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Isn’t Raven’s orientation normal? How could Debbie …

Don’t …
Debbie’s skills are fascinating?
Mark feels his teeth are sore.
quite a while
Mark’s instant recovery
proper business
Business matters.
Follow Tony to the basement.
At the moment, the high-tech ornaments in front of the basement are piled up in a mess. Another corner is the ice coffin that is constantly facing the cold in all directions.
Mark raised his eyebrows.
Tony walked over to the ice coffin and wiped it with cold fog and tenderness that Mark had never seen before. jane doe said, "I made this ice coffin to make sure Pepper …"
Mark quickly interrupted and said, "Business matters."
with this
The keeper of the underworld is connected with the invisible.
Sighing at the entrance to hell, an old man’s face is not very ugly …
Chapter 647 Information is sufficient.
A little while
A wisp of black fog suddenly appeared from Tony’s seaside villa.
At the moment when the black fog appeared, Jarvis, Tony’s smart housekeeper, issued warnings again and again.
"Sir, we have detected that unknown gas is spreading."
"… being searched"
"Retrieval failed …"
"Unknown gas is changing under observation"
"… observation failed"
"… start the emergency plan and start the sterilization procedure"
"Sterilization program rev …"
Tony quickly said, "Wait for Jarvis to cancel the sterilization procedure and temporarily cancel all emergency plans."
"… Sir"
"That’s an order, Jarvis."
"Roger that. Cancel all emergency plans temporarily."
After Jarvis disappeared, the diffuse black fog gradually turned to one side and became rich.
One second
A sullen face looks like mephistopheles, an English medieval aristocrat, came out of the black fog.
When Mark was just about to speak.
Mephistopheles’s mouth is broken
The original expression is still gloomy. mephistopheles is full of sorrow as if he changed his face. He just said to Mark, "Lucifer, I told you not to beat me like a dead dog. I am afraid of you. I am not afraid of you."
Mark was dumbfounded directly.
Mo, what’s going on?
Did you take the gun medicine?
Or was it a domestic violence by Guyi again?
Even Tony next to him looked at Mark one leng, and his eyes seemed to ask who this idiot was again.
At the moment, mephistopheles is like a broken can. He said to Mark, "I am also the owner of hell. This is my hell. At that time, I said that I don’t want the earth. I am afraid of you. I am willing to leave the result." What did you say? Hell on earth is me. You won’t interfere. Then what? I quit this hell who loves when to … "
Mephistopheles’s complaint lasted for half an hour.