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The female Ye Chen, the scourge of heaven, has disappeared from sight and disappeared, and the highest strength and strongest longevity in the South Emperor clan have also fallen from it, lying flat on the ground with her eyes wide open and her chest violently undulating, with a short blade covered in red blood.

Immediately after that, Elder Tian’s chest flashed for a moment, and the scarlet Guanghua blade flew up like a beam of stars and flew to the south, blinking and then disappeared.
It’s already a spent force for Ye Chen to get them back. It’s impossible for them to go far. It won’t matter if they don’t get hurt. Shuiyunlan gnashed her teeth and said, "Eternal old gods have the ability to heal water and jade, not to mention piercing the wound without hurting the key, even if it hurts the key, it may not hurt his life."
Go to the old man. It’s okay. If she escapes, it’s a great disaster for us in the South Emperor. The elders are clutching the gurgling blood chest. The accent is calm and there is no pain at the beginning.
But no one noticed that there was a trace of imperceptible gray gas floating in the part covered by Tianchang veteran, and the elders, Shui Xuan, nodded together without delay. The fastest speed was to recover to the direction where the scourge blade just flew away, and dozens of South Emperor masters behind them also followed quickly.
The pupil heart flew to the west with Ye Chen at a high speed. She tried her best to raise the speed to the limit with her last strength, and even stabbed the elder with the blade of heaven and earth, but she didn’t come to call it back after piercing his chest.
Pupil heart silly pupil heart you still follow Ye Chen pestering her with one hand as he holds a small waist and caresses her hair with one hand and gently said
Pupil heart look flustered tilting face to eyes ying ying flashing.
How can I leave you after you spoil me like this again? What should I do when you have to leave me one day? Ye Chen’s mouth is smiling and his eyes are blurred.
The pupil’s heart panicked and looked at him. He was close to meekness and felt his body temperature. During the flight, her body suddenly sank and slowly rose.
Ye Chen folded her arms and held the pupil heart tightly in her arms, so she stopped flying and stayed in the pupil heart. She must be tired. Have a good sleep and we will be home when you wake up.
His voice was very light and soft, and he blinked his eyes gently. The heavy fatigue and weakness finally hit her, and her eyelids became heavy and she finally closed her eyes slowly.
As she went to sleep, the blade hair, which belonged to her, broke away from the old woman and flew back to her body.
Chapter 335 Enron family
Ye Chen turned over. She has been clutching the tender palm of her left hand and clinging to a black hairpin. Just now, the four gods joined forces to destroy the earth. This hairpin can be crushed with a little strength, but it has been kept intact.
Ye Chen picked up the hairpin and helped her bring it back to her head. Today, she was really tired. He really felt that she was weak during the flight. Except for the time when she fought against the slaughter day three years ago, she had never been so weak. The four strongest people of the Southern Emperor Sect joined hands to help her. She has been fighting for her strength several times in succession.
In the distance, the dangerous breath is surging, and the God-level breath is rapidly approaching Ye Chen’s body landing behind a stone wall and closing his eyes. Xiang Xiang, let’s go back.
Xiang Xiang is feeling the anxiety and dignity of her master on his shoulder. She doesn’t dare to delay two small hands in her chest. The layer of jade-like white light quickly spread to cover Ye Chen’s pupil. The body ding a light ring, and the white light instantly vanished. Xiang Xiang Ye Chen’s pupil white light disappeared there together.
After a few seconds, a face of cruel elders water Xuan seal flew with a gust of wind and then stopped at the same time.
Disappeared to the elders looked around indecision and said
That’s right. I don’t feel the evil spirit. It really disappeared in this place. Hum, they must be hiding around here. Look carefully. Water Xuan Feng looked around and said cautiously
With them, the master of the Southern Emperor Sect quickly scattered in the surrounding area, but after a long time, he still got a carpet search. At this moment, a 60-year-old man came running in a flurry. At the sight of the water seal of the elders, he quickly shouted, "Go back and see the everlasting old man."
What water Xuan fief elders were surprised and looked at each other and quickly reversed to fly back?
As soon as I got close to the place that was destroyed by the heavenly punishment woman, I was frightened at the same time. They felt the breath of the heavenly elders, but it was so weak that the same dying old man could die at any time.
What’s going on? God-class water jade has a stronger skill. They know better than anyone else in the world that stabbing a knife in the chest is a thousand knives and a hundred knives. If it hadn’t destroyed the key, it would have been impossible to kill him. On the contrary, ordinary people would have recovered at a jaw-dropping speed. His breath of life was so weak at this time.
Before they came to ask the elder, they both stood there. They were horrified to find that the elder’s body was a dead gray, and the dying color was still visible to the naked eye. The ruddy color was accompanied by his weaker and weaker breath. At the same time, the elder’s skin was dry and the old tree looked seventy years old. Now he is an old man who has lived for a hundred years.
This this is how to return a responsibility to the elders indecision in horror.
Water Xuan seal stretched out his hand to try to elder Tian’s body, but listened to elder Tian’s lips fretting and making a weak dry sound. Don’t touch me.
Water Xuan sealing hand stopped at the half-never-again method.
Elder Tian’s skin is still changing to gray. Looking far away, he is lying there, his body is a clay sculpture of an old man. His lips are trembling and his eyes are hard to turn to Shuiyunlan, and his weakness is weaker than that of the patriarch.
Everlasting old voice stopped every part of his body, and at this moment, his body color was also fixed in a kind of chilling gray. His eyes were open and his lips were half dead. Until the end, he didn’t know what the terrible power was that crazy devoured his life.
One of the strongest practitioners of the Southern Emperor Sect reached the level of God, and the elder of the peerless and powerful water was all over the sky, so he died in vain and died at the hands of the female god.
Absolute darkness does not pierce the scourge blade into Elder Tian’s chest. At the same time, she instills the death force that she can release into the water all over the sky through the scourge blade. Then the death force is devoured by a horrible death parasitic on other bodies, depriving him of his life.
Those waves of mournful and sorrowful cries have stained the atmosphere filled with a thick element of death with a sad color. The South Emperor Villa is scarred all over the collapsed half of the place. It seems impossible to fill a big hole and lie there quietly. The strongest four people in the South Emperor Sect are shocking, one is dead, the other is abolished, and two people are injured. The world-class spiritual master is killed and injured for most of the day. When the girl arrives, it will be a nightmare for no one to dare to provoke the South Emperor Sect to drop a disaster, and the dark shadow will be erased for the South Emperor Sect, so that they will have trouble sleeping. It is the God who punishes the
Ears are full of sorrow for the death of the elder, crying out that he is missing and will never be able to recover his left shoulder. Shui Yunlan slammed on the ground. All the causes are because he captured Ye Chen in the South Emperor’s Sect, and now he regrets that he has come to an end. Now he must consider whether to face Ye Chen, Ye Shuiyao, sitting quietly in front of his desk and looking at a beautiful figure. A lotus quietly puts snow. Her sitting posture is very beautiful. That is by no means a girl’s comparable to that of buttocks, breasts and waist. The beautiful curve is that her eyes are vaguely floating.
Ning Xueba lay prone on the table with a brush in her hand, and the paper was scribbled in front of her. Even she didn’t know what she was painting. She looked up with longing and asked her sister, brother hasn’t come back yet?
She has asked this question many times today.
He will be back soon. Ye Shuiyao woke up from his absence and replied softly.