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Lindsay is also a little confused and blinked!

Not for a while!
"You want to see my boss …"
Lindsay walked into the office and looked at Mark sitting behind a desk.
Mark nodded, looked nervous, smiled and said, "Relax, I won’t give you pie."
"Shout …" Lindsay couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and then said with the wave, "Boss, that’s not what I mean. It’s me and Bruce …"
Mick pressed a drawer on his right hand and threw an object in it, trying to explain Lindsay!
After taking the hand, Lindsay looked at Mark with a slight one leng.
"Your wedding present!" Mark glanced at Lindsay and said, "I heard that someone gave you a gift at the party yesterday. My fault!" "
Lindsay smiled awkwardly. "Nothing, boss!"
"tear it down and see if you like it. If you don’t like it, I can’t randomly assign it."
Lindsay nodded his head and slowly hit his hand with a small box.
One second!
Can’t help but cover your mouth!
Inside the box, a polished five-carat diamond as bright as a star lies quietly!
Just a glance is enough to make women addicted to it!
Mark smiled when he saw Lindsay!
With Hydra’s private sponsorship of 100 million dollars, Mark’s money shortage has been initially alleviated.
Mark asked him to select more than 100 pieces from the processed goods immediately.
Save money as a private benefit for Mark’s office!
Of course!
There are also female employees who have such a benefit!
For male employees!
Ha ha!
"Eldest brother this …"
Mark put a finger to his mouth and glanced at the door where time flashed.
Smile and hit the office door directly!
In an instant, two figures rolled into Mark’s office like gourds!
"It’s all your fault …"
"Blame me me. Why do you have to come?"
Mick twitched at his mouth and looked at himself before he spoke. He got up from the ground and got up.
A long time!
Jack scratched the back of his head and said with a silly smile, "Boss, Catherine and I also have plans to get married …"
Next to Debbie, she rolled her eyes and said rudely, "Who just said she was going to break up with Katherine?"
"… I was joking!" Jack looked at Debbie with a serious face and said, "Go ahead and fight with me!"!
Debbie, a good friend, colleague and classmate for so many years, didn’t intend to shake her mobile phone in the habit of Jack’s smelly habit and say, "I’ll tell Catherine now …"
"Don’t you dare …" Jack immediately grabbed Debbie’s mobile phone with his big hand!
Mark looked at himself playing tricks, and the two idiots shook their heads and said to Lindsay, "Don’t worry about unmarried female agents!" "
"Boss, what about us men?" A big grip is suppressed by Debbie. Jack’s face on the sofa is twisted and asked!
Mark ha ha smiled and once again took out a box from his pocket to set his desk.
Put your arms around the wall and said lightly, "If you can fight Debbie, I’ll give you a Christmas present in front of me …"
"Really …" Jack’s eyes flashed!
"Of course!"
Chapter 56 Hollywood filming sister
In half an hour!
Debbie proudly put the red box for her desk in her pocket!
In jack is a face of want to cry on the floor just cry.
Mark glanced at it and said grumpily, "You’re still five big and three thick, and you claim to be full of unarmed combat talent. Even Debbie, who is full of brains, can’t beat you and throw it on the ground. Isn’t it shameful?"
Jack looked up and said, "It’s not fair. Debbie knows my weakness."