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Sooner or later, you have to change it.

Mark understood the true meaning of this sentence.
Good half-day
Lailisi just closed her mouth, and waited until the flashing and charming elder sister turned around and left, then she asked curiously, "There’s no need to be so cautious, right?"
Regarding what Mark was worried about, Leslie said that she knew it was so lost.
But a plane?
What an exaggeration!
Mark smiled and shook his head!
Too young …
Chapter 451 Dinozzo was discharged from the hospital
naval base
Gibbs’ office
"Hi McKee"
Mckee, a new rookie agent, watched Kate come in with a man and a woman, moved her hands to the keyboard and said, "Is this Tony and Abby’s clothes?"
"What about Abby?" Kate threw Tony’s best man directly into his seat just as she was about to ask.
Jingle bells come from not far away.
A landscape in Identification Bureau painted with Gothic makeup Abby appeared not far away with two ponytails.
Abby is also Kate’s handpicked maid of honor.
In the maid of honor?
After Mark’s discussion, Lilith finally won.
After all, being a daughter must have had preferential treatment over her sister.
Kate and Abby hugged, smiled and handed over the bridesmaid brought from new york, and said, "I think it should fit, but if it doesn’t, tell me quickly, or you’ll be the only one without a bridesmaid."
"I’ll try it now," Abby said as soon as she received the maid of honor.
Wait until Abby jingles out of the office again.
Kate said, "Where’s Tony? Didn’t you say you came to class today? "
Said the desktop machine rang.
Kate grabbed the words.
Mackey pursed her lips and shrugged her shoulders. He was also curious about what hasn’t come yet.
Just then.
As always, Gibbs came out of the ladder with coffee in his hand and unsmiling.
place behind sb
It’s special agent Anthony dinozzo, who survived the recovery.
Now Tony is hunched over and hiding behind Gibbs like a shadow stealth.
A little while
When Gibbs went to Kate’s desk,
Tony jumped up with a surprise on his face and said, "Surprise? Kate! "