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"Don’t touch him."

Ji Rong Xin Yue’s tone became colder. She glanced at Xiao Pang and looked at the adults.
"Dear uncles and aunts, this is our independent youth training team camp. When they come here, they become our independent youth training team recruits by default.
I’m Ji Rong Xinyue, the captain of the youth training team of the independent regiment. I’m in charge here except the head of the regiment.
Please finish as soon as possible before you continue and bring them all to my place. I want to talk to them. "
The adults were surprised that some of them met Ji Rongxinyue for the first time, but they heard a lot.
Su He didn’t mean to praise Ji Rongxin Moon, except that the appearance of Ji Rongxin Moon is a secret to more than 7 billion people in the Federation. Some things and words of Ji Rongxin Moon make adults find it difficult to persist in living, and the blue stars are everywhere.
Some people don’t believe it, some people believe it.
Today, adults who came to this so-called independent youth training team camp suddenly believed what they thought was impossible.
This kid …
You are a granddaughter of Ji Xinghe.
This is the best compliment that people can think of at present.
Lying on the ground Qin Wangzhan found that no one was paying attention to it and still lay on the ground.
As more than 100 people over there finished closing, adults led the procession to come over.
He still didn’t want to get up, but he rolled his face and put it on the concrete floor
I noticed this. Lin Shu, wearing short sleeves, glanced at the fiery red sun in the sky and laughed. "What a thick skin!"
Ma two dog nodded and shouted out.
"The Youth Training Team of the Independent Corps of Xinghe Mecha has a combination."
The gap between the children and the older children is very obvious.
When the children who grew up in the alien base saw the standard military posture of the youth training team lined up neatly
There is nostalgia in the eyes.
Some of them can’t remember their original lives, and they didn’t receive relatively professional military training because of Ji Xinghe, like Ji Rong Xinyue.
But they always remember those uncles and aunts’ tall and straight posture in the base, and the standard military posture never stopped training.
Memories are coming, and the older children are more tidy.
Ji Rongxinyue turned his back on her in two queues, and the youth training team looked at the big children’s team. She and the big children were still fighting the king of Qin at this time.
With your hands on your back, your head held high and your voice loud
"I don’t like people like him who are spoiled and have no organization and discipline. I don’t like the fact that many people on this planet are children as big as us or children as big as you, including many adults.
I don’t even like it.
They are lazy when they walk, sit and lie down. They will wave food and water resources. They will create a lot of garbage and pollute the environment. They have too much time for entertainment instead of seizing all the time to improve themselves and train themselves.
I know it is unfair and unreasonable for me to say this, because they are not facing the war directly, because this planet is rich in resources.
But I think I am qualified to say this, because I have faced the war face to face, because my youth training team and I will be the people who will protect them. I don’t like them, but I will protect them.
Like us, you are all born from different stars. You have seen wars. You know how tight alien resources are, but you don’t like you because I can see that you have changed and become like them. "