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When two Wang Zijia were shot in succession, it was when Wang Zijia recovered. Although they could not recover so quickly like Ji Xinghe and Adakang, as if they had never suffered a nuclear explosion attack, they were driving Wang Zijia after all, and they were farther away from the center of the nuclear explosion. After all, their average physical quality far exceeded that of the Xinghe squad, and they all had the third stage of environmental gas.

However, when Ji Xinghe broke the third Prince Jia of No.4, his mind gradually blurred and the virtual shadow became clear again.
All the trajectories of Prince A point to one position, which is where Adakang is at this time.
It was motionless in that position, as if Ji Xinghe might take the opportunity to retreat, and Ji Xinghe was able to determine this because Adakang kept calling.
"How many people are left in the Xinghe team?"
"Can you hear me?"
"Don’t be afraid because you are dead."
"If you leave this area, my hand will find your position, and then my hand will chase you and kill you all."
"Or you can shout Ji Xinghe and let him tell you where he is now and then join us in a dying struggle."
"But unfortunately, Ji Xinghe didn’t dare to respond, and I didn’t dare to respond to you."
"He’s not dead. I know he’s not dead, but he’s scared because …"
"He is no match for me!"
Xingyue, Li Han, Jackson, Rovich, Qin Tong, Harris, Su Chuanyun, Lame, liu er, Ying Luoqi, and Prison Xiyan.
Xinghe squad except Ji Xinghe, there are only eleven mecha driving eleven Guo Shi-class mecha who still have combat capability. They all heard Adakang’s sound.
They didn’t rush to take revenge on Adakang’s position in anger, and they didn’t try to rally around the Milky Way by propaganda. In fact, more than half of them have been destroyed by nuclear explosion, which is equivalent to being able to survive the nuclear explosion. How can they expect the mecha to be intact?
To maintain a certain level of combat power, they know very well what kind of field they will be in front of Adakang and what impact they will bring to the inevitable battle at this time.
They didn’t look for an opportunity to break the single parent Wang Jia scattered by nuclear explosion like Ji Xinghe. It’s not the most critical problem. The most critical problem is the breaking speed. If it’s not fast enough, it will give Wang Zijia a chance to expose their position.
Besides the moon and the stars, no one among them can probably determine the position of those Prince A at this time. Even if the moon and the stars get the trajectory map through calculation, there is no clear chessboard in Ji Xinghe’s mind at this time.
She chose to end the Xinghe team instead of taking risks and fighting.
Just like the chessboard emerged in Ji Xinghe’s mind, there was also a chessboard in Xingyue’s consciousness, which was different from her chessboard. It was the prince A who disappeared, and then she went to the Xinghe team to find all the national mecha targets one by one.
On both sides of the knot, however, how did the Xinghe team take the opportunity to kill the Xinghe team after the knot? The number of mecha in the Xinghe team will not be more than that in the hands of Adakang.
Moreover, the questions asked by Adakang are echoing in the hearts of the lucky team members of Xinghe Team.
Can you beat the old man in Prince Jia Adakang?
This is indeed a very serious problem.
Qian Ji Xinghe was able to defeat Adakang because both sides didn’t wear armor, and this time Adakang would never fight against Ji Xinghe.
Although the theoretical overlord A is one level higher than the imperial prince A and the same level as the imperial emperor A, who can guarantee that Adakang is driving a prince A? Team Xinghe people can’t be sure that Adakang is driving Imperial Armor like Ji Xinghe, but they can detect it.
If Adakang is driving the Prince Jia Ji Xing He, there will be no mecha advantage.
The development level of imperial science and technology is not weaker than that of the Federation, but it really exceeds it. Because of the imperial system, all kinds of high-tech can’t be obtained, and there should be insufficient opportunities for equal education, which makes it seem to lag behind the Federation in many aspects.
It is said that they are at the same level, but the mecha driven by Adakang at this time is very likely to take the federal unknown weapon system against the overlord armor driven by Ji Xinghe, but it has long been understood by the empire about almost all weapon systems and performance.
And from the intelligence of Dong Guo Cilian, it is obvious that Adakang has mastered the same gift ability as Ji Xinghe.
Now, Ji Xinghe has no team members, A for A, Life for Life. Ai Dakang still has a lot of prince A helpers. Can he really win?
It is common sense to know whether you can win or not until you have fought.
However, for the lucky ones of the Xinghe team, they can’t make a choice according to common sense now, because if they lose the bet, they will all sacrifice.
It has been knotted up. In several mecha, the sound of Rovich comes out of the sacred armor. The volume is low enough for several mecha to capture it.
"I’m not afraid dead, I’m willing to fight alongside the old man. I’ll die to give the old man a chance to win, but if we all die, the number of federal ace mecha … will return to the spell period. You all know what this means!
I’m sorry I can’t die and neither can you. "
Chapter 2 Desperate, Clear and Clear
Ji Xinghe’s tactics have always been simple, and this time it is the same.
The Xinghe squad is responsible for blocking Adakang’s hand, Prince A, creating a chance for Ji Xinghe to kill Adakang alone, and then Ji Xinghe helps the Xinghe squad to break all the forces of Prince A’s liberation of the Xinghe squad. Finally, he leads the orbital descent and forced descent of the Blue Independent Regiment, and the Independent Regiment makes a surprise attack on the Imperial Transition Base of the Mountain of the Gods to determine precise coordinates and guide the federal attack.
In the process of execution, it is impossible to have no accidents. The Xinghe team naturally made corresponding plans.