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Here come four bodhi old zu smiles.

Leitian Bai These four people must have been killed to deal with the bodhi old zu. I can’t help sighing when I think of Jin Ao Island’s palm N Fan Duan’s heroic Leitian.
I called you here because you said one thing
Senior orders
The disease says you are going to take Waidan Road. Are you from Qing Di N or Chi Di N?
Qing Di Leitian can’t lie. I’m afraid the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace was killed by a fairy. If anyone comes, they all know that they were killed. Don’t play tricks in front of such a big man.
I knew this time you took a lot of alchemy materials. Tell me what you still need. You collect all the materials, make an alchemy as soon as possible, and then get sick in Zhongzhou.
What do you need me to do?
Do you want to restore Yunmengzong?
I don’t want to take the day off, I don’t have this plan, but he immediately said, I want to find master
I want you to go to Zhongzhou and set up an N faction to snatch back two blessed places in Yunmengzong.
With me
I’ll send someone to follow you. This person can’t direct your actions. You can ask this person to eradicate the immortal realm.
How long?
Leitian wry smile way ten years ago, I couldn’t connect Dan.
Don’t worry, I’ll make you laugh at the bodhi old zu in Dan Biyou Palace for a year, and I’ll go to Bai Qi, although I’m not surprised.
This is a great kindness.
Chapter one hundred and forty-five An alchemist more doom
Chapter one hundred and forty-five An alchemist more doom
Leitian branded Dan Y Material Department in yu bamboo slips and ji gave it to the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace.
The bodhi old zu Dao, from today on, you should stay in Biyou Palace, and don’t go there. The cultivation speed here is ten times higher than that outside.
Fan bing laughed. I know that the reversal of Gankun array in Biyou Palace consumes money, but Xian yu, one year you are here is equivalent to the past twelve years or so outside.
Leitian this just shocked him. He hasn’t heard of this kind of law.
It’s not a celestial fragment, and this speed will increase by a hundredfold. Now you know why I’m looking for a blessed dng day, right?
If the bald head is blessed, the speed of cultivation will be accelerated to one hundred times in dng days, and it will be able to survive the doom power before the arrival of the catastrophe of heaven and earth.
The bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace is really tough. When he was not half a month old, he sent all the materials he needed to Leitian to him. These days, when he was familiar with the true solution of Qinglei in the prescription, the prescription described in detail whether refining ying was Leitian or not. It was also quite difficult for foreigners to see it.
Leitian finally couldn’t help asking the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace to let Zhu come to help him make an alchemy.
Zhu Zaihao succeeded in refining the situation, and it is most appropriate for her to guide herself.
The bodhi old zu didn’t say anything, so he directly took a photo of Zhu Biyou Palace.
The bodhi old zu asked Leitian what he needed. Leitian wanted to think about it. He took the Taixu tripod from Taitiancheng and asked if it was possible.
The bodhi old zu took one look at Zhu’s laughter. He knew it was a benefit of Leitian Zhu, and he didn’t say, don’t turn this too empty tripod refining into an iiy tripod Leitian yin. God is so powerful that it doesn’t seem that the bodhi old zu is doing anything.
The overlapping leitian in Biyou Palace was arranged in an independent place. This array can be put into four sides, dotted with imaginary stars and stones, and paved with black gold.
This Wujin is not afraid of fire to burn in the sun to find pure Wujin bodhi old zu, but he is afraid that Leitian alchemy will fail and ruin himself. The Biyou Palace specially created such a temporary one to let Leitian.
Zhu looked at Leitian and said, "Hey, hey, smile and Leitian. You don’t want this expression. I studied under Purple Eyebrow, but the other way is Qing Di."
I knew it was an alchemist to call me here strangely.
Of course, you are a junior sister, so I can take advantage of you.
Cheap me. You don’t know how hard an alchemist is.
Bai Qili knocked a Zhu Tou and said, "Y Ding, the fairy level, this bribe is not enough."
It’s not that I’m not enough, senior brother. I beg you one thing. If you promise, I’ll teach you an alchemist, Zhu, a pleading expression.
What is leitian asked with a smile?
I’m going back to Zhongzhou. You go back and kill the old guy together. Zhu gnashed your teeth. She is the embodiment of fairy root. Danyang N palm N wants to take her to make an alchemist. This makes Zhu Xin leave a shadow of yin. I don’t dare to trust people. If you don’t kill that person, she will never become a real elixir.
Leitian hesitated to take Zhu back, but it was a lot of trouble. The bodhi old zu agreed to send someone to help him, but even secretly helping himself may not be able to command him. Zhu is an immortal incarnate demon family, let alone a monster who is longer than an alchemist and can know her. He will try his best to eat her.
Eating Zhu can prolong life for almost ten thousand years, even if the gas refiner with poor qualifications can guarantee the achievement of false fairy.
Brother Zhu tearful yu Didi is usually bright and clear after reading two samples, and he can’t bear to say, then go back together, but
Never leave without causing trouble. Zhu immediately answered and changed his smiling face.
Leitian sighs, Zhu doesn’t have any fighting skills, and no matter how high it is, it is also a burden.
Well, since it’s an alchemist, we’d better choose the dragon and tiger Dan, which is the easiest to change. My experience can directly teach you the alchemy technique when refining. Zhu looks serious at this time.