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Including just now, three of its civilian orangutans were driving Marquis armour, and the individual combat power of the mecha was not weaker than that of the elite of the federal super-class mecha empire-killed!

Even if they are too scattered, they can face the driving champion of Ji Rong Xin Yue alone, but their reactions when they get early warning information about their mutual distance will not help?
Another light spot disappears.
Due to the dust storm, more than 20 Marquis A have several mega-thin sight lines, and they can all rely on the positioning function attached to the short-wave communication channel to’ see’, but they are actually invisible.
Strictly speaking, I can’t see clearly
Crushed the dust storm and rushed out of the championship. Hou was surrounded by alien orange dust, and when it appeared in the sight of Marquis A, it was already deceiving at a high speed.
It’s as if the Imperial Star was performing a demonstration during the celebration. The irresistible potential in the natural rings of space battleship collided with the flight path. The meteorite theory was smashed into pieces and then the path ahead of space battleship was scattered at a higher speed.
When the meteorite fragments appeared in the live camera, most of the visual angles were covered, and a huge shadow was faintly visible. Before the audience could react, they appeared and smashed together with the live camera.
This kind of sensory stimulation is a kind of enjoyment for once trillion thin, and it is one of the greatest honors in its life to witness the strength of the empire.
But now it’s like a nightmare that won’t go away, making it wake up screaming in a false dream.
"close! Close immediately! "
Mega-thin corrected its order when it reacted.
The consequence of the panic evacuation of the dispersed team is bound to be broken by Ji Rongxinyue one by one.
Marquis A has excellent performance and a weapon body made of tungsten, steel and gold, which has enough threat to the champion of tungsten, steel and gold. In addition, 27 Marquis A are equipped with firepower weapons to effectively intercept the champion during the retreat.
Only then can we retreat.
"close! Close immediately! "
Teraby kept shouting, but the panic in his eyes widened because there were no 27 Marquis armour in his squad.
When all Marquis A who can execute the combined command appear in its line of sight, those green spots outside have disappeared, and there are sixteen Marquis A left in its line of sight.
How fast!
Zhao Bo had the same idea as Ying Luoqi just now, but it brought a completely different feeling.
Its fear is that Ying Luoqi is glorious.
Finally, the retreat posture was completed, and 17 Marquis armour were completely out of the position detection of the federal occupied area, and they were all destroyed in front of them.
This makes it difficult for Jiang Yun, Alva Wang and Zuo Shou to lead the team to effectively encircle them, but without them, they have already reached the only way for the retreat of 17 Marquis A and left Ji Rongxinyue with a pursuit distance of five kilometers.
Sixty beheaded shanjia, three general-level mecha and three guoshi-level mechs recklessly discharged the word "the long snake array", which turned out to be directly blocked by the canyon with a width of 16 kilometers.
If it were a Federation, its independent group would never dare to do so, but for the independent group, this is the most appropriate and efficient way to intercept it.
If the escape path of Marquis A is not clear because of the intelligence, they will face the pursuit and come to the moon.
In the same way, if the imperial reinforcements come and they fail to stop them, it will not only be a face-to-face confrontation with the horse.
"Thirteen Marquis Armors are already very powerful. I can’t do it."
And the team completed the rendezvous. Based on the information obtained after the rendezvous, Ying Luoqi unabashedly praised the three teams in the communication channel.
When liu er heard it, he sneered at Xi Yan’s expression in his heart. Others agreed with Ying Luoqi’s words very much.
Seventeen marquis armour were destroyed in the federal occupied area before they were evacuated to the imperial occupied area. Before they died, all the thirteen marquis armour were automatically taken out by the champion Hou intelligent core and given to Ji Rongxinyue’s bodyguard group with the aid of the communication matrix.
"To be honest, even if I have a Guo Shi-class mecha, I can’t do it in such a short time." Alva Wang echoed Ying Luoqi’s praise and praised in a more sincere tone. "Up to six planes are my limit."
The left hand suddenly panicked because he judged his own combat power. The first generation members of the Independent Regiment are now fighting power, but they are quite comparable to Alva Wang, the third generation member.
Otherwise, I’m limping myself …
"Seven" liu er sounded a little blunt and said, "I can break seven if I have the gift of the third paragraph and eleven less."
Alva Wang is a little angry.
Although liu er has the gift of the first stage, it can’t make the neural link exercise mode. In his view, liu er’s combat effectiveness should be equal to his.
This Alva Wang seems to have thought highly of liu er, the "ordinary-born" ape-man. Because of him, Alva Wang is already the federal ace mecha, and it is the most powerful one hundred people in the history of the mecha.
"Are you serious?"
"Earnest" liu er said frankly, "I do have this feeling, which can be said to be … self-confidence."
Alva Wang was about to say something when Jiang Yunyin interrupted him.
"liu er, are you sure?"
A listen to this communication channel instantaneous quiet.
Although Jiang Yun is the second batch of mecha to join the Xinghe squad, the command has exceeded the left hand, and they are lame. They are already equivalent to Qin Tong and Harris.
By …
Liu er also thought of people’s surprise and confidence. For example, when he was a war slave in the empire, he said to the imperial officer who came to choose the mecha, "Give me a chance. If I can’t do it, kill me."
He said to Jiang Yun, "I am sure of my life!"
Jiang Yun’s clean response suddenly made liu er excited, but he soon recovered his calm.
And the upcoming battle, Ji Rongxinyue’s strength is five kilometers. After the pursuit distance is enough, 17 Marquis A will be left to kill single digits, while single-digit Marquis A liu er is confident that he can easily get it if they don’t run around.
The reason for the excitement is that he is one step closer to his goal.
Although the matter of killing Emperor Wu III for revenge has been given to Ji Xinghe in his heart, he will die if he can give Ji Xinghe the opportunity to face Emperor Wu III with his own life.
But if he wants to have such an opportunity, he must become stronger, and if he wants to get a chance to become stronger, he must show his ability to invest resources. Emotional control is also an ability and very important.
Is it the second stage or the third stage?
Take a deep breath and calm down the mood. liu er looked at the text message sent to him by Ying Luoqi. Look, he just received it. Don’t look at the battle video. It’s Ji Rongxinyue’s battle video.
He can’t even guarantee that he is better than the current Ji Rong Xinyue when he gets the gift of the third paragraph. Then Ji Rong Xinyue naturally has something worth learning.
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn. This is what his empire wants and he has to stop learning. This is what his independent group learned. Don’t believe in the limit. This is what the independent group pursues.
The old man is so strong, and he is still trying to make progress every day. How can people, including himself, be qualified to stop making progress?
The battle video is not long, and the thirteen battle videos have been put together for one and a half minutes. Because Ji Rong Xinyue was cut off, he determined the position of Marquis A through the detection eye and then charged.
There is pure fighting.
Not an assassination!
Liu er’s eyes are bright. He can’t see the most real battle picture when Ji Rongxinyue drives the champion. Because Ji Rongxinyue rarely appears in her perspective, her mecha weapons include the pre-attack motivation, and she can’t see it clearly.
It’s like a person who doesn’t look at his feet when he’s running.