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Then he went to the door on the right.

More than a dozen people went out from the crowd and followed Qing Muyang.
Cao Wendi actually followed Qing Muyang, and his old shadow guards followed him.
See here Lin Ying was relieved.
Cao Wendi is relatively reliable. If Cao Wendi can still preside over the overall situation after the brain of Qing Muyang is smoked, it will be better to wake up a Qing Muyang and not let him worry.
Then Lin Ying said to the humanity behind him, "Let’s go this way, you are a little away from me, or the zombies will come and you will have no reaction."
There are twenty or thirty people here in Lin Ying. There are too many people and too many targets. If there is a zombie raid, they will definitely not be able to respond.
So Lin Ying told them to stay away from themselves. If a zombie came, they could react a little.
After entering the small door, it is a straight passage and I don’t know where it leads.
Lin Ying walked carefully before and then paid attention to the surrounding situation.
In a few minutes, Lin Ying heard a zombie roar not far away, and there were people calling.
Lin Ying knew that it was a zombie in Green Muyang.
But listen to this, their situation is not very optimistic.
Although Lin Ying is a little anxious, there is nothing she can do.
Now that he has entered the channel, he can’t go back.
Lin Ying in Qingmuyang gave them a blessing.
Bless them from casualties.
Lin Ying prayed next door when he suddenly turned a corner.
Behind the curve, a large group of zombies appeared in front of him.
Suddenly, I didn’t have a little defense.
Those zombies saw Lin Ying instantly attracted, so they ran to Lin Ying in succession.
Lin Ying roughly estimated that there are about forty or fifty zombies in this wave.
"my pills"
How many prison guards are there in these zombies?
These prison guards are armed with explosion-proof shields and bulletproof vests.
The whole person is like a can.
Lin Ying dare not retreat. There are thirty or forty ordinary lucky people behind him.
Although they are all included in the Shadow Guard, their combat effectiveness is as high as five.
If Lin Ying retreats now, those dregs will definitely die a lot.
So Lin Ying pulled out a double knife and rushed to the zombie group.
Running in front of the explosion-proof zombie soon arrived in front of Lin Ying.
Lin Ying ignored them, drilled directly from their armpits, and then wielded a knife to cut into ordinary zombies after riot and funeral.
A machete cuts the zombie apart and makes a broken sound, then black blood splashes.
Lin Ying feet move to avoid spraying black blood and then raise a machete and cut it down at another zombie.
Poof, poof, poof, poof
Lin Ying is like a stirring stick. The left and right branches in the zombie group turn the zombie group upside down.
If put before Lin Ying absolutely dare not take the initiative to rush into the zombie group.
But now Lin Ying is already a second-order body, and her vitality and skill have been promoted in and out of the zombie group, which is like entering the human environment.
At the moment, those shadow guards behind heard the movement in front and came running. When they saw so many zombies, they suddenly panicked.
Others took advantage of everyone’s inattention to be a deserter and ran out of the passage.
However, there are also some young people who see Lin Ying killing zombies alone, and they have also raised their weapons and rushed towards Lin Ying.
These people found it as soon as they came to Linying, so they shouted at them, "Be careful not to rush too far. Just kill some zombies around you. Also, pay attention to those explosion-proof prison guards. They have guns in their hands. You stripped them of their equipment, but don’t take their helmets or they won’t bite you."
They suddenly shine at the moment when they hear Lin Ying’s words.
Yes, these prison guards wrap themselves up like dumplings. Their claws are covered with gloves and their faces are covered with masks. If they want to catch people or bite their roots, they can’t bite people.
Dealing with these zombies is the most safe for them.
So that a group of people embraced and dragged the zombies in heavy clothes to one side.
A few ordinary zombies were attracted by them and were wiped out by Lin Ying directly by Wang Cai.
When Lin Ying entered the prison, he took Wang Caierha and his animals and was left behind by Lin Ying to take care of Goshawk Ann outside the prison.
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Shadow guards dragged the zombies who had worn explosion-proof clothes to one side and then stripped them on the ground.
Although zombies are stronger than ordinary people, there are many people who can’t hold their shadows.