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When "One" was completed, Rothschild gave him a seaside manor. What about the "Two" award? The general remark is 30 thousand meters of gold. Is it also a "gift" from Rothschild, or will it fall from the sky? Hua Zhen consciously looked up at the ceiling.

Luo Chad saw that Hua Zhen was still in a daze and gently stirred the coffee spoon and knocked on the saucer. "China needs some formalities. If you live in that manor, you also need daily expenses. There are tens of thousands of meters of gold here. You can take it first.
Yang Tehong: "Actually, I also split it, saying that the reward is a beach villa. I know that Luo Chaide has a beach villa that is likely to be given to Xiaohua. Anyway, he can’t take it away. Even if he doesn’t send it, I will try to get it for Xiaohua. The result is such a manor."
Ink Shang Tong "when you give Xiaohua haven’t seen Dr Luo’s bag file? Dr. Luo did live in a villa on the south coast, but it was lent to him by others, and you were misled when you heard about his property in that area. "
Yang Tehong: "It seems that even the deduction results of you and me are actually biased because we can’t know everything."
Mo Shang Tong "even if you know all the deduction results, you can’t be sure."
Yang Tehong: "Do you mean quantum mechanics experiment? How can the world be known?"
The two old men were talking. The trip to Hua Zhen had already sent Luo Chaide away. He watched Luo Chaide pass the security check, turned around and waved goodbye to him. He ended his slung cloth pocket, gained 50,000 meters of gold, and received the documents of a seaside manor.
Hua Zhen’s trip is still a little overwhelmed. He has confirmed that the reward mentioned by the system is a "gift" from Luo Chad, but the situation is quite different. What is going on? His mood has recovered, but he is still a little distracted.
In front of me, I suddenly came to Hua Zhen for a drink. I looked up and found myself blocked by three and a half sizes. I looked at the surrounding environment for nothing.
He didn’t come out of the airport by car, and he didn’t go to the crowded parking lot. Instead, he walked to the end of the terminal building and consciously turned into the green belt next to Meili International Airport. The environment was very good, and there was a green belt at both ends of the terminal building with a walkable square brick road.
Hua Zhen’s trip came in from the sidewalk outside, and the road behind it was blocked by two people. In front of it, a local aborigine was not easy to judge his age from his physique. Many people developed very early, and some people were malnourished, but these three little children looked like teenagers.
The man in front of the block is the tallest and almost the same physique as Hua Zhen. The speaker is also him. "Give me your clothes and shoes quickly!"
He said that the pronunciation of the Indian language was a little weird and blunt, and there was no need to understand the grammar. It seemed that there was no response to Hua Zhenxing. There was a small one behind him who repeated the local dialect again. The trip to Hua Zhen, Port of Sofia, learned three local dialects. This novel was also pronounced in the first grade, but it was still understandable.
It turned out that I was robbed. These little cowards are really brave. There is a row of shrubs separated from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the end of the airport terminal, and the police on duty near the parking lot are not far away, just the line of sight is blocked.
Hua Zhen secretly sighed that he was careless. How can this place be distracted? But also pregnant with huge sums of money! They are staring at the 50,000-meter Jinhua, and they are still wondering. No one should have seen the scene of Rothschild giving money. It turns out that these kids depend on his clothes and shoes.
Hua Zhen’s clothes and shoes are all prepared by Uncle Mo before departure. Of course, they are good things, and even those small roots can’t imagine good things! He was already very cautious. Before he came, he dug a hole and buried his mountaineering bag together with his belongings. He wore a worn-out cloth bag, but he didn’t hide it and couldn’t help but show a wry smile.
It seems that he can’t recognize the cowardice today. He understands the general brain circuit of local robbers. If the other party just wants to grab some money and take out his wallet, it may be fine, but don’t try to discuss or beg for anything, let alone grind it.
These guys are impatient and have poor thinking skills. When they communicate, they tend to be anxious, anxious and impulsive. They don’t know what they will do. They usually lack the concept of balance and choice in their minds. They want and want everything when they look at it.
I want them to let themselves go unless they are barefoot and barefoot. Since they have stripped their clothes, can they not turn over? Just got 50,000 meters of gold, and they must also lose it … Hua Zhen can’t go back barefoot and know what it is necessary to be wordy. He didn’t talk at all.
Opposite the Wynaut to emotional facial expression exaggerated white eyes pop out and pulled out a pistol drink a way "what are you laughing at? Quick take off … "Words haven’t say that finish suddenly let out a long followed by a brittle crack noise.
He just pulled out his pistol and didn’t come to Hua Zhen for insurance, when he suddenly flashed to his side and lifted his foot, he was kicked away. If he didn’t pull out his gun, Hua Zhen might consider subduing or stunning him, but when the gun was pointed at China, there was no other choice.
That guy flew over the bushes, smashed the floor-to-ceiling glass, and smashed into the terminal building. The loud noise alarmed many people. Hua Zhen has not really hit anyone for more than half a year. Everyone in his usual activity area already knows that he is good at shooting and good at marksmanship. Of course, Hua Zhen will not deliberately provoke anyone.
In the past six months, he hasn’t really touched anyone except for shooting two days ago, but he has been practicing kung fu, and the institute doesn’t know to what extent his skill has reached recently. The consequences of this effort are too exaggerated and a little beyond Hua Zhen’s own expectations
The other two Richie screamed and danced … Actually, they just turned their heads and ran away and looked at the Hua Zhen line. The policeman on duty at the roadside heard the noise and suddenly jumped out. The two teenagers chased the Hua Zhen line while the people noticed that they were quickly leaving with the help of the green belt cover.
Yang Tehong sighed, "He is still a child!"
Mo Shang Tong "Who was kicked or scared away?"
Yang Tehong "I mean Xiaohua!"
Chapter 24, New
Hua Zhenxing went back to the place where he dug the hole and took out all the buried things. When a plane flew overhead and circled to the distance to calculate, Dr. Luo should just take a look at the sunset in the west. Hua Zhenxing was inexplicably stunned for a moment, and he didn’t know what to do at the moment.
According to common sense, he should be very excited. After all, he just got 50 thousand meters of gold and has a manor. It feels very good, but he is not as excited as he thought.
The first step, of course, is to go back to the port of Sofia to find out the situation with Yang Laotou and Uncle Mo, and then consider what to do with the manor. It was a moment of loss, perhaps because the plane overhead and the sunset in the distance gave him some feelings. After all, the reality of the dream foot is too far away.