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Mark raised his eyebrows and asked, "You know?"

Astra nodded and said, "When we came back from the outside about ten days ago, we felt that it seemed different here, but we didn’t send someone out to look for you."
Mark nodded and said, "Barry went back to the past and changed something to create a butterfly effect."
"Then we …"
"Don’t worry that we are outsiders and can’t control us here."
Astra was relieved.
About half an hour later
Mark hugged Wally, a little enthusiastic and ridiculous, and took the wheat out of the lab.
Bari Allen suo neighborhood
As soon as Mark and Mai came here, he saw Barry and his mother embrace him and walk out of the house when he changed.
Barry saw Mark.
Mark smiled and pointed to the nearby community park, and then walked over there with Mai.
Barry hesitated for a moment and then walked over.
In the park
Parents who live here are taking their children to relax in the park.
Mark found a shade and sat down.
Barry smiled and greeted Mai and sat down beside Mark.
quite a while
Mark turned to look at Barry and said, "So is this what you want now?"
Barry opened his mouth and said nothing.
Mark laughed. "If I were you, I’d travel to save my family."
Barry looked up.
But before he could speak, Mark once again said, "But you are more stupid than I thought."
Barry was dumbfounded.
Mark looked at Barry and said, "What did I introduce myself to when I first met you?"
"… Lord of the underworld"
"Then do you know what the Lord of the underworld does?"
"… control death … death"
Mark’s mouth curved slightly. "Do you think you are stupid now?"
Barry was silent.
When he has the ability to travel back and forth and make up his mind
There is only one thought in his mind, and that is to stop speeding to save his mother.
He didn’t think so much.
Barry looked up as if to ask himself and Mark, "Did I do something wrong?"
Mark said, "You have to ask yourself. Now run."
Barry "…"
Chapter 533 Mind Mentor Ma Mouren
The multiverse here is wonderful.
The earth with the god Olympus is the real earth.
in a word
Deep roots
What is Earth One? Earth One to Earth 30 are more attached to the main universe.
The gods of the main universe can come directly to these messy semicolons in the earth.
But the semicolon earth people actually crossed into the main universe earth.
In this No.1 earth, speed is the boss.
And here came Hades, and now the Lord is the boss.
Two people is rule out the river and push together.
No matter what the timeline collapses or corrects here.
There will always be a quick parent.
Barry Allen, is this the kind where you are quick to kiss your son or afraid to melt in your hand?
To him?