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He married Kate.

A little while
Mark walked to the stage arm in arm with Kate, and the two of them smiled at the priest who had come to preside over and witness the wedding.
The priest smiled back.
Mark and Kate then stood face to face.
Taiwan and all the people are looking forward to watching Taiwan.
The priest held it as if every universe had quietly turned over and said, "Today, we gathered the emperor and the guests in front of the sacred wedding of Mark Morningstar Louis and Caitlin Lilith Danfoss, a new couple. This is a precious treasure left by the emperor since the creation of the world, so we should not enter at will but be respectful and serious."
Kate’s name is Caitlin Lilith Danvers.
Kate, it’s short for Caitlin.
Then the priest looked at the audience who came to the stage to witness the wedding and said, "At this sacred moment, these two can be combined. If anyone knows any reason why this marriage can’t be established, please say it or keep silent forever."
Mark looked across at Kate and smiled, but the aura had already reached its peak.
Mark swear
If anything happens this time, he promises that he will let that person live in his nightmare forever.
But …
Taiwan was silent.
After taking a step-by-step look at Mark and Kate, the priest continued, "I order you to confess the reasons that hinder your marriage before your Lord, and remember that people’s marriage is valid if it does not conform to the emperor’s words."
Mark and Kate smiled at each other and shook their heads.
The priest nodded and turned to face him. Mark Kate said, "When I take a step, I want to ask you two if you have prepared your vows?"
Mark stared blankly and nodded to the priest. Kate said in a low voice, "You wrote an oath. I asked you yesterday if you saidno."
Kate took a folded note from Carla, the bridesmaid, and said, "I lied to you."
Mark turned to look at the stage and then turned to the priest again and said, "I have an oath."
Kate looked at Mark and waved her hands and said, "This is not a competition, Mark."
Mark laughed. "Yes, but I’m prepared."
Say that finish
Mark repeated a note in his right hand.
Mark’s best man looked behind him intently and then looked away.
at this moment
He seems to have an epiphany.
Mark coughed and said to the priest, "Can I?"
The priest stretched out his hand to show that he could
Mark took one look at the note with his hands in his hands, then looked at Kate, who would be his wife, and said with a smile, "Caitlin Lilith Danvers!
Before I met you, I had never had such a strong impulse to be alone for life.
You gave me this feeling.
I’m glad.
At this moment, I am still glad!
I’m glad I met you in the coffee shop that day and got up the courage to say’ hello!’
At the same time, I am glad that you have given me understanding, forgiveness and patience over the years.
Before, I always thought that simple I love you was an ordinary word. After I met you, I understood that this simple word contained weight and responsibility.
I didn’t tell you before that I didn’t even believe I could do it myself.
And now!
It’s beautiful to see you wearing a wedding dress and holding flowers here.
I want to say … "Mark looked at Kate and his eyes gradually became firm and hot." I love you. Will you marry me, Kate! "
Kate’s smiling face is still the same, but tears have flashed out of her eyes.
Mark repeatedly put away the white note in his right hand.
He loves Kate.
He is going to marry Kate.
Nothing or anyone can stop him from doing so.
In front of them, the priest looked stupidly at Kate and woke up with "Kate"
Kate nodded during the ceremony and looked at her hand oath. She smiled abruptly, put away her hand note and said to the priest and Mark, "I suddenly don’t want to talk about it."
Carla couldn’t help whispering, "Kate, what are you doing?"