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Jean is also surrounded by if if if scarlet!

Scott put one hand next to his goggles, ready to shoot him in the eye as soon as something is wrong!
For others, killing you with my eyes may be just a sentence!
But for Scott, his eyes can kill people!
Wolverine Logan is more ferocious expression’ zither’ released his indestructible claws …
The pentagram circle flashed a series of ripples and distortions like a stone thrown into a calm lake!
A hot air billow twisted that moment directly!
A small blue flame appears in the magic circle!
One second!
Green inflammation burns the sky, burning everything, and the instantaneous blue flame directly grows into a towering magma flame, full of horror and destruction, and instantly arrival here!
But strangely enough, this comparable magma flame didn’t burn his objects.
It seems to be isolated from the outside world in the fixed pentagram array!
"Roar …"
When they saw the sudden howl and roar, Logan didn’t understand what he said!
Logan calmly raised his arm, raised his hair and coughed lightly and said, "I’m sorry for the habitual roar, which increased the momentum and high winning rate!" "
All "…"
Wait until everyone turns around and looks at the pentagram array again, and the latter changes again!
A cold foot freezes everything, and all the ice inflammation is no less than the middle magma pillar rising up and fighting.
On the other side, the giant tornado also rose from the ground …
One second!
When the pentagram was sent to the array, it suddenly made people scream!
Everyone watched a giant claw braved magma with ice slag and sent it to the magic circle from outside through the pentagram. Come here!
Jean’s eyes shrank.
Aurora and Scott behind him are more ready!
Behind Logan is also opened his mouth!
The three-headed dog who came here from the underworld snorted and spit out a mouthful of ice slag and lava.
Shake your body, the momentum is fierce, and you walk out of the pentagram like a catwalk!
One second!
Behind him, the pentagram sent the magic circle, and the light quickly dimmed and finally fell silent!
The three-headed dog in hell stared at the head of a group of people standing in front of the door and snorted a hot stream. air billow said loudly, "Ah man!"
"This guy is demon again!" On the right side, with a hint of snow-white hair, the head blinked directly towards the left side, as if the ice had condensed into a head and spit out!
"I agree!" Ice head nodded his head.
"Shut up, you two losers. Can I get to the pentagram to break through the boundary of dimension when the array fails?" The attribute of fire is also to control the body leading Cerberus shouted at!
"I wish you were happy!"
"Whatever you want!"
Left and right sides of the head immediately shut up, but this attitude really makes Cerberus want to bite these two guys!