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Is it true that the handsome index in the picture broke through the sky and Lucifer was his past life?

Mark touched the occasional itch in his ribs.
If it’s really your past life, then why come to play reincarnation with the enemy stream?
One more thing.
What the hell is it that you play reincarnation and block memory?
Are you having fun?
Play with yourself?
Mark was rude, thinking that he was manic, but he even scolded himself.
Although this is speculation, Mark feels close to the truth.
Unreasonable auditory hallucination
Itchy double ribs
And …
Mephistopheles changed his attitude when he met for the first time.
A great detective once said this sentence.
Get rid of all the impossible, and the answer is correct, no matter how ridiculous or ridiculous it is.
He is now ten percent sure.
Mark called for his foothold, but Jiumei didn’t answer.
Where did you travel?
Mark is really sad.
half an hour later
Mark wandered in the desert with a pickup truck, much like bard in ancient times.
Who am I?
The desert Kuang was not worried about an accident at all. Mark kept thinking with one hand on the steering wheel and one foot on the accelerator.
If Lucifer was really his past life, what is he now?
Waiting for awakening?
Are you still yourself after awakening?
This thing is as ridiculous as being yourself when it is reversed.
Maybe it’s time to go to the Kama Taj?
Mark thought so when he looked at the nearby sandstorm that was gaining momentum.
Although he didn’t know what the three parties were arguing about in the picture just now, he still saw through everything as great as Mark’s wisdom.
Although I don’t know what idle eggs came to play reincarnation in previous lives, it is obvious that Odin and Guyi must know about it.
Odin and Koichi
Odin is far from Asgard, and you can’t get there on foot or by plane.