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At present, this number is still a question for Annie. First of all, it’s too unusual. Anne is absolutely blind to her eyes and too picky about Annie. Otherwise, her appearance is not pursued. It’s a big joke.

What’s more, Annie always has to show a princess in front of others because of her status as a princess. The words "neither too hot nor too cold" should be the most appropriate form, so it is more difficult for her to meet the opposite sex.
Of course, due to Anne’s appearance and noble temperament, many brothers and handsome guys in the courtyard are still stalking her, but these guys have chosen to give up on them after they have been shut out for a few times in their crazy pursuit. For Anne, she is a goddess stone statue, and no one can ever impress her.
In this way, Anne will show her pure and evil girlish style in front of Cliff, a brother who loves her so much. If Anne’s lovely and coquetry appearance was seen by those guys who had pursued her in the college just now, it would be the emperor who was showing his miracle.
Chapter seventy-five Princess Anne II
I don’t know what happened. When I first saw Li Yueling, Anne was deeply attracted by the former pair of deep and slightly cynical eyes. Speaking of which, Li Yueling’s temperament of getting rid of dust became more and more rich after the fire of Xuanbingyang. It is no wonder that Anne never gave false colors to others on weekdays. She would have a good impression on Li Yueling when she first saw him.
In Cliff’s guide, Li Yueling went through all the formalities smoothly. As soon as Cliff finished, he was recalled to the headquarters of the Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Association by an urgent message from President Andrew, while Anne enthusiastically expressed that she would show Li Yueling’s brother a good visit to the first hospital.
Cliff, who wanted Li Yueling to return to the association together, couldn’t resist Anne’s threats and finally sold Li Yueling to Anne. Before he left, he praised Li Yueling, saying, "Let my good sister Anne be my host."
Li Yueling fully embodies the generosity of Chinese people and doesn’t care much. In fact, the root is that Li Yueling personally recognizes a beautiful princess like Anne as a guide to her own hospital, which will definitely be much better than Cliff.
Walking on the boulevard of the Royal Halloway House, Li Yueling, Anne, joked that Li Yueling was eloquent and his generous and uninhibited personality soon stopped talking to Anne, which made Anne fully enjoy a feeling of being a princess and never experienced a sense of carefree before.
Western women’s unrestrained personality has never been fully reflected in Anne’s body. Seeing that she hooked Li Yueling’s arm enthusiastically, she was somewhat compliant. This doubt is the best proof.
The combination of the two of them is really eye-catching, but it has attracted many boulevards to pass by and pay attention to the statue of the goddess for a long time. Anne said that her figure in a corner of the courtyard always attracts the attention of many young men and women.
Today, however, most people are amazed that it is not Anne, but that Li Yueling, a man around the beautiful princess, has a mysterious and dusty temperament, which makes many girls in the school frequently make eyes at him. Obviously, in addition to their usual beauty temperament and envy of Anne, they have another unspeakable jealousy in their hearts.
At the same time, when Li Yueling and Anne walked around, many people were whispering around and speculating about Li Yueling’s identity. After all, if the students in Halloway College hardly knew the title of statue of Anne, no one had ever seen Anne show such enthusiasm for a man.
However, the trouble came from this. When Anne led Li Yueling just to step on the mall, a fashionable and avant-garde blond handsome guy with three seemingly footmen blocked their way. They were all quite tall. Li Yueling was 1.2 meters tall and was about ten centimeters lower than the shortest one of them.
Annie, who is this Oriental little girl?
From the bad tone and hostile eyes of the blond handsome guy, Li Yueling was very pleased to find that he had become an imaginary rival in love to some extent. Just now, Anne came all the way, and the two of them chatted for a long time. Although it was the first time that Anne met Li Yueling, she didn’t say that she was worried about Anne. Li Yueling also knew that this person was ten, and many people trusted her. Anne pursued one.
Anne couldn’t help smiling at the sight of people blocking the way. She snorted and took Li Yueling’s arm and walked to the side.
Obviously, Anne’s move caused great mental damage to the handsome blonde, and he actually moved two steps sideways to block the way again.
Charles, what do you want? Anne’s impression of this person was limited to being too pushy before she frowned. It’s not so bad, but now Charles’s behavior obviously makes Anne feel disgusted
Nothing. I want to ask you who this man is. When I finally met Anne, Charles brushed his hair. Look at his figure and appearance, which matched that cool posture. I have to admit that he does have some extraordinary male charm, but his image is obviously out of place under such circumstances.
When do I have to answer your questions? Anne said coldly. Now you let him be who you are and you are not qualified to ask me.
For this kind of worldly wisdom, Li Yueling has seen a lot. Although he is in a foreign country today, this kind of thing is the same in a country. It is Li Yueling’s surprise that he has become a leading actor in a jealousness and jealousy drama on the first day of entering Halloway Hospital, not to mention that he has been wronged.
At the same time, Li Yueling couldn’t help secretly laughing. It’s obvious that this arrogant Charles is one of the many boys who pursue Annie, and he is very depressed now, because first of all, Annie’s indifference to him is the most important thing, of course, because he is here. Who let himself be beside Annie and accompany her to laugh and laugh?
I remember an old saying in China that a beautiful woman is a disaster. If you want to come to Anne, the royal princess should definitely be called a super disaster.
When Li Yueling snickered at his strange conclusion, Charles took all the resentment in his heart to him.
Dongfang Xiao, who are you?
Hey, what about you? Don’t you speak English? Sign language can also be a way for animals and humans. Charles’s words immediately caused three unusually tall companions behind him to laugh. It was obvious that Charles had no response to Anne’s cold attitude, but Li Yueling became his best mockery target. It should be said that he was the object of anger.
Chapter seventy-six Princess Anne III
Dongfang Xiao, who are you?