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It’s the doctor’s pardon. Get out of here

Go to the bedside Duan Yishen and sit on her side slowly, arrogant and arrogant. Listen, the king forbid you to do anything. You must wake up immediately or the king will kill the Lins. Lin Moying, do you hear me? You owe the king. It’s not that easy to pay off.
The bed man is still fascinated by him, and it has no effect on her if his words can dissipate in the air.
Duan Yi was as handsome as a deity, twisted his lips, and slowly leaned close to her ear despite some reluctance. Don’t be afraid of Yingying, who promised not to lose you, and he will never lose you. Believe Wang, you will no longer be alone.
This sentence is like a miracle with some magic. It calms the disorder and the breathing becomes even, and the corners of the mouth seem to be raised.
Duan Yishen quietly breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed to be coaxed by her children. Nai was more annoyed with himself just now. He just got up and found that his sleeve was gripped by her and held tightly in his hand.
He twisted his eyebrows and pulled the sleeves around and walked out, but he took a few steps and stopped.
Hesitated, he turned around and sat on the bed to explore the expression again. Lin Moying, what kind of woman are you?
No one can respond to this question.
Then Duan Yishen was surprised by his childish behavior.
He took her hand, grabbed the corner of his sleeve and stuffed it into her hand. Xiaoxiao immediately grasped it tightly.
A satisfied smile spread over him, and then he lay down beside her and fell asleep. Chapter 16 Let me help you take a bath.
When I woke up early, I saw Duan Yishen lying on my side.
The soft sunshine is like a lover’s hand, caressing him gently, and he seems to be very tired, and his face is tired, which makes people feel unbearable.
Xiaoxiao froze and stared at him, and everything shook his mind. I remembered that he threw himself into the pool and cried with anger. But when I remembered that he jumped to save himself, his anger disappeared a little bit. Finally, there was a puzzling emotion wandering in his chest, and even she couldn’t tell what it was.
Is the king’s face so beautiful? A joke will bring Xiaoxiao back to reality.
Xiao Xiao blushed at Duan Yishen’s bright eyes
She’s not coughing. Don’t look good. I just want to remember what the enemy looks like when he throws me into the water.
Oh, it seems that Wang’s lesson is not enough. He has to get up again. Xiaoxiao quickly admits his mistake. That’s enough. That’s enough. I won’t talk about the assembly. Then he muttered that he would lose his temper so easily and let people live.
Look at her face. Duan Yishen laughed and hugged her with one hand. You are really a baby.
What is it that can make him laugh again and again?
Xiaoxiao immediately put on a look that I don’t know you well, sir. I want to take a shower. Can you go?
Duan Yi sink evil eyes a bright gather together in the past ambiguously said that your illness just happened to be short of physical strength, or let the king help you bathe.
Xiaoxiao can’t believe that his eyes are wide open and he sees two clusters of small flames burning under his eyes, and his hands are put on his chest. I can’t stand it. I won’t wash the head office. I’d rather stink to death. It’s better to stink to death.
Knowing that she was recovering from a serious illness, Duan Yishen didn’t bother her again. She got up and left the room and ordered the housekeeper to dial two maids to come over. After that, she kept it to wait on Xiaoxiao and asked the kitchen to prepare some delicious and light meals to send it to her room to bathe and change clothes.
The report stayed in Miss Lin’s room and took care of her when she was ill. Even Mrs. Yan and Mrs. Li were ill and never enjoyed this kind of treatment. It can be seen that the report saved Lin Moying from going back to the government. There was nothing to guess. He really saw this miss Lin and she might even become a hostess in the future.
For a while, no one dared to disrespect Xiaoxiao again. I wish I could curry favor with her more. The happiest thing is that Xiao Dou Lin’s family has been saved and Miss Lin will never be bullied again.
He deliberately stewed chicken soup in the kitchen to send it to Xiaoxiao, but Su Yan’s servant girl took it away.
Bean, my wife wants to drink chicken soup. I’ll take this.
Uh, no, no,no. Doudou shook his head quickly. This is me. Miss Lin has been cooking for two hours, and she is going to take it away.
Behind her back, she sneered at the qualification of a daughter on death row. Our wife is fighting for something, let alone this bowl of chicken soup.
Adzuki said angrily that if your wife wants to eat it, you can stew it for her. Why did you rob me to stew it for Miss Lin?
Arch eyebrows are firm, without saying anything, but they slap and scold you. You are just a slave who dares to say that. Chapter 17: New accounts and old accounts are counted together.
Burying his face in adzuki bean, his eyes are red with anger, and you, your wife, will bully others as well.
I was so angry that I slapped my backhand again, and I saw blood on the corners of my mouth. Bah, today, I won’t tear your bitch mouth. Then I rushed over and bowed left and right at my face.
Adzuki bean is simple in nature, even if he is so wronged, he is still a man. He will never be beaten for fighting with a woman.