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Not only did he dig a basement successfully, but he also dug it so complicated.

How long will it take him to dig alone, and one person to transport dirt and stones?
After walking about ten meters, a steel door similar to a safe appeared in front.
Around the door are also welded steel plates.
Lin Ying sighed with emotion and then pressed the door to adjust the password by several turntables.
Xiao Lanqi taught Lin Yingru to open this door before he died.
A moment later, a steel door slammed, and several turntables of the door clicked, which disrupted the password.
A faint light came out through the crack of the door.
"Is it Dad?" There is a child’s voice in it
Then came a woman with a vibrato, "Qi, is that you? Are you back?"
There is doubt and excitement in the voice, and the voice owner is running towards the door.
Lin Ying took a deep breath and pushed the door to drill in.
The sound in the room came to an abrupt end
A moment later, a frightened woman rang out, "Who are you? Who are you? What about Archie? "
Lin Ying looked up and found that there was a large amount of materials piled up in an area of more than 20 square meters.
Food, drinking water and fuel are still a few days away.
There are several pipes at the top of the basement, and a little light is coming out of those pipes.
See those tubes with some mirrors actually reflect the outside light into this room of more than 20 square meters in this way.
In this way, the room is not so dark.
In the basement, there is a thin woman and a dirty little boy hiding behind her.
Women don’t know if it’s because they haven’t been in the sun for a long time, and their whole faces are pale and they can’t help but tremble.
The little boy hid behind the woman and looked at Lin Ying with some fear.
"Who are you?" Woman’s voice trembles
When she said this, she tried to hide the little boy.
Her voice trembled and her body trembled, but her hand firmly protected the child behind her, and then she touched the hard object with metallic texture around her waist.
Lin Ying didn’t speak. He looked at the woman and the child behind her.
At this time Zhou Feng got in from the tunnel.
Her hand tube swept into the basement and finally fell on the woman and the child.
The strong light immediately made their eyes feel a sharp pain.
The little boy screamed, "Oh, it’s so dazzling."
"Handle" Lin Ying blocked Zhou Feng front some don’t like.
Hear Lin audio-visual Zhou Feng this just reaction to come over and hurriedly dropped his hand.
"They are Xiao Lanqi’s wife and children?" Zhou Feng looked at the basement, and the two women debuted.
When a woman hears Zhou Feng’s words, her whole body is frozen, and her hands holding waist hard objects are unusually calm.
"How do you know my father?" When the little boy heard Xiao Lanqi’s name, he suddenly asked
Zhou Feng immediately smiled at the little boy’s words. "What’s your name, little friend?"
When the little boy saw Zhou Fengchao smiling at himself, he was not as timid as before. He put his head out from behind his mother and asked, "You haven’t answered me yet. How do you know my father? Do you know where my father is now? "
Zhou Feng heard the little boy’s voice and took a look at Lin Ying. "Little friend, I am your father’s colleague. Of course I know your father."
But before Zhou Feng’s words were finished, there came a bang.
Then the second and third.
Opposite the woman hands holding a sniper rifle toward Lin Ying a volley.
Lin Ying reacted quickly. The moment the woman raised her gun, he reacted. Then he jumped to the side and kept rolling to avoid the woman shooting.
At the same time, Lin Ying rolled in the direction of women.
Zhou Feng’s reaction speed was not as fast as Lin Ying’s, and she didn’t react until a moment later when she brushed her shoulder and flew over and tore off her flesh and blood.
Zhou Feng screamed, fell to the ground, and then jumped into the tunnel when he came.
When the woman saw that Zhou Feng had disappeared and disappeared in the tunnel, she kept shooting at Lin Ying with a gun.
When Cang Hang Up the stereo, Lin Ying suddenly jumped up from the ground and flashed in front of the woman and grabbed the sniper rifle from her hand.
Then Lin Ying buckled the woman’s wrist and made her debut. "Don’t get excited, we are not bad people."
The woman’s weapon was taken away and her wrist was buckled. The whole person could not move, and her whole face was frightened and bloody.
The sudden shooting frightened the little boy into crying.
When he saw that his mother was seized by Lin Ying and controlled, he felt a sense of courage from nowhere.
He picked up a stick from the side and walked to the front of Lin Ying, constantly hitting Lin Ying while crying and shouting, "You bad guy let my mother go, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you."
{End of chapter}
Chapter 579 Please take more photos.
The little boy kept hitting Lin Ying with all his strength, but it almost hurt Lin Ying.
However, the little guy seems to be very persistent. After hitting Lin Ying with a few sticks, he actually bit his teeth, but after all, he was too small to bite Lin Ying’s clothes, but he thought it was like a wolf cub with a low roar in his mouth.
Lin Ying glanced at the little boy with a frown.
This eye fell on the woman’s eyes and made her feel a cold. "Please don’t hurt him. What can I do for you? Please come at me."
Lanci hasn’t come back since that time. If you want to find something, please find it. Please don’t hurt him. "
Lin Ying’s frown deepened when she heard the woman’s words, and then she sighed leisurely. "I told you I’m not a bad person, and I’m not looking for something. On the contrary, I’m here to help you.
Xiao Lanqi made a deal with me before he died. The deal is to take you to a safe place to ensure that you can live safely. "