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Isn’t that man still dead?

And Xiaoyin is still there, and she has never left at all?
At the beginning, she realized Xiaoyin’s advantage in getting close to the man, and promoted the man from the basic time to the intermediate time, and then specially selected a person who seemed to be suitable for the intermediate time, but in fact, it could only be completed by the high-level person.
Otherwise, although the man finished it, he was badly hit by it and didn’t treat it, which eventually caused his legs to become disabled.
When her man becomes disabled, Xiaoyin will recognize the distance between them and gradually get away from each other.
Unfortunately, the fact surprised her.
Xiaoyin not only didn’t stay away from that man, but also took care of that heart every day, just like taking care of her husband. Looking at the two people talking and laughing in the ward and secretly following her, she was like a needle in the heart!
Seeing that the two were not estranged as she expected, they showed signs of getting closer. She had to deliberately reveal in a chat that the ancient people had excellent acupuncture skills and would treat diseases through body acupoints and stimulate acupoints to restore health.
as expected
Xiaoyin applied for going to an ancient era to execute a single machine the next day.
She knew that Whispering was going to execute a stand-alone machine, but in fact it was the man who went to school.
She didn’t stop it.
She even agreed to apply.
After all, a small voice left her before she had a chance to treat that man.
Soon the application was approved and it was time to implement it smoothly through a small voice.
And she also gave her plan.
From her investigation, I learned that the man’s family is a group of extremely powerful people. Seeing that men are disabled, they can’t earn a lot of money to support their families as before. Although there is nothing on the surface, they actually dislike men one by one.
She made a little money in trick or two to make those influential people more mean. Listening to those people poking their hearts like knives at men, and then watching men tremble with gloom than anger, a sneer appeared in her eyes. The biggest expectation every day is to hear the news of men’s suicide.
It’s a pity that she underestimated the man’s psychological endurance after all.
Poke one’s heart in the face of relatives is better than ridicule. Facing the nurse, a man who is deliberately lazy is no longer angry even if he is shit and smelly, but just stays so quiet as if waiting for someone.
And she’s getting nervous.
Xiaoyin is back.
As she expected, Xiaoyin didn’t go home on her return trip, but she got together for the first time and went to see the man and was happier than telling the other party about her gains.
Looking at the man’s dim eyes, she knew that if she didn’t act, she would really be unable to save the situation.
So she took advantage of the small voice to enter the house, and the man kept hiding the pillow and shot the man, and finally faked the suicide illusion and deceived everyone.
Xiaoyin was very sad when she learned that the man had died. A pair of beautiful eyes were swollen for several days because of crying.
And all she can do is accompany Xiaoyin and take care of her when she is saddest.
At the end of the day, Xiao Yin still came back to her, and gradually forgot the man.
I didn’t realize that there was a pair of paint ink like fox behind the door left unlocked in the bedroom. How shocked it was at the moment.
Chapter 343 impeded (9)
Ward area
In the dead of night, Jinze finally found an opportunity to leave the waterside pavilion.
When Jinze appeared in his house that night, he kept indoors for seven nights and eleven nights and almost fainted.
Do they know the temple?
Where did the wild fox, whose whole tail was bare, his body was covered with mud and his face was black and blue, jump out?
"Temple, temple?" I was shocked at eleven o’clock at night and even stumbled. "Is it you?"
Lie in the trough!
This is miss light tone. Do you want to do it?
Dare to beat the temple like this?
But also pulled out the tail of the temple to look like this?
Night eleven shocked than looked at the night seven two people happen to coincide after glances can’t help but look dignified at the same time.
It seems that the last thing to annoy is not the temple, not the old fox king, but the light tone lady!
Even the temple was beaten so badly by Miss Light Tone. If they dare to disrespect Miss Light Tone, I’m afraid they won’t even be qualified to leave a corpse!
It seems that I didn’t notice how shocking it was for the two of them to look at their eyes. At night, Jinze went back to the house and didn’t care about his injury. He sat on the sofa without saying a word and looked dull.
At night, I saw that the secret passages in my heart were not good. Didn’t the temple get the understanding of Miss Light Voice this time?
Is this-is this being kicked out after a beating?
Night 7 silence half an instant trying to comfort wording quickly "Miss Temple Light Tone, after all, is in a huff and can’t understand at the moment, which is normal. It is better to give Miss Light Tone more when she knows what you and she have paid, and she will naturally be soft-hearted and forgive you."
In the past three years, Miss Dianqingyin has paid little by little, and all those rumors and sentences in his eyes have been blamed. Where can ordinary people bear it?
In all fairness, those rumors and injuries are more painful than real injuries!
"Yes, yes!" One side of the night eleven also hastened to echo "Don’t be sad, Miss Qingyin. At most, you will be angry for a while. You will continue to be kind to Miss Qingyin. Miss Qingyin will be moved by you sooner or later."
Night seven rushed and took us back. "And you didn’t get Miss Light Tone’s understanding about the temple. Didn’t you get Miss Light Tone’s forgiveness over there, too? But when the young lady has to wait for Long Zuo to recover and stay in the palace, there will naturally be more opportunities for us to get the understanding of the young lady in the first place, which is much more than that of the master. You have a high chance of winning! "
"That’s it!" Night eleven aside to help.
In the huge living room, the night seven and the night eleven are so echo each other comforted for a long time, sitting on the bed, and the night Jinze just came to my senses. The red, swollen and bruised faces of the night seven and eleven are full of uncertainty. "If a person kisses another person, does this mean that he likes each other?"