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"The worse command has reached fire support and ordered them to wait for a more suitable opportunity."

"But the anti-Galaxy Corps is Marquis A, and together with them, it is also Earl A and Duke A. The fire support effect is not great."
Hearing these conversations, Li Yuanba’s line of sight has shifted from the independent group to the Xinghe team.
Seeing that Ji Rongxinyue, Xingyue, Qin Tong, Harris, Su Chuanyun, Lame, liu er, Ying Luoqi, and Prison Xiyan formed a Xinghe squad, and a fighting posture to hunt down more than 600 imperial big noble mecha constantly won ten and ten gold stars.
Li Yuanba’s eyes are full of envy.
I don’t envy the help of the moon and the moon driving the moon and the armor, nor do I envy these sub-Xinghe and ace teammates, nor do I envy the independent group’ bait’ of the Xinghe squad for creating this opportunity for ten mechs to kill more than 600 imperial big noble mechs
But envy them for going to war.
As the Xinghe squad came after the regular-level standard mecha of the empire and broke up, the number of big noble Mechs, the main force of the anti-Xinghe Corps, has dropped from more than 600 to less than 500.
From this point of view, the tactical choice made by the commander of the Imperial Mecha Corps, Yoshinobu Nakano, is wrong. If we continue to keep this tactical choice, they will be annihilated by the team of Xinghe.
But Li Yuanba is very clear that these mecha commanders in the empire are very wise.
It is obviously unrealistic for the member to encircle and intercept the Xinghe team. In terms of the maneuverability of the Xinghe team, they simply have no chance to achieve tactical goals, but they will allow the independent regiment to get sufficient repair.
Divide troops to pursue the Xinghe team?
In terms of maneuverability and combat power, the Xinghe team needs several turns to be able to abandon the pursuers and chase them again. They are responsible for chasing the main force of the independent regiment, and then they need to constantly carry out tactical penetration to bring them more casualties and tackle more times.
Of all the tactical options, Nakano Yoshinobu’s choice is actually less casualties, which brings the greatest pressure to the Independent Regiment and the Xinghe Team.
After watching Li Yuanba for a while, you can be sure that the Xinghe squad is now showing its fighting capacity. Before the independent regiment is chased, they can suppress the number of imperial big noble mecha to around 400.
If the independent regiment is at its peak, the Xinghe squad will have a chance to win the battle of annihilation even if the number is much less and the average performance level of the mecha is much worse.
But the independent regiment is far from its peak
More than 100 pieces of armor that can be repaired and completed can’t give full play to their combat power. If the number is absolutely inferior, serious damage will occur when both sides encounter an instant independent regiment.
And those independent groups who will not repair the energy will soon run out and cut the mountain armor, which will make the independent group usher in the annihilation of foreign troops except the Xinghe team and the ape team.
To get rid of the independent group, there must be more than two hundred imperial big noble mecha left, so it is impossible to directly impact so many embattled imperial big noble mechs with a group attitude in the face of the Xinghe squad Rao.
The crisis of the independence group in Li Yuanba looks extremely serious, even more serious than the mercenaries who are fleeing in the second canyon.
So he will ask Ji Xinghe’ what’
It is impossible for Ji Xinghe to put an independent regiment in danger of’ military annihilation’. So what is Ji Xinghe’s courage to support the mercenary group?
It can’t be because Ji Xinghe covets to kill Wang Jungong of the Imperial Town, can it? It is even more impossible to covet the second canyon. It is impossible to grow legs and run away from the imperial transition base.
Which card are you going to show today?
Li Yuanba thought this way when he suddenly noticed an intelligence that stunned him.
It was Jin Daosheng’s blockade. When there were 100 early-stage mecha, it cooperated with the blockade. The Galaxy Squad of its arms supported and smashed more than 300 imperial mechs.
It doesn’t sound like an exaggeration. After all, it’s a defensive posture war that has been operating for many years, and there is also a Xinghe team, the strongest team in the Federation, to support it. It’s reasonable for the federal mecha to achieve an average of three imperial mechs per person …
Reasonable, my ass
That’s nearly two thousand imperial mecha charge!
Li Yuanba’s eyes focused on the battle report information. The eye change seems to understand which card Ji Xinghe wants to play.
Or is this card decided by itself?
Because looking at the world, whether it is a Federation or an empire is definitely stronger than the sum of the Federation and the empire, it is impossible for the third article to really command this card.
But is it really appropriate?
Li Yuanba got worried and continued to look through all kinds of battle report information and perspectives. He felt the gravity change and knew that his individual starship had successfully landed in the worse gate, but he didn’t go immediately.
No one asked or suggested that he come out. It was this single-soldier starship that was restricted, but it was locked by the prepared personnel.
There is also a team of elite soldiers in individual exoskeleton armor guarding the outside of the individual starship.
Li Yuanba saw this scene, but he didn’t respond, so he stayed quiet in the individual starship, waiting for him to repair the overlord armor urgently.
In the continuous silence, he saw that Jin Daosheng’s armored motorcade captured more than 200 conventional imperial mecha, 27 baron armour and 13 Jue armour, and continued to expand the results.
This is also an incredible record, which is more exaggerated than the record created by the blockade mecha just now by Jin Daosheng, and it can be said to be a prehistoric case.
Although these just surrendered imperial mecha can’t be led by Jin Daosheng and others to participate in the battle of the Independent Regiment, there are repeated risks at any time.
But when I saw this scene, Li Yuanba suddenly laughed and answered the questions he had just raised.
Chapter 769 Faith blooms
"Commander, is it really okay to do this?"
Some staff members questioned Tu Yuan’s order. There is a great difference between questioning and questioning, but when the order arrived, everyone had no doubt.
This change is due to the fact that this order led to the trend of the war, which many people expected, possibly including reaching this order and killing themselves.
Six armored vehicles captured more than two hundred imperial mecha, and these imperial mecha almost lost their physical and mental abilities, and there was not much consumption of orangutan mecha.