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"By the way, didn’t you say that your classmates from midtown colleges and universities will come over to be guests?"

"Yes!" Mark withdrew his reverie and looked at his girlfriend suddenly. "Just two old guys who lived in the college dormitory said that I didn’t attend the reunion last year and I had to make up for them separately."
Kate nodded, put the slice of bread that just jumped out of the toaster into a bowl and handed it to Mark, saying, "It seems that you seldom talk about your ninth grade."
"Nothing to talk about!" Mark grabbed the bread and chewed it hard …
After cleaning up the desktop, Kate suddenly turned around and looked at Mark with her hips crossed.
Mark paused slightly. "What’s the matter?"
Kate was suspicious of Alakazam and said, "It seems that Julia Bev, the female anchor we met in the supermarket, is also your ninth grade classmate …"
"…" Mark!
Chapter 9 Mark’s Bad Friends in High School
At the age of sixteen, Mark entered the ninth grade of Midtown College in Brooklyn, new york!
What is the ninth grade instead of the eleventh grade?
That’s a very interesting thing!
Mark went to school when he was not away from Fox, which was a part of the implementation of Fox Town. The bill was an Indian autonomous region plan.
For example, colleges and universities are only 16 years old …
As a result, after arriving in new york, Mark’s classmates were two years younger than him.
This made Mark sad for a time, but he soon forgot it.
After all, he was only 16 years old at that time. To be honest, although the female students were only 14 years old, they had already gone to the forefront of fashion in terms of height, figure or dress.
That inexplicable bill doesn’t care that mark is still a minor …
Brian O ‘Connor!
Matt Damon!
These two classmates were Mark’s roommates in Midtown University …
Brian and Mark are both federal agents, the difference is that Brian entered the Federal College of Quantico one year later than Mark.
Now he is a federal agent in Los Angeles …
Yumat was already a minor celebrity in 1999, and won the Oscar for Best Actor for a film …
Comparing his sister Annie with Matt’s classmates, his sister Annie is at best a walk-on …
Shooting a fairy tale has been done for so long, and it’s not efficient at all!
Mark is not optimistic about the box office of that film!
One second!
But when Mark said the names of the students who visited these two days, his girlfriend Kate suddenly became sluggish manually.
With eyes wide open, Mark said incredulously, "Matt Damon is your classmate. What have you never said …"
Mark slightly one leng some inexplicably said, "Why do you say this? He’s not as handsome as me …"
Kate gave Mark a white eyeball directly and asked excitedly, "Is it Matt Damon who has participated in Saving Private Ryan and Good Will Hunting?"
Mark nodded. "Yeah, why?"
"Matt Damon is your classmate?"
Mark looked as if he had turned into a groupie girlfriend and woke up. "Ms. Todd, I need to wake up. You’re the special agent to defend the president, idolize. Shouldn’t this be insulated from you?"
"Who said that?" Kate retorted, "That’s Matt Damon, the Hollywood golden boy."
"Yes, yes!" Mark can keep nodding his head.
I have some regrets about telling my girlfriend this thing.
Is it that the cold virus has transferred to the central nervous system?
Life is running out?
But recall that time when Matt participated in Cinderella Now.
Mark has also visited classes.
I had an in-depth spiritual exchange with the actress.
That taste …
This unforgettable experience opened the door for Mark to hunt Hollywood.
In addition, Mark and the top rich second generation didn’t fall out because of that incident, which was quite a feeling of being at home!
"You’re not going to buy something?"
"What is it?"
"You know that you men get together and smoke cigars …"
"I have a case of beer!" Mark looked at his girlfriend and said, "You haven’t ever had any fantasies about Matt on the screen, have you?"