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the heavenly southern gate

Everyone in Tuyuan’s exclusive independent command center is paying attention to the big screen display information.
The central point is that Ji Xinghe has just led a team to B72 highland.
There is no battle yet, but everyone knows that the imperial power storm is coming.
Orders are constantly being reached. There can be no real battle. Li Han Mecha Team Ji Xinghe temporarily formed the Mecha Corps and the ground troops of Li Han Team are the real main force.
There is a federal mecha that is blocking the imperial mecha dash.
Mecha’s lethality for conventional ground forces is simply unimaginable. Ji Xinghe once did those imperial mechs and could also do it for federal ground forces.
Before the real battle, Tu Yuan, who made a plan for this battle and had command, received a communication application.
"Lieutenant General Tu Yuan, I think it is necessary for you to think again about the first world war plan."
A deadly man’s head is already very sparse, and he looks at Tu Yuan with a humble smile and says something threatening.
"Is it a so-called highland strategic significance that we have advanced weapons such as missiles and space battleship?"
"The main force didn’t play the real thing, but the key problem lies in Li Han and Ji Xinghe, and neither of them can sacrifice."
"Tuyuan Lieutenant General, we finally got ten active ace mecha who broke the spell for many years. Many people are happy about this. In your Longzhou idiom, it is jubilation and national celebration."
"We are preparing a program to get together ten active federal ace mecha, which can stimulate the people’s will to resist the empire. If one of Li Han or Ji Xinghe sacrifices the battlefield spell, it is unimaginable for our federal strike."
"In case both of them are sacrificed … I strongly suggest that Tu Yuan will cancel the command to defend B72 Highland. Before someone really needs to sacrifice, Li Han School and Ji Xinghe School should be evacuated."
"What if the B72 highland is gone?"
The congressman paused for a moment before waiting for the expected response from Tu Yuan to continue.
"We can help you apply for a certain quota, so that the B72 highland will be occupied by the empire. You can directly attack the empire with fire coverage. We can help you apply for missiles to make the B72 highland razed."
"What do you think of Lieutenant General Tu Yuan?"
After a long silence, Tu Yuan finally asked him, "Are you finished?"
Councillor froze and smiled and continued, "If you have other requirements, you can come out, not only this time, but also the weapon quota, energy quota and even your personal rank promotion of the troops under your command in B72 Highland. We can discuss it well."
TuYuan nodded his head.
Just when the legislator thought Tu Yuan was ready to make a deal, he heard Tu Yuan’s indifference.
"That’s it."
The communication was directly cut off by Tu Yuan before the congressman could react.
"Damn guy"
Another district councilor in the worse heaven was so angry that he shouted angrily, but he dared not rush directly to the command center of Tuyuan Institute.
The fact is that even if he wanted to go, he couldn’t get in.
Federal lawmakers can really vote for themselves when they pass the military phase plan. They have some resources to influence the federal military system
But in wartime, when a general of Tu Yuan’s rank commands a battle, let alone a federal senator, even the president of the federal government can make direct orders to influence the general’s will.