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Hua Zhenxing explained, "If that’s what I thought at that time, how can I not even resist?"? We have to try out how important he is and see what means he has.

I’ll wake up when I get back to the port of Sofia. By the way, Locke told some old people that he also had a bottom in his heart when dealing with him again. This man is very arrogant. I asked him in advance and he told me to do whatever I want. "
Mr. Feng "Tell the truth!"
Hua Zhen trip "This is the truth"
Mr. Feng "tells the truth! Think back to your true reaction at that time instead of finding reasons afterwards. "
Chapter 12, Do Not Say
What was the truest reaction of Hua Zhen trip at that time? First of all, I should be surprised by who and for what purpose, and there is such a big deal.
His second reaction was that the angry man was too arrogant and arrogant to even say hello, and he was ruined. The wooden magpie had to be very graceful. So what if something happened? It wasn’t to bully people, just like an adult running to show off in front of kindergarten children. No one thought it was a real prestige.
Hua Zhen knows that his repair is far worse than the other party. Frick himself should be more aware of this gap. The three old men in the family have a lot of things to do, and they haven’t seen that they have nothing to do. They ran to the street to bully people and suddenly stretched out their hands to take away passers-by’ s mobile phones and broke them, and then they were amazing … Isn’t that crazy?
Hua Zhen killed people, but he didn’t bully others with his own troubles. If he did that, the three old people wouldn’t allow it.
Hua Zhen’s trip also taught others a lesson. The so-called lesson Koff made it very clear that there should be "teaching" and "training". The so-called teaching means pointing out what the other party did wrong and getting nothing in his heart. The so-called training is to be strict, adhere to the correct position and make punishment and discipline on this basis.
What is Frick’s practice? It’s worse than bullying hooligans on the streets of Porto de Somalia!
Only after Hua Zhen’s trip did he understand that Frick misunderstood him as Locke’s apprentice who wanted to be altruistic to deal with Locke. The main purpose was to find an anger. He felt curious and wanted to know what happened to Fri klock. Whose fault was it?
This matter may not be important to others, but it is important to Hua Zhen because Locke asked him, "If my enemy comes here, can the new alliance protect it?"
And he also said to Locke, "We will neither pursue the personal grievances of some organizations nor take the initiative to intervene. If what you said really happens, let’s see that this is the case. Should it happen?
I know that you are a monk, and you should be able to understand this word. Me too. If you have ever relied on the crime of rape and murder, we will never cover up and will help each other get you. "
Frick really wanted to shock Hua Zhen’s trip. If Hua Zhen’s trip was really Locke’s apprentice, how could he have seen such a means? It is estimated that he would be stunned and shocked on the spot.
But this is really a misunderstanding. Hua Zhenxing was not taught by Locke. He has never seen a master since he was a child. Although he has never seen Yang Laotou flying around, he doesn’t know who Frick is better than in his heart. Frick’s so-called shock not only has no effect, but makes Hua Zhen very angry
What makes Hua Zhen even more angry is that Fricken didn’t care what he said. He took his own situation as a fact. Hua Zhenxing said twice that he was not Locke’s apprentice, but Frick ignored Fricken’s saying that he had to be.
When Hua Zhen later said that he understood the truth, he said that he had understood what kind of person Frick was.
Even if Frick and Locke are not completely understood, it is enough to imagine what happened to Locke and others in those years by watching this person act and revealing words.
As far as Hua Zhen is concerned, Frick is not a good thing
Even if Frick and Locke have any enmity, what does it matter if they go to Hua Zhen? Hua Zhen is really not Locke’s apprentice. Even Locke’s apprentice hates Frick. Obviously, he is persecuting a man who is both kook and kook.
Angry and curious, how could Hua Zhen not do it? Even if he knew he was defeated, he had to do it by force. He played a trick and created a chance for himself to do it, which benefited Frick’s arrogance
He also has an idea that he just told Mr. Feng that he wanted to test a Frick method. Even if he couldn’t beat it, it would make others have a bottom … Mr. Feng asked him to say it and he blinked.
After listening, Mr. Feng shook his head and said, "If you look down on life and death, don’t do it! Many people here have this temper. On the one hand, they are simple-minded because they have no education.
On the other hand, there are too many people to love. I have never seen so many beautiful things in the world, and I have never even eaten oil noodles.
How much you grew up here will also be influenced by the local atmosphere, but your situation is different. Xiaohua, I can’t say that you have never suffered since you were a child, but I am sure that you have never suffered from it since you were a child. This may not be a good thing, or you may suffer a big loss! "
Hua Zhen asked, "What did I do wrong?"
Mr. Feng shook his head again. "What you have done shows a very valuable quality! It’s that you have some problems with the situation analysis, and there is nothing wrong with your ideas and methods. "
Hua Zhen line "Then where am I wrong?"
Mr. Feng: "Is this how you usually communicate with Lao Yang?"
Hua Zhen trip "Yes"
Mr. Feng said with a wry smile, "You’re far worse than Frick. It’s meaningless to shoot. Even if there is an accident, I’m afraid it’s your accident. If he didn’t die, he slapped you to death. What do you think is the possibility?"
Hua Zhen’s trip is "very likely."
Mr. Feng, "If you die, you will be benevolent, but you will not be responsible for yourself or others. Just a few old people have trained you for so many years. Are you going to die today?
If no one knows Frick is here, is Locke dangerous or dead? Such a psychopath went to the port of Sofia to make trouble and others didn’t get a warning, so many people would be in danger!
I wanted you to manage to get back to the port of Fesso, and you and Locke could escape, but if Frick’s slap just now really swept you and he didn’t die, I didn’t think about the consequences today. "
Hua Zhenxing pondered for a long time and finally nodded, "So it was really my fault. I really didn’t think about it at that time."
Mr. Feng: "It’s not that you are not smart enough, but that you have such a personality. You may not be anonymous because it doesn’t hinder anything, but you still don’t know what it means to bear the burden of humiliation. Why do people sometimes bear the burden of humiliation?"
Forget it, I won’t tell you these great truths. I’m not asking too much of you. Actually, I was more reckless than you when I was your age, and I couldn’t do anything as fast as you.
Looking back now, no matter how big the event is, that kind of fear mentality is really bad. My apprentice is much better than me. No matter how hard the background is, he will not be afraid of fooling around. "
Hua Zhen smiled apologetically, "You are modest!"
Mr. Feng, "Don’t laugh at the fact that a master like Frick is dead. Didn’t you learn anything?"
Hua Zhen line patted his chest, "the lesson is very profound! This way, the master can also be killed by me. After I kill him, I must never look down on others and not let this tragedy happen to me. "