night is not calm, is it showing something?
In the dark, the ink pupil can’t see the cold and curved face, and he can’t grasp the sense of force, which makes his heart calm and irritable again, and his other hand almost frantically touches the cold and curved head.
Her face seems to be colder.
This perception swept over him in my mind and suddenly shouted sideways
Come on, come on.
Violent panic sound in the silent night, a sharp arrow shot, a yellow robe flying in the dark, and those deep eyes reflected terrible rage.
The door was pushed, and a maid-in-waiting in a white palace came in with a palace lantern. Her face was ordinary, and there were dust particles in the sea.
Palace lanterns will re-illuminate the house. The dim light seems to have injected a wave of hope into Xuanyuan Night. He never noticed the unusual silence of the ladies behind him.
The deep ink pupil locked the bed tightly, and the cold curved ink hair hung freely on the brocade pillow, and the pink face was still pale. If it weren’t for the weak breath, he would almost recognize that she had left.
Eyebrows puckered and then stretched slender fingers rubbed those soft little hands as if to warm them up.
The maid-in-waiting kept silent, hung her head slightly, and her plain eyes flashed with inexplicable light. The finger in the sleeve of the robe was clenched in front of her, and the man was so gentle and tender, but she would feel unhappy in her heart.
Outside the window, the rain crashed into the trees, shaking like ghosts, dancing and singing the soul-grabbing song.
Another flash across the sky is white at night.
It’s time for the maid-in-waiting to shine.
Shadow ghost then flash Xuanyuan night behind robe sleeve hand quickly place acupuncture points behind him.
Xuanyuan night’s attention was cold and bent in bed, and she was attacked by maids.
Sitting tall figure towards the side of the bed to make a loud noise.
Shit, I’ve been tricked.
He lost consciousness when a word flashed through his mind.
The maid-in-waiting glanced at him and pushed his body aside.
The tall and thin figure sat by the bed, took out a small bottle from his pocket, uncovered the red cap and poured a red pill in his palm.
The maid-in-waiting lifted her cold curved lips with one hand, and the cool touch made her sip a thin lip with the other hand and put the red pill in her mouth.
Let go and stare at her motionless.
For a long time, those black and white eyes opened.
Cold curved moved stiff body sat up.