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She had a trembling accent.

"… who?"
"Who do you do things?" A virtual shadow poked its head out from behind her and looked at the jade brand words.
"Elder Lu?"
"Who is this man?"
"It’s … it’s one of my elders." Xia Xuan forced her fear to bite her teeth, which was even more threatening.
"Who is the pavilion? Do you know what will happen if you trespass here?"
"What are the consequences?" Virtual shadow smiled gently.
"Do you know what will happen if you don’t answer my question properly?"
Said the forward gently stick.
Xia Xuan feels like an ice crystal that is extremely cold. He leans over and chills all over. The source force seems to have stopped running.
In particular, the position of the heart seems to be gripped by a cold hand, and the breathing is sluggish and the blood flow is not smooth.
Virtual shadow again
"Who is the elder Lu?"
"…" Xia Xuan silver teeth clenched face twisted.
Virtual shadow doesn’t seem to expect that she still dares to smile and hold her heart, and the ghost claws add a force.
I can faintly hear the sound of heart breaking.
"I said … I said …"
Xia Xuan pale nasty mouth.
"Lu’s predecessor is Guan Jiafeng, a sixth-order silver, and this is also the stronghold of Guan Jia. If you kill me, it is equivalent to offending Guan Jia!"
"Offending Guanjia is equivalent to offending Dong Xuanpai!"
"Hey …" Virtual shadow laughs at.
"The tone is not small, but you respect yourself."
"Dong Xuanpai?"
He looked up to heaven and immediately asked
"You said that the elder Lu was the one who refined iron essence?"
"No" Xia Xuan shook his head.
"Then who is he?" Virtual audio-visual promotion
"That …" Xia Xuan carefully.
"He won’t let me be myself."
"Say it, I can consider letting you go." Virtual shadow insidious smile’s hand strength increased again
"He won’t let you say don’t you can’t speak? Or would you rather die here than betray that one? "
"I said!"
Xia Xuan without hesitation
"His name is Zhou …"
The sound stopped abruptly.