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When people breathed a sigh of relief, they saw Ji Xinghe going to the individual starship, and he went straight into the cockpit of the individual starship while wearing a mecha.

"General, I …"
The new driver is a little stupid.
"I’ll do it myself"
Ji Xinghe gently said, and then skillfully started the individual starship. Now he really knows and has a certificate.
So people can look up to being driven by Ji Xinghe to fly to the sky, and their eyes are full of incomprehension.
"Commander" A politician gathered around Andy to show his respect with his former title and asked, "Where is General Ji going?"
All eyes are on Andy.
Andy frown.
"How do I know he didn’t tell me?"
"Oh, why didn’t you just ask, don’t ask, and don’t persuade him to order a single starship at such a big age and so fast that he …"
Because Ji Rong Xin Yue returned to the place, the words behind him could not be said.
"How can I ask how can I stop it?" Andy frowned and said, "I’m just a member of the House of Representatives. He’s a federal lieutenant general."
People felt Andy’s anger, and they all said that they could understand that the strongest mecha in the Federation was maliciously destroyed. Will it destroy its weapon which is very important to the federal military after that?
Dean Xinxin leaned over to Ji Rongxinyue and asked, "Do you know where your grandfather went?"
Ji Rongxin shook his head.
"I really don’t know?" Dean gritted his teeth. "If you talk to me, I promise to build you a beheading armor. It will be delivered to you in half a month at most."
I’m not sure what Ji Xinghe will do, but I can be sure that Ji Xinghe will have a cow and Ji Xinghe’s cow will have a great influence on the Federation. It’s worth it to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to cut the armor even if it’s a toy for a child.
Hearing this condition, Ji Rongxin’s eyes lit up a little.
"I really don’t know where my grandfather went, but …"
"If there is any valuable news, I promise to count it," the dean promised again
Ji Rong Xinyue said that "the new mecha is gone, of course, to find the old mecha."
Old mecha?
When people are not ready, someone suddenly exclaims
"General Ji went to Yingling Mountain and put the second-generation Xingyue armor of Yingling Mountain Memorial Hall into the individual starship and took it away."
Second generation xingyuejia?
It turned out to be this old mecha. People became nervous again when it dawned on them.
"Did General Ji return from the voyage?"
"If you don’t have a general horse, you won’t come back."
Ji Xinghe just told Ji Rong Xinyue that he will come back soon, so he can’t just go directly to another star with the second generation of Xingyue armor, and he didn’t come back directly …
So some people really panicked.
Because now the Milky Way is a armor-piercing Milky Way.
Chapter 566 Rob his mother
There are more federal blue star military satellites than alien military satellites.
The shortage of alien resources is partly due to this.
To put it simply, the federal Nantianmen project is not a launching platform for ballistic missiles with various orbits of alien Nantianmen.
There is also the arrangement of the Blue Star Lingshan Tai defense to prevent the defeat of alien wars. The Imperial Tai Fleet attacked the Blue Star on a large scale or directly let the army appear on the surface of the Blue Star through the transition gate.
It’s the reason that eggs can’t be put in the same basket.
These include all kinds of military satellites, too defensive bodies and peaceful blue stars, which have never been given a chance. People have always believed that they will never be used before the arrival of the imperial army.
Now, however, some of them have been started.
Many people in Lingshan Command Hall orbiting Blue Star have focused their attention on the big screen, and a red light spot is moving at a high speed.
It is a single-soldier starship that can be replaced by light spots because of its too fast flight speed.
"Sir, do we need to … lock?"