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Breath storm surge followed with the tidal wave of force fluctuation. Liu Kui and his two men held two huge black sledgehammers in their hands, which is now in their hands.

The sledgehammer swept the two people’s bodies almost at the same time, sweeping a left and a right to form an arc, while the sledgehammer in his hand was carrying extremely fierce force and quickly angered Lin.
The strength of the two men is also quite strong. The dancing of the heavy hammer directly shocks the air and explodes the heavy hammer, forming a large sunken air arc.
In the face of two people’s fierce offensive, Lin always stepped forward, but the force of the earth roared in his body. In the end, he was born in the whole body and kept spinning. Then he looked calm and his hands clenched into fists, and suddenly boom.
Lin’s fists were bombarded with heavy blows, and suddenly two gold irons thumped in this hall, and a strong force surged at the contact point, and even the special black iron ground showed fine cracks.
In that terrible strength storm surge, two huge hammers were directly shocked by Lin Dong’s meat fist, but when the face of Liu Kui was full of dignified colors, it was obviously unexpected that Lin Dong could hard regret them with a pair of meat fists.
Well, it’s no wonder that even Lin Langtian can’t stand you, but it’s not weak. But these two men, Liu Kui, are also the kind of war-loving people. When they see Lin’s strength, they burst into hot colors in their eyes. When they shake their bodies, they turn out to be swollen. The black mans are swimming in the skin constantly, and a strong sense of strength is also swinging.
As Liu Kui two people drink a lot, their bodies suddenly expanded several times, just like the little giant, a little bit of black awn was spinning around them, condensed and permeated with powerful force. Obviously, these two people also cultivated the body martial arts.
Compared with strength, seeing Lin move is a smile, and fingerprints change rapidly.
Magic ape change
With the change of Lin’s handprint, his body also swelled up immediately, and the virtual shadow of the huge magic ape slowly condensed. It is almost a real question that this magic ape becomes a virtual shadow again when Lin moves. To some extent, it is simply a living, far-gulong ape, and its ferocity is no weaker than that which he has beheaded.
In this huge far-off Cologne ape, the body of the two people who visited the Chief Lu Brain immediately became small. Many of them saw this scene, and their eyes were also shocked and their faces became more and more dignified.
Mountain hammer
The two men glances at the soles of their feet and stomps the ground, and the black iron floor is stamped into powder. The hammer in the hand is also inflated for a circle, and then the double hammer dances and slams it in front of them.
The double hammer fell in the void, as if even a hall was shaking at this moment. Soon, two majestic black hammers fell suddenly and violently, but it was faint that Wan formed a huge mountain, and the pledge was severely covered by Lin Dong.
The dragon ape that hung over Lin’s body turned out to be a real magic ape roar when it roared upwards, and then it stretched out its two huge and thick ape arms to hard connect the black mountain.
The magic ape stood on the ground harder than the black iron and burst inch by inch. Liu Kui and the two of them used this force to condense into a mountain, which crushed and exploded a small creature. But today, it turned out that the magic ape was forced by the forest movement, and the virtual shadow was hard to resist.
The magic ape’s arms spread out directly, throwing away the black light and setting the mountain, and then suddenly the bright golden light surged and condensed into a huge ratio, while the golden platform magic ape grabbed his arms and used it as a weapon to tie the fan to the Liu Kui.
Seeing such a terrible situation, the two Liu Kui people’s faces also changed dramatically, and they hastened to course the sledgehammer in Yuan Li’s hands and slammed it into the golden platform.
upper arm
The loud sound swung in the hall, and soon a ripple of extremely powerful force swept through.
The great strength of the arm made Liu Kui’s face gradually change from dignified to shocked. They are good at strength, but the strength displayed by Lin Dong today is actually more earth than that of the two of them working together.
Dang dang dang.
When the two men’s arms were numb with shock, the magic ape was on the offensive, but the huge platform danced with the wind, and the car roared at Liu Kui, and the powerful force exploded the hall.
In the face of Lin’s sudden wild offensive, Liu Kui finally secretly complained. Now they have just said those words in vain, which is ridiculous.
Another powerful Jintai fan that terrible force was directly to shake off the heavy hammer in the hands of Liu Mei, who was also photographed in a huge column with flies and looked pale.