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What a reckless thing.

Summer at the head of the face is completely difficult. It seems that he stared at Lin’s eyes with a thick murder coming soon, and his feet suddenly turned into a lotus flower with a little blood on his back, directly facing Lin’s violent plunder.
I’m so old. I’m in a bad mood now, so I’ll vent my anger on you.
Lin looked at it with a whole body full of ShaQi suddenly and violently, and it was also cold in the dark eyes in the summer. Immediately, the green light suddenly swept through and the four dragon light lines rose directly.
Qinglong tianzuoyin
Deep drink sounded a huge tsing lung handprint suddenly roared, and then the detonation gas was directly swept away by the summer and the face was hard to regret together.
Violent energy fluctuations swept like hurricanes, and the square sea surface was torn by living, with a huge trace of 100 feet, but it was soon filled with sea water.
In the sky, the violent strong breeze swept through Na Xia and led the storm, and the figure suddenly solidified. Then it was stuffy and directly inverted in the eyes of other The Hunger sharks, and finally burst into the sea.
The sea water soon broke again. Na Xia was in a bit of a mess, and he stared at Lin’s sight. It was cold, but at this time it was a little more dignified. I wanted to come to Lin’s previous palm power, which also made him understand that the people in front of him seemed to be holding the qualification to say the previous words.
Around those The Hunger sharks strong at this time is also gradually surrounded by eyes full of fear to Lin to stare at.
At this time, the atmosphere is suspected to have become tense. Chapter nine hundred and three.
Chapter nine hundred and three
The sea is moving, and more than a dozen The Hunger sharks are separated from each other. The atmosphere is tense, and each other’s eyes are moving with ice chill.
These The Hunger sharks have always been arrogant in their daily lives, and they don’t know how much blood they have touched. Therefore, all of them are fierce, but the same forest movement is not a good crop. Not long ago, he forced a half-step dead Xuan Jing to become an adult stick. Is it strong or not in the bone compared with these The Hunger sharks?
The two sides are so suspicious of each other.
Xiao, are you sure you want to be my The Hunger shark enemy? Believe me, it would be a very stupid thing. Xia Commanding is sullen, but at this time, it is a little better than just now. It seems that after a short period of time, he is also in vain. It seems that it is not as easy to pick up as I thought.
I don’t want to be enemies, but I don’t want to be threatened by others.
Lin’s eyes are fixed on this gloomy summer commander’s eyes, and the cold mountain seems to have weakened some noble names. I have heard of what you are doing here, but I don’t want to know, but don’t interfere with my journey yet. I am equally anxious.
In this way, it is feasible for us to stay out of trouble, take a step back and do everything.
Xia Zhongshu’s eyes narrowed and his dark red eyes looked quite penetrating. After his eyes flickered slightly, his whole body was filled with Shaqi. It turned out that a lot of that gloomy face came out with a smile. This friend was right. It was really rash of us to look at the situation. You should not be the one we are looking for.
Lin smell speech face is also a good smile, but it is a little more vigilant in my heart. It’s too weird to turn hostile this summer.
Then I can leave Lin and ask with a smile
Summer and nodded with a smile, and then a wave of his hand around the The Hunger shark family strong slightly hesitated a folding ShaQi.
thanks a lot
Lin moved his hand and then didn’t hesitate to move his body, that is, he turned into a green light and swept away in the distance. However, when his back was turned to Na Xia and others, his eyes were flashing with cold light. He knew that this summer leader would become so fast. It must be some trick.
But at this time, Lin didn’t think about what was going on at the head of this summer. The green light quickly moved away from here.
Summer and so let him go as Lin moved away. A strong The Hunger shark family also couldn’t help but ask.
Let Xia Tongguan smell speech, and his face suddenly came up with a dense cold. He laughed coldly. The first time we met, it was seven days ago, but he still stayed here. This sea area is so barren. Is it fun to stay in this bird-less place for seven days?