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Outside the Shimen, there is a steady stream of people rushing in with red eyes, which is like a hungry wolf who has been abstinence for many years. It is a kind of crazy feeling to see a beautiful body in front.

Lin’s eyes swept in front of Shimen and he didn’t see Lin Keer and others coming. They were forced to rush into the ancient tomb house, but in this case, Lin wanted him and didn’t want them to be together after entering the ancient tomb house. In that case, he was limited.
Although Lin Keer already knows something about his strength, he still keeps it a secret. Can these things be kept as secret as possible without letting people know?
Light to vomit a sigh of relief, Lin is also a slap in the palm, and a small inflammation is enough, and a few jumps are directly rushed into the Shimen.
Rushing into Shimen, a feeling of depression is the pledge. Although the Nie Jia’s environment is strong, I don’t know how many years it has fallen, but it seems that his aftertaste still hangs over here, which generally makes the human body’s dynamic force a little sluggish.
It’s terrible to have a strong nirvana. It’s so powerful after the years have passed. I really don’t know if it will be a horrible scene in its heyday.
Feeling this sense of depression, Lin’s eyes also couldn’t help but flash across a dignified color. When he lifted his eyes, he saw that the vast hall was divided into dozens of passages leading to the depths, and many people scattered into it.
Lin Dong takes the fifth passage on the left.
When Lin was hesitating which channel to take, the small raccoon sound rang in his heart.
Smell speech Lin moved slightly dazed also didn’t ask too much about a clap of inflammation, one person and one beast is a red shadow along the way to force more than some people and then directly projected into the fifth channel on the left.
Although there are many channels here, it is obvious that more people come in. Even after these channels, when Lin moved in, he still saw some stone houses with greedy colors searching around the channels.
Don’t let them go forward.
When I heard the little raccoon sound, Lin moved immediately and didn’t stay in these stone houses. I ran away quickly along the passage to the depths.
This kind of rush and sweep lasted for several minutes, and Lin’s eyes flashed, and then he stopped his body immediately after a clap of his palm, and his eyes also looked ahead at a seemingly ordinary stone house, from which he felt a strong force fluctuation.
Order something
This kind of fluctuation is that the stone houses in front have never been too busy, and my heart is also jumping and rushing forward quickly. However, as soon as his palm touched Shimen, he was ejected back by a strong energy fluctuation.
There’s no energy protection here, but it’s not strong. After Shimen, it’s hard to destroy the string spirit. It’s too time-consuming, and the small sound rings again. At this time, a partner with great experience also played the biggest role
Lin nodded his head, his mind moved, and his spirit was surging, and then a wisp of it wrapped around Shimen and quickly merged into it. After this moment, Shimen suddenly shook up, and then Lin was shocked, and his eyes boomed slowly.
The first step of Shimen Qilin is to step into it, and then the strong light enters his eyes, making his eyes slightly narrowed. At this time, he discovered that this stone house is actually covered by a cold jade and a faint cold.
Of course, Lin’s eyes glanced at these cold jade decorations, and soon his eyes were fixed on the stone house, which was full of fruity pills.
These pills are the size of a baby’s fist, and all smooth jade is obviously of excellent quality, and the amazing fluctuations of force are also these pills.
This is Chun Yuan Dan.
Lin Dong gawked at the pill covered with stone houses, and after a while, I took a deep breath. These random things like beans turned out to be Yuan Dan’s strong environment, and it took half a month or even January to successfully concise a pure Yuan Dan.
Look at the number of stone houses. These pure Yuan Dan are at least tens of thousands, which is millions or even millions when converted into Yang Yuan Dan.
Think about Lin Dong’s miserable and hard-working magic pill, and at most he earned tens of thousands of Yang Yuandan. Then you can know how shocked Lin Dong was when faced with such a huge sum of money.
It’s the same hillbilly who suddenly saw a pile of golden hills in front of him, but it was still shocking and dull. When it lasted for a few seconds, Lin Dong suddenly returned to absolute being, without saying anything, and immediately the spirit of the dry Kun bag spread, and suddenly the pure Yuan Dan filled with stone houses was flyby, and finally a steady stream was put into the dry Kun bag in Lin Dong’s extremely hot eyes.
Tens of thousands of pure yuan Dan, I’m afraid even the low-level Lingbao can be bought. The thought of this just entering the ancient tomb house is to get such a big pie, and it’s hard to stop the excitement.
This trip is too worthwhile.
Lin’s eyes are red and extremely focused, and he quickly takes the pure Yuan Dan on the ground. Little inflammation is also Lickitung’s roll, which sweeps a lot of pure Yuan Dan into his belly. If Ran is in the forest, I’m afraid it will still hurt, but it’s too lazy to get rich now.
There are too many pure Yuan Dan in the stone house, even if Lin moved his spirit to control it in a few minutes, he just took half, and just as he was persevering in trying to take it all, his ears suddenly heard some subtle steps.
Hearing the footsteps, Lin’s face turned suddenly, and he turned around to see four figures standing at the Shimen. But at the moment, all four people were stunned and looked at the stone house where pure Yuan Dan was everywhere. After a few breaths, their eyes were suddenly red and greedy, and then their eyes stayed at the stone house and set off quickly with pure Yuan Dan Lin.
Take chunyuan Dan bu from Xiao ba.