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Seeing Lin Ying’s eyes, Huang Ling immediately felt a little afraid. "I’m not very clear about the specific situation. I also heard from Taoist Yang."

Lin Ying said with the wave, "Forget it, I’m not going to hold you accountable."
Then Lin Ying looked at Roy and said, "Is there a problem going to that camp?"
Roy thought for a while and replied, "There should be no problem in this camp. It is dirty and messy, and it is chaotic to often fight zombies."
Hundreds of combat troops have been stationed there for a long time, and people die almost every day.
By the way, there are also forces from all sides who have failed in the struggle of the southwest joint base. These people have been arranged here to stay away from the profit center to prevent them from regaining profits. "
Chapter seven hundred and forty-four Go to the field camp
Hearing Roy’s words, Lin Ying suddenly flashed a figure in her mind.
Lin Ying thought of Yang Guobin.
At the beginning, Lin Ying and Yang Guobin traded an evolutionary medicine formula, and Lin Ying’s hair base tried to make a batch and distributed it to all the people. After that, it said that the effect was not bad.
However, Lin Ying is not sure whether Yang Guobin is here because he was cleaning up zombies in BN when Lin Ying met him. At that time, don’t make a deal with Yang Guobin to give him the army station and rely on them to clean up the zombies around?
I don’t know how they are now.
At this time, Roy said, "bss, do you think we should go there?"
Lin Ying woke up from her memory and bowed her head and thought about it. She replied, "Go and have a look. Now that you can’t go to the city to go to this camp, I don’t believe that you will stay in the wild camp all the time. When Yang Meng wants to find you, I will have a chance."
Or wait until you get to the field camp and you stay there and I’ll sneak into the joint base city to find Yang Meng. "
Roy got a reply and immediately asked the car mercenary to drive to a side branch.
Watching Roy and his team change lanes, the fat two got up from the ground.
Then Fat spat and spat with blood in his mouth, resenting, "Damn you, Sangguquan, just pull a hammer and let you be arrogant for a few days. When the New World United Government fu people arrive, you will die."
Next to the thin smell speech immediately debut "fat brother how do you say this? Is it necessary to start work on these mercenaries in the base? "
Fat upturned head a triumphant appearance way "to Yang Meng now want to whitewash his first thing to do is to eliminate these mercenaries, the new world coalition government fu hate mercenaries hate separatist Yang Meng, this will be frantically whitewashed.
Besides, it is said that these mercenaries went out and kicked the iron plate with heavy casualties. Didn’t you see how many people were left just now? Twenty or thirty. "
Thin smell speech immediately debut "fat brother, are you sure about this news?"
Fat patting his chest and saying, "I am the most well-informed and really more true than real money."
Then fat down the sound path "to tell you the truth, the news is that my brother-in-law told me that you also know that he is the most effective player in Yang Meng. Yang Mengan relies on him to protect the news from him."
Thin immediately surprised to hear the fat words with his mouth open and his face full of disbelief. "Brother Fat, doesn’t that mean there will be a war in the base recently?"
Fat touching his belly, "almost Yang Meng will kick down the ladder to kill the donkey. It must be sooner or later that I don’t know what it is."
But surely it’s not too long. After all, the fu people of the New World United Government are coming soon. If they didn’t deal with the mercenary before they came, would Yang Meng have no face?
All this is definitely only in recent days, and you and I have received a lot of powerful leaders from all sides these days.
The leaders of the nine cities and ten towns around here are said to have been invited by Yang Meng to help clean up these mercenaries. By the way, they can see a new world joint government fu people and then take refuge in them. "
Thin immediately debuted. "So that’s it. I mean, these days they are all big shots from us. So they are from nine cities and ten towns."
When I said that I was thin here, I suddenly felt a little nervous. "There is going to be a war in the base. I am already uneasy. I want to move my family to an safe place and pick it up after this battle."
Fat said with a smile immediately, "Hey, hey, look at your bear. It’s such a big thing that you scare us. Although it’s a little bitter, we have a lot of income. It’s not dangerous to be smart or take your family to live here."
Thin immediately became a little alert when he heard the fat words, and then looked at fat and asked, "Brother Fat, what do you mean?"
Fat with a grin, "it doesn’t mean anything, just that you are worried that your family will let you move your family here and let’s live together."
Thin looking at fat to distinguish the meaning of his words, but only to see a pile of trembling fat can secretly say "maybe I think too much."
Fat rubbed his belly and walked to the next room. As he walked, he said to thin, "Xiao Liu, it’s hard for you to go and tell them that Roy is back. What about you? Go and pick up your family."
Thin smell speech frowned and hesitated for a while, then ran into the house and rode a bicycle towards the joint base.
Looking at riding a bike, the slobber is long. "Is Liu’s wife really him? It’s a good time. After playing, it makes my old heart itch. This time, he took all his family and lived together. I feel excited to think about it. I feel excited to think about it."
With that, I went to the room and fell into my bed to dream.
Lin Ying and his party walked in the direction of the field camp after they got out of the card.
But Lin Ying stopped everyone before they got here.
"Eldest brother, why don’t we go to this camp? It’s too complicated here. I may have some hld, "Roy suggested to Lin Ying.
Lin Ying asked Roy, smoking a cigarette, "The more complicated the situation here, the better. We can fish in troubled waters here, and then I will mix in the city behind when I have the chance."
You can also try to gather a group of people here and plan to make some preparations later. "
Hearing Lin Ying, Roy replied, "All right, I’ll try."
After discussing for a while, the car set off again in the direction of the field camp.
It wasn’t long before Lin Ying and his party came to the wild camp.
Lin Ying and others were found by the sentry hiding in the dark before they got close, and then they were asked to walk in the car and leave things in place.
Roy heard that the lazy car was arguing with the sentry, but the sentry ignored Lin Ying and made a simple bolt move.
The sentry means to see you either from the bottom of your hand or from the bottom of your hand
Roy’s face changed with anger, but Lin Ying motioned for patience.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-five Kill people
Roy was stopped by fat before coming here, but now he’s being stopped, and he’s almost mad
More let him feel angry is sentry, also touched the weapon and looked at Roy with a face of provocation.
At this moment, Lin Ying came up to Roy, and Roy moved aside a little to make room for Lin Ying.
The sentry froze when he saw Roy’s move and then looked at Lin Ying.
The sentry looked at Lin Ying and tried to recall the more distinguished leader among mercenaries, but found that there was no Lin Ying figure.
Sentinel heart andao "face to face I don’t have him in the key list, so her position among mercenaries is not very high, at most, a little higher than Roy, regardless of him."
Just then Lin Ying walked to the sentry post; "Do you want to detain our things? "
The sentry said impatiently, "This is asking the car to stay and walk in and don’t make trouble."
Lin Ying said coldly, "What if we insist on the car going in?"
The sentry waved his rifle and said, "Hum, if you insist on the car, you have to ask the veteran if the gun will allow it."
Lin Ying looked at the sentry and smiled. "Ha ha ask you a gun in your hand? I bet you didn’t play in your gun. "
The sentry wondered, "What do you mean?"
"What do you mean?" Lin Ying smiled and pulled out a gun to stand against the sentry’s head and said with a smile, "Believe it or not, I’ll shoot you?"